Message from the President
~ Ivy Budhai-Henry  
Greetings from the New York State Emergency Nurses Council!

2017 started with a bang - and we have been having mixed emotions about how the country is going. However, let us be optimistic and continue to do our parts as good citizens and caregivers.

Our state emergency council continues to be engaged in community injury prevention which will be useful information especially as the summer season approaches. Children will be exposed to different kinds of emergencies and as emergency nurses we are prepared to handle various problems. We need to continue our program of injury prevention both to the young and the old. We think of patients with drowning and near drowning scenarios, , heat related emergencies, motor vehicle crashes, children with minor injuries, and other emergencies who will be admitted to our facilities.

Our annual conference, "Setting the Pace 2017", was a real success. Many thanks to the conference committee for going beyond the call of duty to make the conference such a success. We were blessed to have our national President, Karen Wiley, our state liaison, Sally Snow, Secretary-Treasurer ENA, and Maureen Curtis -Cooper, Director of ENA at our conference and state council meeting. Their interactions with the members were appreciated. We also had Deena Breecher, past ENA president ENA who gave us a brilliant perspective on diagnosing pediatric emergencies.

Our day on the hill was represented by Martha Reid, our president elect for 2018, and Dr. Marylou Killian.

We are saddened by the deaths of our member and family members of our council members. Michelle Siliker, a past president of NYSENA, Bod Marcel, husband of Cheryl Marcel, past president NYSENA, and Paul Giganti, son of Maria Giganti President of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Chapter. We extend our sympathy to the families.

We are approaching the time when ENA will send all the members a unique password for us to vote for our future national leaders. I urge you to look for your password and utilize your privilege to nominate your national team.

In closing I wish you a happy summer. Let us remember all our veterans on Memorial Day, without whom we would not enjoy the freedom which we hold dear.    
(Copied from recent letter sent out to the NYS ENA Members)


Remembering . . . .
~ Joanne Fadale
I just returned from another very successful New York State Council ENA educational conference "Setting The Pace 2017".
It is hard to believe this was the 37th presentation of this great event. They all began with the first "Empire State Emergency Nursing Conference" Setting The Pace", June 13-14, 1980, in the Buffalo/Niagara area. Marking the event was the 10th Anniversary of Emergency Department Nurses Association (EDNA the former name of the organization). It was with that milestone in mind that two days of intensive post graduate courses divided into clinical and management tracts were developed. The conference was honored to have Marta Prado, RN the 1980 national president attending and speaking at the conference.
Over the years we were privileged to have many of the national presidents attend the conference including this year, Karen Wiley, RN (2017). Margaret McMahon, RN, MN, FAEN (1987) and Joanne Fadale, RN, BSN, FAEN (1990) renowned for their versatility and expertise on a variety of subjects spoke to us at the 1990 conference marking our 20th Anniversary. Susan Budassi Sheehy RN, MSN, FAEN (1995) and Gail Lenehan RN, EdD, FAEN the former Journal of Emergency Nursing editor graced us with their presence in 1991 and 2008.   Mary Ellen (Mel) Wilson RN, MS, FAEN (2005) helped us celebrate the 35th Anniversary as our key note speaker. She is formerly from the Genesee Valley Chapter. Jean Proehl, Renee Semonin-Holleran, Joan Ernst.
The conferences have been held in many cities throughout the state. They have been in Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Ithaca, Niagara Falls, Monticello, Rochester, Suffern, Syracuse Tarrytown, Uniondale, West Point, and of course Saratoga Springs.   The gathering has celebrated in Saratoga over eight times.
Looking thru the conference brochures it was very interesting to note the number of subjects that have been taught throughout the years. The top topic seems to be Trauma in its many forms, Adult, Pediatric, Organ Systems etc. The content has moved from the simple to the complex. In the beginning the subject matter was focused on the simple skills to help keep the patient alive. As we progressed the content is now focusing on teaching the emergency nurse critical thinking skills to help them care for their patients. It was also noted that several years the material dealt with the legal issues confronting the emergency nurse and nurse manager. In 1997, the conference changed its focus a little with "Everything Under the Sun" as a subheading. At the time there were several changes in health care that was effecting practice, hiring freezes, elimination of services, bed closures and redefining roles. Benjamin (Benny) Marett, RN, PHD, MSN, FAEN, who became the national president in 2000 took the audience on a journey "Reaching for the Sun" Climbing to New Heights and Having Fun Along the Way and the Following the Sun, A take home recipe for career enhancement. It may have been 20- years since that presentation but as we see what is happening in emergency health care today it may be time for a repeat performance.
The conferences have not been totally about education. Fun events have also held.   Each year the state association honors special individuals at its Annual Awards ceremony. The awards are given for accomplishments in Education, Practice, Emergency Medical Services and Special Recognition. The most prestigious of the awards is the "Anita Dorr Award". It honors one of the co-founders of the national organization Anita Dorr, RN, FAEN. She started the association on the east coast of the United States and we can proudly note that she started everything in Buffalo NY.
As we are preparing for the upcoming 50th Anniversary I look forward to having a display of all the conference brochures for the past 40 years. In the NYS archives we are missing a few. If you have saved any of the conference brochures that are missing it would be greatly appreciated if you would donate them to the state archives. The years needed are 1986, 1989, 1998, 1999, 2001-2006.   I am not sure when we went online with the brochures but if anyone has a hard copy of any of the years 2009-2016 we are missing them also.
"Setting The Pace" has been one of the consistent successes of the New York State ENA.  If you have not attended one please do so in the near future. You will not regret it.
Kathy Conboy is Chairman of the 2020 50th Anniversary Committee.  Please contact her to volunteer or supply suggestions for the upcoming celebration.

Open Board Positions!
~ Jacquie Glendinning

  Needed: Energetic, Motivated emergency nurses to run for a coveted spot on the NYSENA Board of Directors.
Positions available: President-elect
                                Director at Large
Nominations are being accepted, election will be in Oct. 2017. Join the board, make a difference!!
Contact Jacquie Glendinning, Immediate Past President at

Setting the Pace Basket Raffle
~ Mickey Forness

  The Basket Raffle at Setting the Pace was a great success. The many donations by the chapters and council members were outstanding. Some of the items included the ever popular lilac tree, baskets of wine from our various wine producing areas throughout the state, a quilt and rack, a fire pit with marshmallow treats, and many jewelry items. Also this year, a challenge was put forward to the chapters to prepare an item that was representative of their area. Several of the vendors served as judges, the winning chapter was Western and they will receive a membership renewal for someone in their chapter. Discussion is underway to select a theme for next year and will be announced at an upcoming meeting. Thanks to all who donated to and participated in this fun event.

Downstate White Coat Ceremony          
~ Audrey Sealey

White Coat Ceremony
It used to be a capping ceremony, now it's a white coat ceremony .
Though White Coat Ceremonies have been an important rite of passage at medical schools for more than 20 years, this new collaboration between APGF and AACN marks the first time a coordinated effort has been developed to offer similar events at schools of nursing. The White Coat Ceremony, which will consist of the recitation of an oath, cloaking of students in a white coat, an address by an eminent role model, and a reception for students and invited guests. Students also receive a specially designed pin that will serve as a visual reminder of their oath and commitment to providing high quality care.
"By offering White Coat Ceremonies, the nursings Programs are sending a clear message to new nursing students that compassionate care must be a hallmark of their clinical practice," said AACN President Eileen T. Breslin. "Securing a commitment to providing patient-centered care at the beginning of a nurse's professional formation will help to raise the quality of care available to all patients."
In 2014, 100 nursing schools were selected to receive funding support to pilot White Coat Ceremonies.
It was a great honor to be the Key note speaker at the White Coat Ceremony at the SUNY Down State White Coat Ceremony on October 25, 2016.

Articles!  Calling for Articles!
Read all about the NYS ENA Chapters and Members Here!
~ Tammy A. Ophardt

I did not get as many articles this time as I did for the last newsletter.  I apologize to anyone who missed the last newsletter.  There was a communication issue and the template was sent out first and then the actual newsletter went out.  Oh well,  accidents happen. 
 I am writing this to ask and to remind everyone to get your information in the newsletter about chapter and member accomplishments or other things you would like to share.  Blow your horn, share class information, informational meetings, etc.
E-mail information to the NYS ENA newsletter e-mail:
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Upcoming Events . . . .
  • May 2 & 3 Day On the Hill - NYS ENA representatives Martha Reid and Marylou Killian are attending
  • May 31 Delegate Applications are due for National Assembly in St. Louis - Send to president or mail to Ivy Budhai-Henry 172-31 126th Ave. Springfield Gardens, Jamaica, NY 11434
  • July 22 State Meeting, Binghamton, NY - Delgates are requested to attend to go over current topics
  • September 13-16 National ENA Conference, St. Louis, MO - Visit for more information to attend.
  • October 21 State Meeting, Binghamton