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Jean Miotte, Insurrection (1996), Acrylic on canvas, 300 x 500 cm.

Dear members and friends,


We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the support that you have provided over the last year. It's been a challenging time for all art institutions in New York and more than ever we value your involvement and continued feedback.


We are excited to share with you our newly redesigned website which launches today in a beta version. Please stay tuned as we add new features and information in the upcoming weeks. We hope that this new online platform will make it easier for you to stay informed and involved in the upcoming events and programs at CAM.


Since its creation in 2002, the Museum has been at the forefront of creative endeavors and has become a fertile ground for many voices through artist talks, dance and musical performances. Over the last 9 years we have featured over 1,000 artists in more than 150 exhibitions focusing on social relevance, global reach and diversity.


With a commitment to timely and relevant programming, this year CAM will be hosting many more performances as we continue to develop existing and new partnerships with other innovative cultural institutions.


We hope you will join us for this exciting year ahead.


Respectfully yours,


Dorothea Keeser, President

Ivan Gaete, Director

Crossing the Atlantic: 40 Years of the DAAD in New York


Featuring photography, sculpture, video and mixed media installations, this exhibition investigates the multi-faceted themes of crossing the Atlantic, relocation and dislocation, reinventing oneself on the other side of the Atlantic, migration and foreignness. 


OPENING:  April 8th, 6-8pm  

Liao Shiou-Ping:

The Pioneer of Modern Printmaking in Taiwan

Liao S-P
This retrospective features 40 prints, mixed media works and oil paintings that highlight three significant periods in Liao's development and the different techniques he has employed.   
OPEN through May 7th.  


Jean Miotte: A Retrospective


Le Debat

While Miotte's work remains committed to the Utopian aspects of gestural abstraction, he has continued to grow, fighting the repetition of a signature style, constantly pushing the boundaries and possibilities of the line, the gesture and the liquidity of paint.


OPEN through May 7th.  

Concerning the Spiritual Tradition in Russian Art

The Kolodzei Art Foundation

brings together a selection of artworks exploring aspects of spiritual expression in the Soviet Union and Russia.

 In this exhibition, 50 works by 25 artists will be grouped roughly chronologically as well as according to the stages or movements with which the artists are most closely identified.

OPENING: APRIL 14th, 6-8pm


Andrea Mete:

Young Eyes 

Denouncing a conventional cohesive narrative, photographer Andrea Mete insists upon taking us on an ambiguous photographic journey where disparate stories are random and fragmented.   
Taken collectively, they can be loosely woven together but Mete playfully leaves this to the whim of the individual viewer.       
OPENING: April 26th, 6-8pm 


Cori Kresge


at one
The piece, Sapience I-X "Human Story", portrays a dystopian vision of a future world where no animal species remain.  Since humans have nothing against which to measure their own humanity, they must find new ways to define themselves collectively and individually. 




 Saturday, April 23rd, 6-8pm


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