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for trees & shrubs

Encore Azaleas, traditional southern azaleas, spireas and many others with great foliage and flowers of yellows, oranges and chartreuses. Loropetalums with those fuzzy fringe-like shades of pink flowers; Lilacs, Redbuds, Cherries, and hundreds of perennials and annuals to pick from.  Plants look fantastic this year despite the crazy cold March!

For the edible landscapes the blueberries are flowering and sure to give you a fresh pick this year. Yum! Along with blackberries, grapes, figs, and other fruiting trees.

Our perennials area is bursting at the seams with tons of different Dianthus (fragrant) and awesome blue foliage. Helleborus, Heuchera or Coral Bells pair well with other shady, morning-sun-loving plants, plus they are evergreen. Also great for containers. Come check out new perennials for your spring and summer garden.

There are new plants in town for your mini and fairy gardens and they are very economical.  We also have a line of terrarium plants in 2" pots.

Groundcovers are looking great and many have flowers. Kick off your shoes and walk through your garden right on top of the "STEPABLES". Very economical, functional, fun, and cute.

Very cool Air plants as well as fun & functional holders.

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Grow It and Eat It
veggie plants
We have tripled our selection of veggies and have lots of ORGANICALLY-GROWN veggies.

Check out our foodscape growing in our front landscape this season and feel free to eat from our garden. Grow your own squash, cukes, zukes, beans, tomatoes, and so much more. Be careful, you will get bit by the bug and buy a small farm! It's very rewarding and fun for kids.

We have lots of heirloom and organic seed for your pickings.

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In the Store
garden plants pots decor
Check out our newly decorated GARDEN Center--popping with enthusiasm in every nook & corner.

USA Made lines of windchimes, expanded fairy garden area and other great items such as hummingbird feeders. We have some great garden pieces as well as indoor/outdoor art. Best art ever for container gardens and whimsies for your garden!

Check out our whimsical solar lights!

New boatload of Pottery, including ceramic large, tall, bowls, and colors. Also new lines of indoor pottery with great pricing.

Fairy Garden and Terrarium items are plentiful!

Check out our local fun food items!

Upcoming Events
fairy garden accessories
Tuesday, April 17th, 6:30-7:30
Wine & Walk to Talk the Talk of Blooming Beauties
Feel free to come socialize from 6-6:30. RSVP.

Saturday, April 21st at 11am
Fairy Garden Class
We are excited to continue our Fairy Garden classes with new accessories and plants. Create your own tiny oasis! Fun & interactive.

Bring your own creative container or buy one and we'll help you plant it after class. We provide the soil and you can purchase unique plants and fairy accessories from us! Free, registration is required.

Save the date: May 5th Garden Party. See our website for more fun! 

Call us at 919-552-0590 to register or sign up on our facebook page!

Spring flowers
In the Garden
  • Proper soil preparation is THE most important step.
    For clay/compacted soils, use Soil Conditioner and compost to improve drainage and aeration.

    If you have sandy soils, Daddy Pete's raised garden mix and Mushroom Compost will enrich the soil with nutrients and keep moisture right where roots need it.

    If you have containers or raised beds--Daddy Pete's Raised Garden Mix is great.
  • Maximize and Fertilize
    Espoma Holly-tone, Plant-tone, Tomato-tone, Palm-tone, Rose-tone, Tree-tone, and Organic Lawn Food all containing Bio-tone! As always, the Espoma "Tone" line is all organic.
  • Espoma *Bio-tone Plus* adds beneficial microbes to your soil that actually help plants use nutrients better along with adding organic fertilizer to the root zone. Give your plants the best start you can and get the blue bag!

    Combine Bio-tone with Tomato-tone for your best tomato yield ever!  Avoid blossom rot & calcium deficiency.
  • Since many plants have special needs we suggest you consult with our staff for more specific planting instructions. We'd love to help.
  • Time to get Fresh: Grow Your Food! It's Fun and Rewarding!
    Tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, melons, and more can be started from seed or transplants. Ask about our certified organic compost in bulk. Perfect for vegetable gardens.
  • Pest Scouting, What to watch for:
    Eastern tent caterpillars are active now. If they are in desirable trees on your property that you can reach with a broom handle or stick, just disturb and remove the webbing of the nest. The caterpillars typically feed during daytime hours, so they are apt to be in the nest in the early morning or late in the day at dusk. You can use B.t. or Fertilome Spinosad (please follow label directions and don't use any chemicals if it's windy!).

    Aphids love all the new tender sweet growth coming out now. They are easy to see, small green or light brown insects covering new buds and leaves just munching and sucking away! Keep a bottle of "ready to
    use" Safer Soap (organic) or other insecticide for easy access to spray those little buggers.

    As the weather warms up more, keep watch for other problems. Weekly scouting can help you identify a problem early when its easier to treat. You can always bring samples (in a sealed bag or container please) of anything you have a concern about by the store for our staff to help you.
spring plants
Plant on and Happy Gardening!
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