April 2017
Greetings from Our Wonderful World! Spring is upon us! The time of year when many children anxiously await a cotton-tailed friend to deliver treasures of small toys, eggs and candy. How did this magical bunny get mixed in with Easter, and what role does the egg play? So glad you asked! Read our feature by Sandra Frens, "Easter Traditions: It's All about the Eggs," and you'll know the whole story. Speaking of stories, wow do we have some amazing ones this month to share with all of you on a wide array of topics.

The Green Goddess enlightens us again about one of Mother Nature's super spices with "Sensational Cinnamon." Did you know that one tablespoon of cinnamon is only 19 calories and contains no fat or sugar? What's even more amazing is that cinnamon contains significant quantities of Vitamin K, manganese, iron and calcium. Of course, if you don't have an interest in slowing down your body's aging process, you can skip this one. Ha! Ha! And by the way, you just might find a yummy recipe or two! So eat well, and stay young.

Speaking of the Goddess, she's going to let you in on another one of her spectacular health secrets in "Crazy for Coconuts." What are the benefits of coconut? They start with aiding in the prevention of heart disease and helping to maintain proper blood sugar levels. To find out more, grab your mouse.

Yes, the Goddess was working overtime this month. (That's why she's headed off to Geneva.) She's penned another powerful piece: "Do You Like It Raw?" Many of our readers are very much believers in the raw food trend while others would like to know a bit more about it. This article is dedicated to both exploring the benefit of munching on living cuisines and sharing with our readers a few popular raw food markets and delicious eateries right here in our own backyard.

Our lady friends of the Palm Beach North Chamber Women in Business held their quarterly luncheon with Holocaust survivor Sam Cukier as guest speaker. Learn more about his inspirational message.

Switching gears and moving to the world of athletics, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission held its 41st Annual Banquet for this year's inductees into the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame. Congrats to all seven honorees, especially our friend Tom Flynn, who helped Notre Dame with a national championship in 1978 (along with another guy by the name of Joe Montana).

Kudos to our higher education experts (Bernie, Neil and Andy) of the Academy for Individual Evolution who have written an insightful piece as to how to solve the world's education crisis one student...and one teacher... at a time.
Last, but not least, kudos to Jan Davisson for another wonderful job in Curtain Up, which features everything that's On Stage in Palm Beach County.

Of course, there's a whole lot more to be found at Our Wonderful World, but here's a list with links of what we've just added to our site:
  • "Sensational Cinnamon" - Learn the benefits of one of Mother Nature's super spices. Yes, there are two recipes!
  • "Do You Like It Raw?" - Get the scoop on the benefits of raw food cuisine and learn where the "tasty" spots are in Broward and Palm Beach counties. 
  • "Solving the World Crisis" - Insightful commentary on the word education crisis by three leading experts in the field of higher education. 
  • "Curtain Up" - Theatre guru Jan Davisson with the latest on what's On Stage in the Palm Beaches. 
That's it for now. So get cozy, grab your green drink, and start clickin'!

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Sharon & Glenn
Sensational Cinnamon    
Here are two amazing recipes using this special spice that has many wonderful benefits that will surprise you.  Read more.

Crazy for Coconuts
Coconuts have so many benefits. Here's to integrating these wondrous gifts from Mother Nature into your diet.   Read more.
Do You Like It Raw?
We love it raw! Vegetables, fruits, nuts and more are just so delicious-even without being cooked!  Read more.

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