"W hat was the power and influence that changed the cross from an instrument of bloody torture into the most glorious and beloved of all symbols? The Romans crucified thousands of people before and after Calvary. If Jesus had not risen from the dead, no right-minded person would have glorified anything so hideous and repulsive as a cross stained with the blood of Jesus. By the miracle of His rising from the grave, Jesus placed the seal of assurance upon the forgiveness of our sins.

A dead Christ could not have been our Savior. An unopened grave would never have opened heaven. By bursting the chains of the tomb, Jesus proved Himself to all ages ,the conqueror of sin. The sacrifice on Calvary had fulfilled its purpose; the ransom price paid for our sins had been accepted by God. Hallelujah, what a Savior!" - Billy Graham

Join us tomorrow at 8:15 A.M. for An Easter Celebration. Parent cafe will follow chapel.


Competition in eight robotic challenges took place on Saturday, April 1, at Rocky Heights Middle School. 

Arma Dei placed 1st in Minesweeper,
1st in Black Line, 3rd in RoboDance, and Honorable Mention in TrashBot.

Way to go Shane Pranno, Jack Rainey, Ethan Rainey, and Eli Rogers!


The third gathering of the Arma Dei Academy Book Club will take place TONIGHT, April 6, at 7:00 P.M.-8:30 P.M. in the Latin classroom. 

Literature selection is "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner.
Copies are available at the receptionist desk.

Please email Aaron Denlinger or Karen Hein with any questions.

April 18, 19, 20
Students in grades 2 - 8 will be taking the annual Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) Standardized Achievement Tests on April 19, 20 & 21. Attendance is critical; please avoid scheduling appointments during this time. No homework will be assigned on April 18 - 21. Please pack healthy protein snacks for your child each day.

Jake Weidmann

 Jake Weidmann is one of the most talented calligraphy artists you are ever likely to come across. He creates absolutely beautiful letterforms. Jake was certified a Master Penman in 2011 by the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting.

Jake was sought out by Apple to help form the tool that so many artists are now adopting. These are just a small selection of Jake's many achievements. Jake's impressive array of skills have stood out to so many across the world.

He will be joining us in chapel on April 21.
Click here for more information. 
Days: Wednesday & Thursday Afternoons
April 19, April 20, April 26, April 27, May 3, May 4, 
May 10, May 11 (8 rehearsals)
Grades: 4 - 8
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Rehearsal Location: Arma Dei Dining Room
Performance Date & Location: May 12, Valor
Cost: Free
Only 3 spots left

Please prepare a 1 minute monologue and 1 minute song to audition on the first day of the club, April 19.
(Speech meet selection may be used).

Club is led by Lindsey Hutcheon, Musical Theater Department Valor Christian High School.

Please contact Katheryn Pranno with any questions.

Parents, we are so excited about your students using and loving the new outdoor play area! However, please note that students may not play in the outdoor area after school without your oversight. Also, please be aware that the soccer field has been reserved and is in use by outside teams after school from time to time.
Summer Reading Kick-off and Community Day
Barnes and Noble
Lone Tree
Saturday, May 6
10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Join us to kick-off our summer reading program and introduce the community to classical Christian education. Some of our students will have the opportunity to participate in several events throughout the morning. Watch your email for the opportunity to sign your student up for one of the available time slots and categories (singing, reciting, playing an instrument, etc.).

Summer reading material and recommended graduation and mother day gifts will be available.

Please contact  Dina Ogg.