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April 2011



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Our next 6-Week Training Session - we're calling it the "Spring Rejuvenation" Program - commences April 18th, with the nutrition seminar and orientation scheduled for evenings the week of April 11th.


There is no time like the present to make that step to overall health and fitness!


So, if you've made the choice to get healthier and fitter, to ensure your spot to finally get to that next level, or to give you that spark in your workout regime that you seem to be lacking, contact the office to sign up



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On Tuesday, April 12th, we're having another  BFF (Best Friend & Family) Class.


Sign up with a friend (new to Alter Ego) and your class is FREE! 


Space is limited, so contact the office to register!


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Workout Tricks 

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Get a massage!  A rubdown breaks down adhesions and reduces soreness.  It allows for faster recovery by flushing out metabolic toxins and removing scar tissue caused by the trauma of your exercise regime. 

Food For Thought 

Nutrition Tip

 Wine Glass

A glass of wine before dinner isn't as harmless as it seems.  Just a bit of alcohol may sabotage your weight-loss goal.  According to a recent British study, people who drank alcohol-spiked juice 30 minutes before lunchtime ate 15%  more food at a subsequent buffet than juice-only drinkers!  One theory is that the alcohol whets your appetite and makes food tastier, leading you to eat more.  So, save that glass of wine for AFTER dinner. 


What Fitness Program Is Right For You?

Let's Get PhysicalWe are living in an age where we are continuously reminded of the advantages of staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.  It's not surprising then that an increasing number of people are looking for a fitness program.

However, not all the programs are equally effective and you have to ensure that when you are investing so much of your time, effort and money, you get the results you desire.


There are numerous fitness companies out there that promise to help you achieve your goal and it can be a very challenging task to choose the one that's right for you.  To assist you in determining if the program in question is for you, here are a few thoughts on what to consider:


Does It Fit Your Lifestyle? 

Do you prefer working out in a gym or does an outdoor program appeal to you more?  Some locales aren't as fortunate but here, due to the mild climate that Victoria enjoys, it's possible to exercise outdoors year-round.  Alter Ego Fitness offers a wide range of individual and group Training Program options that are designed, and scheduled, to accommodate the various busy and demanding lifestyles of our clients.  Rather than working out by yourself in a gym, you might prefer the benefits of getting some fresh air while exercising outdoors with our group.


What's Your Commitment?

Commitment - In or Out?I believe that, to be truly successful, any decision to embark on a fitness regimen must be considered a lifestyle change, a commitment, and not a "quick fix".  So, how much time and effort are you really willing to invest to achieve (and maintain) success?  Unlike some of those programs on TV, Alter Ego Fitness Experience supports and encourages you to make changes while you're still living your life and taking care of family.  We offer challenges during the 6-Week Training Session that try to bridge the gap between working out with us and your family and work commitments.  There are statistics that prove that small group workouts, or even working out with a partner, keeps you accountable.  So does hiring a Personal trainer - you don't want to stand up your Trainer do you?  I recall one client who had a very long night at work and slept in for her 6:00 AM workout.  I was at her door at 6:00 AM, reminding her of her goals and holding her accountable.  In the end, the workout was just what she needed as she vented about her job and finally was able to enjoy the outdoors and her hard work.  When you work out with Alter Ego Fitness Experience, we will ensure you are held accountable.  We want the new found benefits of working out, and eating healthy, to be incorporated all through your day and ultimately your life.


What Does The Company Offer?

What qualifications does the staff have?  Are they certified by a reputable association?  Are they motivating, fun and (most importantly) do they have a passion that's contagious?  What is the staff-to-client ratio?  Is the class so large that you will feel "lost in the crowd" and the lone instructor won't be able to provide any sort of individual attention?  Do the instructors focus on making sure that your form and technique are safe and effective?  All Alter Ego Fitness Trainers are BCRPA certified and they will get familiar with each client's goals as well as their general attitude regarding working out. We believe that it's ALL about you! Your goals, your needs, your ability, your results. We want you to succeed in your quest to be healthier and happier! Towards that end, to ensure that we're able to effectively monitor your form and technique, we keep our classes smaller - with no more than an 8-to-1 client-to-staff ratio. And, if you miss a class, we'll call or email you to make sure you are okay and, again, to hold you accountable to your short and long term goals.  Because, we truly do care!  


Does It Have An Effective Nutrition Component? 

Balanced EatingIf the program claims to be a complete program but doesn't give you good, fact-based, suggestions on healthy nutrition alternatives, with follow-up or monitoring, then it isn't a complete program.  Taking a 6-Week Training Session with Alter Ego Fitness Experience gives you the groundwork (a nutrition seminar) that will help you make sound, healthy decisions regarding your nutrition.  Based on your goals, and your level of physical activity, your nutrition will be adjusted throughout the Training Session.  You will be given handouts to further your knowledge and, by journalling and recording your nutrition and having one of the trainers provide you with feedback on an ongoing basis, you WILL achieve body fat loss and muscle gain.  It's guaranteed!


There are certainly many other things that could be added to this list, but answers to these concerns will certainly help you narrow the field of choice.


Take some time when choosing a program to follow, decide on what your overall goal is and then research companies before you choose the one that will help you have a better chance of success.  We're hoping you'll choose us.  If you do, click here to contact the office for more info and/or to sign up. 


And, remember, as Jack Lalanne said:

"Inactivity is the killer, and remember, it's never too late."

Yours in fitness,

Loreli Urquhart

Alter Ego Fitness Experience