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As summer approaches, many of our guests are working very hard to find housing and new jobs before April 30th. On top of this search, there are some guests that are preparing for spring finals and graduation in May. We are excited to see so many success stories coming out of the past few weeks. This month's guest story features Julie G. We are excited to share how she overcame medical hurdles this year, and went above and beyond to achieve her goals. 

Julie's St. John's Chapter

In July of 2016, Julie G. was diagnosed with a brain aneurism. She was told she
needed surgery, as soon as possible. With the weight of her medical bills building, Julie knew she wouldn't be able to continue paying for housing, food, 
and the upcoming surgery. Along with financial struggles, Julie was not eligible for surgery until she had a stable place to stay. And so, she moved in with her daughter and set the surgery day for October 6th.

After surgery, Julie would need to move back to Green  Bay to stay close for follow-up appointments. Fortunately, she made a full recovery, in a nursing home. On October 16th, Julie spent her first night in a Green Bay shelter. She continued to search for housing and different shelters for the next month. In November, Julie decided to come to St. John's Homeless Shelter.

After having a difficult six months, Julie felt St. John's helped her build back up her self-esteem and self-image. She said that the people in the shelter were always kind, and showed interest in her and her family. Julie loved the ministry team at the shelter, and how they always asked about how she was. Here, she felt cared for.
Over the next couple months, Julie worked with our case managers to get on the rapid rehousing list. Once she was on the list, Julie had 30 days to find an apartment. Within a week, Julie was so excited to see she had an apartment! Shortly after, Julie's car had completely broken down. This gave a local church an opportunity to help Julie. They brought her to a car dealership, and handed her the keys to her new car! 

These acts of kindness and personal/team achievements allowed Julie to start school in March. Before July of 2016, Julie was a personal care worker and loved helping others, which is why she started attending NWTC to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). She is currently in clinicals, and is preparing to take the certification test in May. We are so proud of Julie and where she is headed!
When we asked Julie what her best advice would be for our past, present, and current guests, she said, "keep asking for help,". She explained that asking for help and having others there to support you will help you succeed. Julie finished the interview stating, "I couldn't have done it without St. John's."
Pictured: Julie G. (left) and Patricia (right)

As May approaches, we are cheering Julie on! We want to thank her for allowing us to share her story with you. Please keep her, and all our guests, in your prayers as a season of transition comes. We are seeing so many guests move on from St. John's into their new homes and jobs. We, guests, staff, volunteers, and supporters, are making a positive impact in Green Bay and beyond. Keep up the amazing work and support! 
What's Going on this Month?

Chili's Fundraiser

We are a little over half way done with our fundraiser month! Remember to bring the code with you and 15% of your meal will go towards St. John's Shelter. Make a fun night out with friends and family help those in need. Send on this invite!

Homelessness in our Community:  Evening Open Dialogue

Join us for a night of discussion on homelessness in our community taking place at Brown County Library! Our very own Leanne Baeten will be speaking at the event. This is a great opportunity to learn about and improve our community and city! Pass on this invitation, and feel free to contact us, or the Ecumenical Partnership for Housing, for more information.

Burger and Brat Fry

Looking for another yummy way to support St. John's Homeless Shelter? On April 21st, the Communications Department, serving the  Diocese of Green Bay , is hosting a brat fry at Festival Foods East, from 9am to 6pm. All proceeds will go toward the shelter. We hope to see you there! Spread the word!

Interested in joining the Financial Development Committee? Email Alexia at for more information. 
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