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April showers bring May flowers!

Spring is in full swing, and Summer is quickly approaching.  


We have a fresh new look inside our gift shop with lots of new and exciting products, home decor and furniture.


We also offer landscaping consults to get your yard looking great this coming summer.  Call us, or stop by, to schedule yours today.


We hope you have a great Spring!  



Randy Lemmon at Tom's Thumb Nursery


Join us on
Sunday, April 3rd 
from 1 pm to 4 pm

Randy Lemmon will be here to share his knowledge of 
Gulf Coast gardening and to sign his new book, 
"Texas-Tough Gardening".

"Texas-Tough Gardening is all about dealing with 
the extremes that we endure in our region ....."


Employment Opportunity


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Apply in person
at 2014  
45th Street
 Full-Time  Position Available
Outdoor Labor

Punctual, meticulous & reliable
Courteous, personable disposition
Flexible schedule; weekend availability
Basic plant maintenance
Retail customer service
Texas Driver's License / Excellent driving record


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  • Sunday, April 3 : Randy Lemmon is here!
  • Employment Opportunity
  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for April
  • Landscape Dept:   "Consider walking in your garden"
  • Praying Mantises, Ladybugs, Nematodes and Worms!    
  • Olivia's Coupon
  • Seaside Casual Outdoor Furniture
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  • Mosquitos bugging you?

 April Business Hours:

        Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5:30 pm

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Seasonal Ideas and Information


If you are buying your vegetable and herb plants from us,

then you know that you are getting the very best!  


Black Cherry Heirloom

Lemon Boy

Husky Red Cherry

Old German

Sweet 100


Tomato, Mozzarella
and Basil









Heat Flash
Fifth Dimension

Erin Rachel

Gold Rain

Pink Lemonade

Landscape Department 
"Consider walking in your garden"
by Janielle Guzinski 

We all know that hardscape (patios and the like) can be expensive to install.  But, there are ways to fit in stone or pavers into your garden without breaking the bank.  Pathways can range from rustic to modern, from functional to irreverent.  They can take you to and from various points in your yard or just wander through the landscape so you can stop and smell the roses.  I can consult with you at your property to help you determine what kind of path you are interested and that fits within your budget.  We install your path ourselves, or use a trusted subcontractor, to get you exactly the look you desire.  Pathways are functional, decorative, and have options in a range of budgets.  Here are some of my favorite cost saving pathways:    

Irregular Stepping Stones
Irregular flagstone as a stepping stone path is very rustic.  These stones can wind through both lawn and bed areas without disturbing the existing garden too much.  Really all we need to do is remove any shrubs in the way of where you want the path and lay down some granite and sand underneath each paver.  Especially if you are willing to go with a variety of sizes, including smaller pieces, the flagstone can be quite a deal. 
Concrete Pavers
We all know the standard square pavers you can find at any large box store, but there are other options that we can order in and install for you.  These pavers are not necessarily expensive and can be used in a variety of ways.  Our usual method is to set the pavers on decomposed granite and sand with a concrete curb to hold it all in place.  A nice paver pathway can get you from your gate to your door or wherever else you might want to go. 
Pathways with Gravel Joints
One option if you want a solid pathway but not a full mortared path is to fill the joints with gravel.  This is a sand-set pathway with no mortar involved, so any changes you need to make down the line are quite easy.  We usually edge the path with our composite edging so there is little chance of catching stray pieces of gravel in the mower or edger.  You can use irregular flagstone, cut flagstone, or even pavers when you make this kind of path.  

Irregular Stepping Stones

Concrete Pavers

Pathways with Gravel Joints
More Beneficials have arrived! 

We are so pleased that more and more customers are adding these beneficials to their garden. Children love releasing the ladybugs....it's a great Science lesson!

Praying Mantis 
Red Worms

Praying mantis: each egg case (2) should hatch out 
50 to 200 baby mantids in 4 wks!
The ladybugs are ready for release now!
Red Worms fertilize your soil and consume 
waste products.... the perfect solution  for 
composting & aeration
Nematodes- these microscopic worms seek out and destroy over 200 soil dwelling insects - ants, grubs, fleas, ticks, cutworms, web worms, etc.
Save 10% off your next purchase
(Gift Cards, Outdoor Furniture, 
Sale Items 
and Landscaping Services are excluded)
  Show this coupon when making your purchase.
Please share this offer with your friends and family.
Offer Expires: April 30, 2016


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Dining at its best!

Portsmouth 42x56 Dining Table with Shellback Dining Chairs

one of many dining styles from which to choose

                            Come sit and feel the difference!                                                                                                                            

Upcoming Events
You are Invited!
Saturday, April 30
10am to noon

Tom's Thumb Nursery presents
Loretta Osteen


Saturday, May 14
10 am to noon

Tom's Thumb Nursery presents
Andy Chidester 

"Bug Out"
New Arrivals  Around the Gift Shop
Beautiful Home Decor and Floral Accents 

For the Garden

 Kinetic Spinners have finally arrived!

Mount them 
on a fence
on a pole
in a pot
in the garden
on a deck.....
have some fun!



 Copper  Pelican Weathervane 




  • pocket
  • purse
  • backpack
  • luggage
  • glove compartment
  • grill
  • gym bag
  • fanny pack
  • golf bag
  • tackle box
  • tool belt
  • bike pack
anywhere bugs bug you!!!
Repels more than 100 insects

February 2015 Article from The Dallas Morning News by Mariana Greene
"Stephen Sawyer of Austin knew there had to be a better way to protect his family from mosquitoes when a commercial spray repellent he was using leaked overnight "and took the paint off the can."
A longtime proponent of using plants' essential oils for healing, Sawyer, 63, combined what he learned from curanderos, herbalists and shamans while living in Mexico for 16 years with research into ancient practices and his own experiments.
His home-blended recipe called Bug-Bouncer, for years given as gifts and sought by Dallas friends when the severe West Nile outbreak struck in 2012, is sold today at many North Texas health food and garden retailers.
The original formula, Sawyer says, included lavender, citronella and rosemary. He and business partner Marla McDonald of Dallas added eucalyptus, geranium, neem and, finally, witch hazel to soothe bites that do occur. Now they sell three versions, which allows the consumer to choose what smells best.
The repellent is packaged in portable half-ounce bottles. Sawyer says a few drops of the highly concentrated oils applied to palms and rubbed onto exposed skin repel more than 100 insects, including gnats, chiggers, fleas, even bedbugs."  
Remember to look for us at www.tomsthumbnursery.com.           
River Oaks Garden Club



Peggy Cornelius, owner

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