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No matter what your punch card (example: 4 class pass, Groupon, unlimited month) you may attend any class you would like, whenever you would like to take it. No registration is necessary, except for specialty events such as Ladies Nights or workshops. Please "like" us on Facebook and check our website regularly to stay updated on class cancellations.
New to Dance Life?
Even if you aren't interested in belly dance, we recommend all new students start or supplement with Fundamentals classes for their first four to eight weeks. Unless you are an experienced dancer or dance fitness class attendee, Fundamentals will help you build the necessary amount of body awareness to help you be successful in all the rest of our dance and fitness classes. 
Find the Best Class For You
All of our classes are ranked by difficulty or intensity level. Whether it's dance or fitness-related, be sure to check the letter in brackets before or after the name to get an idea of whether the class is right for you. The scale is as follows:
(B) Beginner level or low intensity
(B+) "Begintermediate" level or mild intensity
(I) Intermediate or moderate intensity
(A) Advanced or high intensity
Cancellation Policy
We try to hold classes as regularly as possible, but sometimes life gets in the way.  If a teacher is sick or absent from the studio, we do our best to fill it with the same or a similar class. If we aren't able to do that, we try to offer any class we can so you can still get your dance or fitness in. In the event a class is outright canceled, we will post immediately to Facebook and the website, so be sure to check those out for the latest updates. If inclement weather is happening in the preceding hours before class, be sure to keep a close eye on Facebook and the website; Facebook updates are to the minute. As a courtesy to our customers, we try to contact regular attendees via email if a class is canceled less than 24 hours before it's scheduled to happen, so be sure we have your correct address if you would like to receive those notifications!
Registration Desk
Please check in at the registration desk prior to every class. If your contact information changes, please leave your new email, phone number, name or address should we need to contact you for class cancellations.

Help us keep things flowing with our plumbing by not flushing anything unusual like tampons and baby wipes
Shoes in the Studio
If you choose to wear shoes during class, please wear indoor shoes (or outdoor shoes that have been well-cleaned of any dirt) to keep the dance floor clean. Please do NOT wear shoes from the outdoors on to the dance floor. 
Social Media
Dance Life runs social media ads on everything from Groupon to Madison Perks to LivingSocial; only one social media coupon is allowed per customer, and these deals are currently only valid for customers who have never attended class at Dance Life. Keep an eye out in these newsletters for deals especially for our loyal customers, including the Dance-On, Middle Eastern Eggs, and product discounts.

Referral System
Get free classes for referring your friends and family. (O ffer currently only valid for customers who have purchased a 4, 8, or 16 class pass or an unlimited month, not applicable to Groupon punch cards or newcomer deals). Pick up a referral card at the front desk; enter your name, and the name of the person you're referring in the appropriate blanks. Your friend then gets four free classes. When your friend uses all four punches and purchases a 4, 8 or 16 class punch card or an unlimited month, you receive four free classes!
Dance Life is available for any kind of rental including parties, private ladies nights, private classes, and more. Do you know we also hold our own parties? Email us to receive more information or obtain a booking; price catalogue available at the front desk or by email upon request.
Private Lessons
If you would like one-on-one time with any of our teachers to better understand class material or choreography, to learn a full routine for performance, etc, they are all available for hire for private lessons. Private lessons must be purchased separately and can't be used with a punch card or unlimited month. 
Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located in the changing room; there are two lockers with no doors, which contain all of the lost and found items. We clear this every first Sunday of the month so be sure to check for lost water bottles, clothing items, shoes, etc. 
Offer for Social Media Members
Did you find Dance Life through Groupon, LivingSocial, Madison Perks, or other social media?

If so, we have a special offer just for you:

After you complete your coupon, your first unlimited month is only  $49 .

 Ask at the front desk for more details!

Completed your social media coupon, but already made your first punch card purchase? Don't worry, you still qualify. Speak to the receptionist to get set up with your $49 unlimited month.

$5 Drop Ins
April Drop Ins
Drop in to any of these classes for only $5:

Zumba, Tuesdays at 6p

Xabeat, Thursdays at 6p

Piloxing, Saturdays at 10a

Hey Dance Lifers! 

Happy April and welcome to our newsletter. Thank you to all who joined us last night for another incredible Inappropriate Song Night! It's the atmosphere that truly makes it the special event that it is, so we are so grateful for all who turned out to bring the party <3

For our new students, please be sure to check out the "New Student Info" Section to receive tips and service announcements regarding Dance Life. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to   email us .

Thank you!
Arielle Juliette
Owner of Dance Life

One More Chance to Dance
Brunch and Burlesque
Date: April 1st, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 11am-4:30pm
Cost: get all three workshops for $55
all workshops plus brunch for $70

Join us for our day-after-ISN Saturday of fun!  Check out more details below, and register directly on the " Events " page on the Dance Life website or by purchasing tickets here

11am-12pm: Body Positivity and Burlesque Basics
offered by Arielle
session cost: $17

A wise lady once said, "stripping is something we do for someone else, burlesque is something we do for ourselves." Nail down some basic burlesque bumps, grinds and shimmies while learning how to embrace your body as it is right now.

12pm-2pm: Brunch
session cost: $17

Work off the night before hair-of-the-dog style and relax with us for brunch buffet! We'll have lots of different food options including shrimp cocktail, Great Dane's artichoke dip, veggies, fruits,  meats, cheeses, breads, crackers, desserts and beverages. Do you have a food allergy and want to see something on our menu you can eat? Let us know so we can accommodate a wide variety of restricted diets! Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can make sure to have enough food for everyone.

2pm-3pm: Storytelling in Burlesque
offered by Arielle
session cost: $17

What are you trying to say while you dance? Does your movement match the music? Are you telling a story of seduction, of comedy, of being a bad bitch in control? Learn how to nuance the moves you already know to create a rich tapestry of evocative entertainment.

3-4:30pm: Choreography
offered by Greta Thorn
Session cost: $25

Build on the lessons given earlier in the day and learn two routines with Greta Thorn of the Peach Pies and Les Cougars. Bring out your confidence with a classic burlesque number, and then learn a character-driven number employing double entendres to tell a story through burlesque. Attendance at previous workshops not required, but helpful if you are new to learning burlesque. Please bring heels! 

Package discounts:
  • Get all three workshops for $55
  • Get all three workshops plus brunch for $70

Register by heading over to the Dance Life " Events " page, where you can sign up directly on the website and pay in house, or purchase tickets online   here .

Class Filming
Sample a Snippet on 4/30

We're conducting another round of class snippet filming on April 30th at 2pm for short videos to add to our website.

So far, we will be filming a snippet for Burlesque Fundamentals, Belly Dance Intensive, and our brand new upcoming Hip Hop Class.

No experience or registration necessary, just show up at 2pm ready to sample a selection of our new classes for free! Family and friends welcome, wear whatever you're comfortable with. Flailing is more than welcome as well. See you there! 

Tax Season Savings
Feeling the Pinch?

Save on classes and take a sanity break!

For the months of March, April and May, unlimited months are only $49- a 30% discount now available to all our students. 

Don't just observe your body. Inhabit it and come have some fun! The price has never been better. 

Schedule Notifications
Changes and Additions to our Schedule

-Some of Arielle's classes will be closed the first week of April: Experimental Burlesque Monday at 7pm on 4/3, Captain and Choreo Tuesday at 7pm on 4/4, Bellyesque Troupe and Burlesque Fundamentals on 4/5. 

-Belly Dance Intensive on Saturday, Apr 8th will be closed. 

-Adult Intermediate Ballet, Beginner Belly Dance Troupe, and Indian Classical Fusion will be closed on Sunday, Apr 9th. 

Bellydance Intensive (B+)
What's up for the next Bellydance Intensive Workshop?!   "'Move and Make a Moment"  begins Thursday, April 13. This multi-week workshop focuses on 'walking with style' to classic Middle Eastern rhythms and then stopping to punctuate the moment with interesting body-focused movements.  Just by doing it, you will internalize 'structured improv'. Don't miss out! Classes are Thursdays at 7 PM and Saturdays at 10 AM. 

Semi Pro Burlesque Troupe (A)
Beginning on April 10th, Arielle will be offering a semi-pro burlesque troupe (sassy name coming soon, we're considering Ham Salad :-D) on Monday nights at 8pm. This class will learn classic burlesque-based choreographies- think pasties and thongs- with the intention of taking them on the road to public gatherings such as the Wisconsin Burlesque Festival and more. This class is for those who are ready to take their burlesque dancing to the next level and make dat money, honey! 
Prerequisites: at least one 8 week session each of Fundamentals of Belly Dance and Burlesque, with a continued attendance at a technique class (belly dance, ballet, or burlesque) suggested. 

Join Our Team
Sub Teachers Needed

Dance Life is looking for fill-in teachers  when our current staff is on leave. Join a team of amazing ladies and earn free classes in exchange! Each hour of class you sub earns you an hour of class. Hours are generally 5:30-8p Mo-Thur, and 9-12p Sat and Sun.

We're looking primarily for dance fitness instructors, but whatever you can offer, bring it to us because you never know what will fit well! 

Email us for more information. 

Upcoming Events
Hip Hop Dance Night
Date: Apr 28th, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 6pm-8pm
Cost: $25

Joi n Arielle and learn a funky dance suitable for all levels of dancers. 

Good for all genders! Get loose, have fun, make some new friends. Adult beverages provided. 

To register, you have two options. You may purchase a ticket here, and your registration and payment will be complete. If you'd prefer to avoid a ticket fee, register on the Dance Life events page here, and pay in house, either before the event or at the door. 

Ostara Arising
Date: May 6th, 2017
Workshop held at Dance Life 12-2pm,
 Hafla from 6-10pm
Cost: $5 for hafla
$30 for workshop
Dum Tek Photography
You asked for a low-key day of belly dance fun, and we are delivering! 

On May 6th, Arielle will be offering a 2 hr workshop during the day featuring tips and tricks for creating your own interesting belly dance combos to a variety of music selections. In this workshop, you'll learn all the essential techniques you need to be able to create your own dynamic interpretations, and you'll also learn how to categorize the movements to create better recall later on. Not only will this help you improve your choreographing and combo-making skills, but will also help make improvisational dance easier and more fun as we break down all the many ways we can express music through belly dance. 

During the evening, join us for a low-key kiki and let your hair down!

A hafla, or kiki, is a relaxed event where men, women and children can come to have a good time, snack and chat with friends old and new, watch family-friendly dance performances by newbies and performers with years of experience, and let it all hang out on the dance floor. 

 Bring your own beverages and snacks, we'll hang, listen to music and chew the fat until 7pm, when those who have signed up to do so will entertain us with a few dances. After the performances end, we'll push the chairs back and create an open dance and drumming space. Hit the floor and express yourself, bring a drum and bang along, or continue to hang in any of our comfy chill spots!

No registration is necessary to join the hafla, but if you are interested in performing please send us an email to be added to our roster. This is a safe space to try out performing for a first time, or to try a new style, so don't hesitate if you have interest.

We'll announce the opening of the workshop registration in future newsletters. Keep an eye out, and in the meantime, mark down May 6th on your calendars! 

Burlesque Ladies Night
Date: May 26th, 2017
Held at Dance Life from 6pm-8pm
Cost: $25

Dum Tek Photography
Learn a sultry routine to perform for someone else, or just for you!
Get loose, have fun, and make some new friends. Adult beverages provided. What song would you like to see us use?  Email us  and let us know your preference.

To register, you have two options. You may purchase a ticket here, and your registration and payment will be complete. If you'd prefer to avoid a ticket fee, register on the Dance Life events page here, and pay in house, either before the event or at the door. 

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