Come and join us for our Lenten Services!  Rev. Greg
Scripture of the Month  
Matthew 27: 5-6
So Judas threw the money into the temple and left.  Then he went away and hanged himself.  The chief priests picked up the coins and said, "It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money."
John Prewett, FCC Board Chair
     I have been pondering about the leadership roles in which women have in our church.  In our Holy Bible, women were not in leadership roles because of cultural norms.  But, if anyone thinks they did not have an influence, just read about John The Baptist's beheading!
     Our women are at the communion table on Sundays; women are leading the Diaconate and serving; CWF providing food and hospitality for our gatherings and funeral meals;  Pastoral Care is ALL women ;  (awesome prayer shawls) Jubilee Christmas is led by women ; our Card Ministry is ALL women ; Hospitality in the Parlor each Sunday is led by women ; our office manager and bookkeeper is a woman ; our Director of Congregational Ministries is a woman ; our Christian Education Chair is a woman ; our Honduras Mission is led by a woman ; many women are on our various Congregational Committees; our choir and musicians are mostly women ; our church photographer is a woman ; our Associate Pastor is a woman  and the list goes on. . .
     Our Lord and Savior Jesus loves all of humanity and commands us to love one another.  One way of showing love is giving thanks in prayer:  Please pray with me now "Our Holy and Gracious God, thank you for giving our Body of Christ such a blessing of faithful women.  We pray that though this faithfulness you will continue to provide the guidance and strength in which they need.  Please forgive us when we sometimes overlook the good works our women do." AMEN 
REHAB: Lafayette Rehab Hospital: Wanda Sharp; Sue England
St Anthony's: Lynn Mann, Martha Oliver    Cumberland Pointe: Harriett McDowell   
Elmcraft(GreenTree): Suzie Mounts    Westminster: Frances Britt; Lucille Maris # 1112     
Rosewalk Commons: Vernetta Lynn; Verne & Rosemary Comer Friendship House:  Flo Peters # 320  M. Charlene Bowman 502 W. Jackson St. Mulberry 46058;    
Signature Health Care: Ahmadi Begum
At Home: Jeanne Dible, Marilyn Galloway; Ruby Ward at home of son, Marcus Haley 8415 Turner Rd. West Point, IN 47992. Becky Britt - 2106 S. 7 th St.  Lafayette 47905    
Cay Long @ Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago
Loretta Lowe - Louise McDole's niece cancer is spreading (3/6) Ann Prather, Jan Rybka, Ralph Ward,  Glenda Cory -  3/22 - procedure on back (laminectomy), Denise Sanders - outpatient knee surgery,  Barbara - Louise McDole's sister - emergency surgery,  Jim Stinson, Suzie Kelsey's father, Jessica Wilken - gall bladder removed 3/22
Join us for our Spring  Fashion Show on May 11th at 6pm in Fellowship Hall.  The cost is $5 in advance and $7 at the door. 
Also, we are looking for models for the show.   You can model clothing from Cato or Christopher and Banks, or from both! Contact Dee Chitty (765-572-2592 ) if you are interested.

Calling all ladies! Both Rachel and Ruth circles are looking for new members. At our monthly meetings, we have a devotion, fellowship, and plan service projects. You do NOT have to be a church member to participate. Ruth circle meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at  9:30 a.m. Rachel circle meets the 1st Tuesday at  6:30 p.m. Both groups meet in the parlor.

Women's Retreat
Save the date for the Women's Retreat.  It will be on September 15th-16th.  More details to come!

April Diaconates
April 2nd
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Serving: Robin Sturgeon
Serving: Larry Sturgeon
Serving: Juanita Hobaugh
Set Up & Clean Up: Roberta Pilotte & Juanita Hobaugh
April 9th
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Missi Findley
Serving: Shawn Findley
Serving: Melanie Davis
Serving: Michael Davis
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Serving: Susie Nelson
Serving: Michael Nelson
Set Up & Clean Up: Missi & Shawn Findley
April 16th
Team Leader: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Fred Navarra & Laura Gullion
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Roberta Pilotte
Serving: James Sanders
Serving: Denise Sanders
Serving: John Sanders
Set Up & Clean Up: Denise & John Sanders
April 23rd
Team Leader: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Fred Navarra & Laura Gullion
Team Leader: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Dave Kelsey
Serving: Suzie Kelsey
Serving: Carolyn Kanehe
Set Up & Clean Up: Paula Floyd & Carolyn Kanehe
April 30th
Team Leader: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Serving: Laura Gullion
Serving: Mary Fran Nelson
Serving: Dawn Ramey
Set Up & Clean Up: Fred Navarra & Laura Gullion
Team Leader: Harriet Beeler
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Greg Smith
Set Up & Clean Up: Linda & Richard Brammell

The Cantata, "The King is Coming" by Russell Mauldin will be on April 9th at 10am.  We will combine again with First Baptist Church at FCC.  We will gather outside for the "Blessing of the Palms" first.  
The Worship Committee meeting is, Monday, April 10th at 5:30 pm. We meet in Fellowship Hall. 
The following memorials have been given in the 1st quarter of 2017:
Ken & Mary Lou Curtis for Don Smith, Vera Idle, Lenora Smith and Mary Coon,  Mary Thomas for Vera Idle & Rachel Roudebush,  Nelson & Mary Mosson for Jim Sipple

April 2nd     Game Night at Pizza King (Veteran's Mem. & 18th) from 
                     5-6:30pm.  Pizza provided just bring money for a drink.
April 9th      Youth Mtg in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm
April16th     Easter Breakfast 9-10am
April 23rd    Youth Mtg in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm

Kids Club (K-5th grade)
April 2nd         Game Night at Pizza King 5-6:30pm
                          Pizza provided just  bring money for a drink and a friend!
April 9th          Kids Club meeting in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm
                         (We will be putting more "Blessing Bags" together.)
April 16th        Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt from 9-10am.  
                        We will combine with  Trinity U.M. church for the egg
                         hunt.  Meet at Trinity on the grass area  at 9am.
April 23rd        Kids Club meeting in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm

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