A Message From Greg 
      Bruce Larson in his fine commentary on the Gospel of Luke tells the story of an immigrant who came to this country and did well.  His son, who had graduated from an outstanding university and had become a CPA, decided that he was going to talk to his father about the way he was running the mom and pop store his parents had owned for 50 years.  The son said:
     "Dad you do a sloppy job here in your record-keeping.  For example, you keep your accounts receivable in cigar box.  You keep your accounts payable on a spindle.  All your cash is in the cash register.  You never ever know what your profits are!"
     The father listened patiently to his educated son and replied:
"Son I want to tell you a story.  When I arrived in this country the only thing I had was a pair of pants.  Now your sister is a physics professor.  Your brother is a doctor.  You are a CPA.  Your mother and I own a house and a car and this little store.  Add that up, subtract the price of the pants and that's my profit!"
     Learning to be thankful is taught more than caught.  'Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart' for our church and our ministry together.   Recognize and remember to be thankful for the people, like mothers and fathers, that God has put in your life that have been good influences and provided you with an encouraging word and steadfast support.
     God Bless You! See you Sunday!   Peace,  Greg

Scripture of the Month
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Jim's Jots
     First Christian Church is a volunteer organization. We do have paid clergy and a few staff, but mostly the Church is successful due to the efforts of its many volunteers. On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank everyone who gives of their time and talents in any role to help First Christian as we do God's work in our community and beyond.  At this time, we have two volunteer opportunities that I wish to call to your attention.  
     First Christian is in the process of qualifying for three new Automatic Electric Defibulators (AEDs, for short) for placement at the church . We are applying for a grant from the Katheryn Weil Center to cover the cost of these units, valued about $5,000.   We need volunteers to be trained in CPR and AED operation.  The more volunteers that we have, the better prepared we will be when one of us (it may be you or me) has this emergency need.  I wish to extend a special "Thank you" to Norm Long for his efforts to make this a reality.  Please contact Norm if you wish to be included in this training on April 4 and 5.
     The other need is for volunteers to help run the soundboard on Sunday mornings.  We need help at both worship services, but especially at the earlier 8:00 service.  This task is not as hard as it may seem (really! It's mostly knowing when to push a few buttons.)  If you are able to help our church in this way, please contact me or just come up to the balcony any Sunday morning to see what this job entails.  And if you are just curious about what we do to make the sound happen, come up to visit - we would enjoy your company!
Jim Rybka, Chair of the Board and Congregation

Thank You!
Thank you for all the prayers and cards of well wishes while I was in the hospital and recuperating at home.   A special thanks to Rev. Greg for his visits and also Louise McDole.   Thank you so much to Norm & Cay Long for coming by my home and bringing the prayer shawl.  I will be returning to work on March 25th.   Blessings to you all. Linda Edwards

Thank you to the McDonalds for their donation of syrup and butter for the Easter Breakfast and also to all the helpers who stepped up!    Paula Floyd

Dear Friends of First Christian,
Thank you so much with your generous support for the Art Group!  We've had an overwhelming response with both art supplies and monies to use to purchase other supplies.  The class has continued to grow in both students and relationships. They are bonding on a personal and spiritual level.  We all thank you for making this possible.
Sincerely,  Kathy

A memorial has been given to the Music Department for Betty Mowery from Vera Idle.
  Indiana Disciples Women Spring Event!
I hope you will be able to honor us with your presence at our Indiana Disciples Women Spring Event  we are planning for  Saturday, April 30, 2016 , from  9:30am-2:30pm  at Central Christian Church at 311 E. Main Street in Lebanon, IN (twenty-five minutes north west of Monument Circle downtown).   The event is called "Lavish Hospitality".  Woman and Youth are Invited. Please invite any women or youth you think may wish to attend and encourage them to register at:  https://wmt.suran.com/main/preview/504 
Church World Service
During all of April we can participate in assembling emergency kits for Church World Service - for use anywhere in the world.  Circle members have information about what is needed, also Donna Adams, Paula Floyd, and Lenora Smith.  Completed kits will be collected in boxes at the Gathering Place.  You may also give money needed for blankets and other supplies and for shipping.  An envelope in the box will accept your check to CWF, memo: Church World Service.

(New requests in  bold )
HOSPITAL : St. Francis Hospital Indianapolis: Jeff Weedon #406 (visitors restricted)
REHABLafayette Rehab Hospital:          
Wanda Sharp  # 305
St Anthony's : Lynn Mann, June Brummett, Martha Oliver; University Place : Don Smith; Fowler Apts #514 Sue England; Cumberland Pointe : Harriett McDowell; Signature Healthcare : Mary Bogan; Wesley Manor : Edith Sipple; GreenTree:   Suzie Mounts ;   John & Norma Doremire   
At Home : Jeanne Dible, Marilyn Galloway, Jim Sipple, Lois Roberts
Tom Tully, brother of Joe Tully; Walter Colburn;  Becky & Fran Britt;  Sarah Campos, Deb Goonen's daughter - back surgery; Barb Fisher, The Springs, friend of Daryl Killian; Cindy Lindstrom; Ann Prather; Denise Webb, sister of Carla Reeves - cancer; Tom Stahlem, son of Mike & Susie Nelson; Loretta Lowe, niece of Louise McDole - cancer; Carol Bunker, hospice; Grace Jackson, granddaughter of Marty Jackson - recovering from back surgery; Jane Sandifur, friend of Dee Chitty - throat cancer;  Sarah Garvey   Lisa, friend of Cindy Garvey's, tumor in her head; Lucille Maris,  fractured sacroiliac; Donna Hilgediek, Dan's mother surgery; Joan Stefaniak - recovering from knee surgery;  Vernetta Lynn - friend of Louise McDole - back issues; Mary Jackson-Deb Goonen's mother      

Please save the date:  Jubilee Christmas 2016 will be December 10th.   The fleece blanket project is well under way and some fleece donations would be welcomed.
Also, I am in need of a couple people to sew some stockings for the stocking stuffer table.   Please contact me at 427-2672 if you are able to help with this project.
Thank you,  Sandie Hauser
Pastoral Caregivers News
     We have reached the point where every home bound member of the congregation has someone from church who is visiting them and showing that they care. We also have someone who regularly sends card. What a blessing! Thanks to all of you who do this important ministry.
     I have recently gone through training to serve as a court appointed guardian for seniors in need. It was a rigorous training program, and  I learned a great deal about how the system works for Tippecanoe County seniors. If you are trying to find programs that can help yourself or someone you love, feel free to ask me and I hope I can be of assistance!
Blessings,  Jan Rybka
Kids Club (K-5th grade)
Michelle Schluttenhofer

April 3rd     "Game Night" at Pizza King (Veteran's Mem. &                          18th) 4:30-6pm
                      Pizza provided just bring money for a drink and                         a friend!
                      GAME NIGHT IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!
April 10th     Kids Club 5:30-7pm (Downtown)
April 17th     Bowling at Mike's Arrowhead Bowl @ Noon                            Cost: $6 (money for lunch extra)
April 24th    NO KIDS CLUB! 
You can check out the dates at www.indianadisciples.org  
April Diaconates

April 3rd
Team Leader: Dan Hilgediek
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Set Up & Clean Up: Gaye & Sam Hilgediek
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Linda Brammel
Serving: Richard Shaw
Serving: Melanie Davis
Serving: Michael Davis
Set Up & Clean Up: Linda Brammel & Richard Shaw
April 10th
Team Leader: Dan Hilgediek
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Set Up & Clean Up: Fred & Donita Navarra
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Robin Sturgeon
Serving: Crystal Cover
Set Up & Clean Up: Robin Sturgeon & Crystal Cover
April 17th
Team Leader: Dan Hilgediek
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Set Up & Clean Up: Gaye & Sam Hilgediek
Team Leader: Kathy Stirlen
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Serving: Missi Findley
Serving: Shawn Findley
Set Up & Clean Up: Kathy Kremer & Gery Kremer
April 24th
Team Leader: Dan Hilgediek
Serving: Gaye Hilgediek
Serving: Sam Hilgediek
Serving: Donita Navarra
Serving: Fred Navarra
Set Up & Clean Up: Donita & Fred Navarra
Serving: Lytta Turner
Serving: Susie Nelson
Serving: Mike Nelson
Serving: Sue Dismore
Serving: Carolyn Kanehe
Set Up & Clean Up: Sue Dismore & Carolyn Kanehe

Spring Women's Retreat
April 22-23, 2016
     Attention all women:  The CWF Retreat Committee is planning a wonderful weekend of personal and spititual renewal, a weekend for getting to know other First Christian women better, and for inner reflection on our Christian stories.
     Deanna Brown, a nationally known speaker, minister, and Retreat Leader, will be our Saturday speaker.  Those who have heard Deanna are really excited that we will have her leading our Retreat that focuses on personal transformation.
     Please prayerfully consider attending and inviting a friend.  We hope you will consider staying overnight at the hotel, as some special events are planned for those who stay.  Commuter Scholarships are available: please contact Carolyn Henry (448-6237) or Nancy Eberhard (586-4536).  Please know that scholarships are confidential.  
     We have only two more Sundays for signing up at church-please see Donna Adams in the Narthex.  Also, you can call the church office to signup (742-4058) and mail your check made out to CWF.  Please indicate your choice of staying at the hotel (indicate roommate) or commuting.  
     Courtyard by Marriott (Just off U.S. 26 near Olive Garden)
Friday night
(5:30-9pm) Fun Night!!!
6-7:30pm Mingling, Mini-makeovers, Hand Treatments, Massages, etc...still working on ideas!  Sure to be a fun time!
7:30pm Program by Jan Wright, Blanket Ministry
8:30pm Pool, Hot Tub open, Fire Pit with S'Mores and Marshmallows, Cards, etc.
Snacks provided ~ Bring a friend ~ Get to know your fellow FCC members better!
"Once Upon a Time Transformation.  The Power of Story in our Lives" with speaker: Rev. Deanna Brown
Breakfast and Lunch Provided
Cost: Staying overnight with a roommate: $110
Staying overnight with 4 to a room: $80 
(all rooms have 2 queen beds)
Spend the night without a roommate $130
Commuter, both Friday and Saturday: $65
Friday night only: $50
Saturday only: $50
Please make check payable to CWF.  Registration due by Monday, April 11th.
Michelle Schluttenhofer 
         April 3rd     "Game Night" at Pizza King            (Veteran's Mem. & 18th)  from 4:30-6pm.             Pizza provided just bring money  for a                 drink and a FRIEND! 
                                April 10th   Youth Group 5:30-7pm 
                                April 17th    Bowling at Mike's Arrowhead                                 Bowl @Noon Cost: $6
                                April 24th    NO YOUTH MTG
SUMMER CAMP INFO IS ON THE YOUTH BOARD OR GO TO  www.indianadisciples.org  
Click on this link to see the calendar.   http://www.fcclaf.org/#/calendar
First Christian Church | office@fcclaf.org | http://www.fcclaf.org
329 North 6th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901