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To the Glory of God and for the Common Good, we make God's love known now and for generations to come through worship and service to all.
April Newsletter
Rector's Letter
Mother Rita

'Tis the Spring of souls today; Christ hath burst his prison;/ And from three days sleep in death, as a Sun hath risen;/  All the winter of our sins, long and dark, is flying/ From his Light, to whom we give laud and praise undying.
Now the Queen of seasons, bright with the Day of splendor,/ With the royal feast of feasts, comes its joy to render;/ Comes to glad Jerusalem, who with true affection/ Welcomes in unwearied strains Jesu's Ressurection.
John of Damascus, c. 750, trans. J.M. Neale, 1851
Dear People of God,
The Spring of souls is upon us.  The Queen of seasons comes to give us joy.  Wherever you may be this this year at Easter, may the glad Jerusalem of your hearts greet our Risen Lord with joy and to celebrate his Resurrection.  If you are in Bangor, may we gather together at St. John's to welcome Jesus' Resurrection and rejoice.  
We will celebrate with the Easter Vigil at 7:00pm Saturday night, when we will baptize and welcome into our fellowship Jaxon Stearns and Quinten Henry.  The service begins in darkness when the new fire is lit and the Light of Christ is proclaimed.  At Baptism, the meaning and joy of Jesus' Resurrection is revealed, and the sanctuary is bathed in light and filled with joyous sounds and ringing of bells.  It is the most beautiful and ancient of services in our tradition.  If you have not come before, I heartily encourage you to come this year.  Easter Day, we will continue to celebrate and we will greet the morning with joy at 8am and 10am, with full choir at both services. 
As we prepare our hearts to rejoice, I encourage you to take part in the special liturgies of Holy Week.  During Holy Week, we enter into the Passion of our Lord and the events that led to his crucifixion.  The proper liturgies of this week are unique and help us to enter more deeply and fully into the mystery and meaning of Christ's death and passion.  Our liturgies of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are profoundly moving, beautiful with full choir, and begin at 7pm with child care provided.  Come take part.  Other services are designed especially for children and families, and are held earlier in the evening (5:30 Maundy Thursday and 5:00 Good Friday).  Additional opportunities for prayer and worship in this week ahead are invaluable for the widening of our hearts, minds, and spirits to receive the joy of Easter.  A full listing of services is provided in this newsletter.
Again this year, we are much blessed by the excellent musicianship of Robert and Nancy Ludwig in all our services.  Again, it is worth highlighting our special noon service on Good Friday.  During the three hours that Christ hung upon the cross, the Ludwigs will present the profound and moving organ meditations of "Le Chemin de la Croix" by Marcel Dupré in the context of the actual Stations of the Cross.  Come for as little or as much of the three hours as you are able.  People are welcome to come and go throughout the service.
As Christ gives us his life that we might be freed from fear, sin, and death, we also make offerings of thanksgiving to God and for the sake of his Church.  Together by our worship and going forth from our celebrations may we share God's Easter life and eternal love with others. There is great need in our Bangor community for God's Good News, his healing grace, and the experience of his presence found in worship and in a faith community, and St. John's is blessed to be a messenger and instrument of God's love.
With prayers that the joy of Easter may fill our hearts and transform our lives -
Yours in Christ,
Mo. Rita+
Lenten Quiet Evening

As we enter into the solemn observance of Holy Week, you are invited to join Cn Michael
Ambler for a time of quiet, prayer and contemplation focusing on the Prayer of Humble
Access and the issues of shame and worthiness. Join us and make a faithful and hopeful start to your Holy Week observations. 
Sunday April 9th, 4-6pm .  Please plan on joining us. Supper to follow for those who can stay, provided by the clergy of St. Patrick's and St. John's. Please RSVP.

This is the 4th in our Rite I series, with the 5th installment being held on May 14th with  The Rev. Cn. Anne Mallonee.

Holy Week at St. John's
April 9 - April 16, 2017

Palm Sunday, April 9th

8 am - Liturgy of the Palms & a Dramatic Reading of the Gospel.
10 am - Liturgy of the Palms & a Sung Eucharist. Music by Bruckner, Ireland, and Buxtehude.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Holy Week
Special morning Eucharist's in the chapel. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week in the Bethlehem Chapel at 7:30 am. These services and the readings appointed provide time for reflection and pause. Services conclude by 8 am.
Children's Maundy Thursday, April 13th
5:30 pm in the Undercroft: Hear the story of the Last Supper, wash feet, eat a simple meal and create the Garden of Repose in the Chapel.
Maundy Thursday, April 13th
"Love one Another" Maundy Thursday Service with foot washing and the stripping of the Altar at 7 pm. Music by Duruflé, Elgar and Messiaen. The name Maundy Thursday is derived from the Latin mandatum, which means "commandment," a command of our Lord after he washes his disciples' feet "to love one another as I have loved you." Remembering Christ's arrest and the disciples' fleeing, the altar is stripped following communion while the choir sings Ps. 22. All leave in darkness.
Vigil Watch, April 13th
At the conclusion of Maundy Thursday the Sacrament is removed to Bethlehem Chapel to the Garden of Repose where "those who would but watch one hour" may gather in prayer for the Vigil. The Garden is created by our children and the Chapel will be open until 10 pm.
Good Friday, April 14th
Noon -3 pm: Stations of the Cross. Be with us at St. John's for all or part of this three-hour meditation on the Passion of Jesus Christ. The ancient service traces the route that Jesus took to the cross, in prayers, and scripture readings. We will be using, the meditations of Paul Claudel (former French Ambassador to the U.S.), silence, and the fourteen movement epic organ work, The Way of the Cross by Marcel Dupré. Feel free to stay for all three hours, to sit or to walk the Stations hanging in our church, or to come and go as your schedule allows.
Children's Good Friday, April 14th
5:00 pm: Good Friday Interactive Stations of the Cross: Children can come for an interactive Stations of the cross held in the Sanctuary.
The Good Friday Liturgy, April 14th
7 pm in the Church: The Veneration of the Cross with Sung Passion. We gather Good Friday to mourn the death of Jesus, to confess our love and contrition, and to pray before his holy cross, and to receive the grace he offers. Blue cards of prayer or intention are found in this bulletin and may be prepared in advance and placed at the foot of the cross as an offering. Music by King John of Portugal.
Holy Saturday, April 15th
Please join us for Prayers & Meditation in the Chapel at 9 am. Holy Saturday is a service of Sabbath rest when we remember Jesus in the tomb with a brief liturgy of the word and prayer.
Easter Vigil, April 15th
Please join us for The Great Vigil of Easter & The First Eucharist of Easter at 7 pm, We gather in darkness of the night on which Jesus rose from the dead. This service, one of the oldest of all liturgies, is unlike any other service in the year. It is the Christian Passover feast in which we celebrate the Passover of Jesus from death into life and our own Passover from death to life in Holy Baptism.  Music by Noyon and Willan. A reception will follow.
Easter Day, April 16th
8 am & 10 am - Music by Scheidt, Stanford, and Widor
Following the 10 am service there will be an Egg Hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny

If you wish to print off your own copy please click here.
Three Generations singing together
Robert Ludwig
Our Annunciation Choral Evensong on March 26 was a special  occasion for one of our choir families. Rachel Parsons began singing  soprano in the St. John's Choir this past September when she and her  family moved to the Bangor area. Rachel had sung for many years in  the choir of St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland and was eager to find a  local program that would be similar. This past December her younger  son, Ben, began singing in the St. Nicholas Choir, and it's been a joy  to have mother and son participating together in our Sunday services.  Rachel's father, Tom Oberholtzer, is a faithful singer in his home  parish of Trinity Episcopal Church, Hartford, CT and, when Tom and  his wife, Enid, were visiting the Parsons, he joined with our choir to  sing Evensong. It's not the first time this sort of thing has happened  with our choir - the Soule/Marks family and the Batchelder family  have had similar occasions, and we look forward to the time when  Alderic Martin joins the choir for a Souweine/Martin trio - but it's a  great reminder of how choirs can help foster an active participation in  church life from "generation to generation."
Formation News
Patricia Sprague

Adult Christian Education and Formation:

Spiritual Classics Month in the Library

Spiritual Classics: Look on the Christian Formation table for books deemed to be spiritual classics.  You'll find titles like
The Practice of the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence),
The Cloud of Unknowing (??),
The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis),
Mysticism (Evelyn Underhill), and others. 

Video in the Chapel: please join us for the dvd series Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy, with Fr. Richard Rohr.  Sundays at 11:30 in the chapel, beginning date to be announced.

Youth Programs: Upcoming
  • Both Youth groups (JRs & SRs) continue through May to hold class on the second Sunday of the month (11:30) and to serve at the Humane Society or Homeless Shelter on the fourth Sunday.
  • Maundy Thursday, April 13 - all SRs attend evening service & participate in foot washing
  • Easter Vigil, April 15 - all SRs attend
  • Pre-Confirmation Retreat aboard the Maine Seacoast Mission's Sunbeam, April 18-20
  • Confirmation - the sacrament of confirmation will take place on Sunday, May 7th, at St Luke's Cathedral in Portland.
  • Vestry Presentation of proposed SR YES service project, June 20
  • Mission trip to Boston for JR & SR YES, June 21-26
Deacon Ann McAlhany

Our next Ingathering will be on Ascension Sunday, 28 May.
The United THANK offering of the Episcopal Church is a personal spiritual discipline of thanksgiving that supports God's mission throughout the world.
The Blue Box was created as a receptacle for coins to remind the user to give thanks daily and for all things. The box is designed for use in the home or anywhere it can serve as a visual reminder to offer blessings large and small. It represents the heart of the United Thank Offering ministry and is a pathway between our prayers and the mission of The Episcopal Church. It is a symbol that allows us, during the week, to be linked to our Christian tradition of praying, recognizing that blessings come from God (and in this case making a thank offering when we encounter those blessings) and being present to Christ in the world by helping others in need.
Our Blue Boxes will again be collected and blessed at an Ingathering on Sunday, 29 May. The size of the box is a reminder that all blessings, big or small, are gifts from God and that all offerings, big or small, are used for the glory of God and the building of God's Kingdom. When everyone participates, many coins make great sums when joined together. This is the "United" in the Thank Offering. It is a ministry that expands the community of The Episcopal Church, as the collected sums then are given as grants for mission throughout the Anglican Communion.

Living Local 
Patty & Andy Hamilton

Our Living Local team is shaping up and getting engaged with Living Local: Joining God. 
We were assigned a coach,  John Gregory, and are excited to have him on board. Greg is a parishioner at St. James parish in Old Town. We will have our second full committee meeting in April at the home of Roger and Shirley George. Other team members include Andy & Patty Hamilton, Roger and Shirley George, Lynn Brubaker, Lee Souweine, Ann McAlhany and Pat Sprague. We have been sharing a verse from Luke (10:1-12) with various church groups and will soon begin interviews with as many parishioners as possible. Much like the living local verse we are sharing, the team is planning to go out in pairs to observe our 'community' and in the fourth stage, we will talk with strangers to find where God is at work in the in the world.

We hope you will join us! if you are interested please reach out to Andy & Patty at 990-0889.
Spring Training - From the Bishop

Last April I was very pleased when 150 Maine Episcopalians from 36 congregations participated in our diocesan education day, Spring Training. This year I hope the good word has spread and many of you and your fellow members will attend Spring Training 2017 on Saturday, April 29th. Registration is now open and all members of the Diocese of Maine are invited to attend. We are grateful to St. Paul's in Brunswick for again hosting the day which will run from 9 am to 3:15 pm.

Participants are offered the choice of 21 workshops in areas such as spiritual growth, formation, music, communication, church leadership, outreach and more. We'll pause at mid-day to gather, worship, sing, and hear more about change in our wider culture and the role the church may play in our communities.

My hope is that Spring Training 2017 will help to prepare us to take our place in The Jesus Movement. 

I ask your help in sharing the opportunity.

Links to these materials, information about the day, full workshop descriptions, a registration link, may be found on our diocesan home page at  or register directly at

I look forward to seeing you on April 29th. 

The Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane
Bishop of Maine
Announcements & Looking Ahead
The next meeting of the Book Group is Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 PM, home of Dee Virtue, Apt. 209, Dirigo Pines Inn, Orono, 866-4581, We will be reading Deep River: Reflections on the Religious Insight of Certain of the Negro Spirituals, by Howard Thurman. It is available at Amazon and in libraries.  Our format will be different in that everyone will focus on the first two chapters and then individuals will focus on particular parts of the book. For more information contact Marisue Pickering.
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