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New Life Christian School 
Brandon Starcher
     He has better classroom behavior, he's more diligent on completing assignments, he's d0ing his best in all his work, and he's respectful to the teachers and staff! He also has said his Bible Trophy in March!

Rebekah Long   

     She shows great maturity and responsibility while courageously leading us in worship.  

April 3 - 14--Achievement Testing
April 7-------No Chapel
                       Report cards go home 
April 14------Chapel
                        12:00 Early Dismissal
April 17 - 21-Easter Break
                        No School  
April 25------Drive Thru Dinner                                   Fundraiser Tickets Due
April 26------50's Dress-up Day
April 28------Chapel                                                         NLCS Carnitas Drive                               Thru Dinner 4:30 -                                   6:30 p.m.



  Click here to download or print the updated Preschool April Calendar. 
Click here to download or print the updated NLCS April Calendar. 

                LOOKING AHEAD 
May 1 - 5----Spiritual Emphasis Week
May 9------- Open House @ 7 p.m.
                       12:00 Early Dismissal
May 10------Visitation Day 1st - 12th                          Grade
May 13------High School Graduation                         @ 5 p.m.
May 15------Bible Trophy Deadline
May 17 - 19  8th Grade Trip
June 6 - 8---Early Dismissal 12 p.m.
June 8------ Last day of school                                    Awards @ 8:30 a.m.                                and BBQ afterwards
                       8th Grade Graduation                            @ 7 p.m.

Re-Scheduled : Girls' Getaway : Building Healthy Relationships
Due to scheduling conflicts, we are working on making this special time for the beginning of next school year. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Great Beginnings Preschool
The 3 yr. old program is now enrolling for the next school year! There are some openings for both the morning and afternoon class. If you have a child or know someone who would be interested, come by the office and pick up a packet. These spots fill up fast!
Lockdown Procedures
We had a lockdown situation last month, and we saw what works, and we are continuing to fine tune our emergency procedures. Students did a great job listening and keeping calm! Just a reminder, if you get a notification that we are on lockdown, please do not come to the school to pick up your child unless we have given instructions that you need to. During a lockdown no one is able to leave or enter the building. This is to ensure the safety to all. We will wait for the police to give an "all clear" phone call to lift our lockdown. Please know that we have the safety of our students as top priority. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.  We are committed to fine tuning and keeping up-
to-date on all of our procedures.
Thank you to all the students and staff for all your hard work in making our community the safest if can be! 
Re-enrollment Forms
Just a reminder : Re-enrollment forms are due April 14th. Please make sure they are turned in by this date to hold a spot for your child. We need to start planning for the upcoming school year. 
Click Here  for another re-enrollment form if needed. Thank you!! 
        NLCS Carnitas Drive Thru Dinner

Welcome to Miss Katie Fisher, one of our awesome alumni who has returned to help teach our high school computer class. She will begin with an introduction to computer programming. She started in April.  

Spiritual Emphasis Week 
We are excited to announce that spiritual emphasis week is right around the corner! It will take place the week of  May 1st - 5th. We need volunteers on Friday for the Carnival to help make it a fun, successful event! We would also appreciate homemade baked goods for the cake walk. Thank you!!! Below is a schedule of what's happening during spiritual emphasis week and the teams. 

Bible Trophy
The Bible trophy deadline is May 15th! Congratulations to many of the first and second graders for saying their September - May scriptures and earning their Bible Trophy!!
Great Beginnings Preschool
Korah and Ethan listening to a           Mrs. Arlene brought her dog 
story about " The Cat in the Hat."      Trixie to come visit the class.
Wyatt blowing bubbles!

1st and 2nd Grade
Learning about the weather has been so fun. We made rainbows in a jar, tornados, thermometers, and read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs along with many other books about the weather.

Bryson is measuring just the right amount of water to mix with rubbing alcohol to make a tornado in a bottle.

First and second grade is preparing for Spiritual Emphasis Week. We have been practicing Sword Drills once a week and these kids are fast!!

We are using straws to paint Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Dr. Seuss Day.

3rd and 4th Grade
The third and fourth grade class has been anxiously watching April the Giraffe as the world waits for her to have her fourth calf. We have created giraffe art and learned some giraffe facts ( like giraffes are pregnant for 15 months, their tongues are bluish purple, and their calves are around 6 ft. tall at birth.)
We have finished up our study of the human body and have moved on to the study of birds. Discovering why God made birds with unique beaks and feet has been fun and interesting. We will be taking a field trip in a few weeks to do some bird watching,  conducting experiments, and creating bird - themed art.

5th and 6th Grade
The 5/6th grade class has been studying the planets and solar system. To end the study, each one made a representation of the solar system and the phases of the moon.
In history we are studying the continent of Africa. Fame Baird brought in some neat items from Nigeria and told us some amazing facts! 

7th and 8th Grade
The 7th/8th grade room have been studying the geography of Europe which culminated in a couple of pretty detailed tests. I am super proud that our young students have this kind of knowledge in an age in which many adults cannot even find the United States on a map.
A highlight of April was the chapel in which Mr. Jones brought a huge array of musical instruments and asked about biblical instruments used for praise and worship. Believe it or not, he invited the entire school to try any instrument - all at the same time! Chapel ended on a loud note!

High School
The high school has learned a lot about insects while dissecting grasshoppers in biology!