April Newsletter
What's New at Patterson PT??
We have decided to start a monthly newsletter keeping our clients up to date on our success relative to PT clinics around the country, current success stories, staff features, healthy eating recipes, and tips on avoiding injuries. This issue features:

- How does Patterson PT Compare to the rest of the country??

- Ryan Snader and his road to recovery and skiing  at Patterson PT

- Which Staff Member played two sports in college??

- Healthy Family Recipes for the Spring

- Tips on exercises for ACL prevention!

- Speed and Agility Sign-ups - MORE INFO BELOW

Patterson PT is proud to announce our own Lynn Kitzmiller, PT is now certified in the effective Parkinson’s treatment - LSVT BIG.  Lynn will be accepting patients into this program starting on May 1st.  We are so very excited to offer this progressive approach which can make a significant difference in the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.  Lynn has already seen very encouraging gains using these techniques.  For more information click HERE!

Fall Assessment clinic Weds May 17th 12:30-1:30 - CLICK HERE for more information

Patterson PT will be a sponsor and be there to offer advice and information to participants at community runs.  Please consider supporting these organizations and joining the fun:
         - April 22: SPHS Run4Rhythm
         - April 22: Escape through the Cape

-   AquaFit class to begin 4/20 - CLICK HERE for more information

- Posture Clinic 4/20 from 7-8pm - CLICK HERE for more information

- Nancy has a new yoga class! - CLICK HERE for more information

    Fun Fact!

-Having neck pain? Patterson PT has been able to improve functional outcome measures for neck pain by an average of almost 70% compared to only 46.5% nationally! Come see us for your neck pain! 
Where are they now?? Featuring: Ryan Snader
 Q&A with Patterson PT client Ryan Snader and his road to recovery from ACL surgery

What first brought you to Patterson PT? 
I had my ACL reconstructed and my meniscus repaired last summer and Mike was my neighbor and family friend, so that's how I heard about doing physical therapy at Patterson's. I originally tore my ACL skiing at Whitetail my senior year of college. I tore it in February, then wanted to graduate college first so didn’t have to walk across the stage on crutches, so I held off until after graduation. I graduated on a Saturday and got surgery that next Monday. I then spend the entire summer rehabbing it at Patterson PT.

What are you up to now? 
Now I work for the Oyster Recovery Partnership in Annapolis full time. I do shell recycling for Oyster shells and planting oysters back in the Bay. I also was able to go skiing again this winter. I had a trip to Colorado scheduled for 2 weeks after the day I tore my ACL, so I rescheduled that trip for this winter. My first time back skiing I skied out in Rocky Mountains (with my brace) but was able to get back on the mountain! Since then, been to Liberty and other local ski resorts as much as possible this winter. Now that the snow is gone I’ll be mountain biking again too this spring.

How did Patterson PT help get you to where you are now?
Mostly, they challenged me. Whenever I came in for PT, they didn’t let me slack off. The therapists would continually push me and I think that that challenge really helped me progress and was one of the main reasons I was able to ski the next season. 

What is your favorite thing about coming to Patterson PT?
I really liked being able to get a good workout in, and getting a personal best from the time before. Oh and also, the donuts on Friday was awesome. Overall, it's a really good atmosphere, they challenge you and come up with different ways to do it so you don’t really feel like you’re at physical therapy. For example, Mike would record how long it took me to scoot around the office on a stool and compare my time to other patients times so it was fun and competitive. Ovearall it's a very enjoyable atmosphere, didn’t feel like going to doctor’s office or physical therapy office.  

Also, the therapists are very cohesive – sometimes would work with Randi and she would know exactly my progression and worked really well with Mike which helped me get back to skiing! 
Get to know Physical Therapist Sue Behringer
Click  HERE  to get to know Sue and her diverse career path before joining the physical therapy world!

Want to help prevent injury in your athlete?
Patterson PT offers a Speed & Agility Program designed specifically for injury prevention, agility, endurance, and speed. Call 410-647-1961 TODAY to get more information and register today.

Did you know??

Here are some Quick Tips to help your athlete avoid ACL and other common injuries!

1. Strengthen glutes and hamstrings!
- Single leg bridge
- Hamstring curls 
- Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift's (RDL)
- Single leg hops IN THE MIRROR 

2. Core Core Core!
- Struggling bugs
- Planks - progress to picking up an arm or leg


Healthy Eating Recipes for Spring

Arugula Salad with crispy proscuitto, parmesan, and fried eggs
Perfect healthy side!

Chicken and Asparagus Teriyaki Stir-Fry
Spring is here, and so is Asparagus season! 
Quote of the Month:
"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." - Abraham Lincoln
             Single leg Bridges - squeeze glutes and core                               Single Leg RDL - core engaged

Hamstring Curls on Ball - hips up!
Single Leg Hops:
Left side = good - knee in line with hip and ankle
Right side = bad - knee drifting inward on landing

Keep your low back on the floor - pull in your lower abdominals like you are putting on a tight pair of pants!
Keep your back flat on the plank - no sagging low backs or twisting to one side!