April 2016

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens


 Celebrate Secretary's Day all Week

Cafe Burnside offers this special lunch menu for Secretary's Day. 

What You Didn't Know About the Gardens
The Houmas House gardens stretch an impressive 38 acres providing a year round blanket of colors and textures, offering a wide variety of plants and flowers.  Although the bright florals usually steal the show, next time you visit take note of the massive display of Bromeliads.  Houmas House boasts the largest selection of this flower in all of Louisiana.  Over 1000 new plants will take root in their new beds for the next 7 months. 
There are more than 2700 species of Bromeliads, but the most common to this region is the pineapple.  This fruit was commonly used in the Antebellum era as a sign of hospitality and as a fragrance throughout the home. When guests arrived to the plantation to stay for an extended period of time, a pineapple was placed in their room as a welcome and a natural air freshener.  If these guests had overstayed their welcome, a second pineapple was placed in their room as a hint that it was time to go.
As we dive into Spring and enjoy the longer days and warmer weather, take time to stop and admire the...Bromeliads.


Don't Be the Mad Hatter
As Seen by Princess Maggie

As you know, I have quite an agglomeration of hats. The collection started when I moved to the Sugar Palace 2 years ago. My ancestors taught me the importance of a proper hat-- not only were they used to make fashion statements, but they were also quite indicative of a woman's status.
In fact, two notable women in Houmas House's history were well known for both their status and wealth but also for their contribution to the daily operations of the sugar plantation.
Caroline Preston and Harriet Miles were the wives of two owners of Houmas House when it was the largest sugar producing plantation in the country.  Although their husbands handled all  business  affairs concerning the plantation, it was these women who actually ran the household and the everyday operations of the business, as well as caring for all that lived and worked here.  In fact, following the death of her husband, William Porche Miles, Harriet ran the entire plantation.
By day, they wore large brimmed hats protecting them from any sun.  This way, they always looked  fair skinned  as though they were never exposed to sun, giving the illusion of living a luxurious lifestyle.  At night when they hosted lavish affairs at the Sugar Palace, their hats were ornate and accented with satin ribbons and feathers.  For picnics and day events, they would dress up a simple hat with fresh flowers from the gardens at Houmas House.
As the current Princess of my Sugar Palace, I find it important to continue the traditions of plantation life. Much like the past Ladies of the House, I too contribute greatly to the success of the business while maintaining my status and lifestyle.  My hats always reflect the season and today's fashion, while also being practical for my activities.
Much Love,
Princess Maggie
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