Each of us divulges a portion of our personality by the energy we radiate. Sophia discloses her sweet, sassy sincerity within seconds of a first encounter. Sophia Calidonna started here in October 2016 on her birthday; a gift to us!She is a 2014 graduate from Yorktown where she was class president and was active in track and field, cross country, and played right midfield in soccer her senior year. Sophia is the oldest of four in a very active family. Her father is an elementary music teacher who is an avid marathon runner. Her mother is a writer/recruiter who also is a runner/sprinter. The whole family is very health conscious. Sophia goes home as often as she can between the demands of school and work to spend time with her family and support her 2 younger brothers in their school activities. Sophia is currently a junior at Binghamton University majoring Political Science and minoring in Geographic Information Systems. Her younger sister will follow suite and attend Binghamton University in the Fall upon high school graduation this spring.

One of Sophia’s greatest passions was initiated by accident when she walked in on students performing a mock trial. They invited her to stay and 2 years later she is the vice president of the BU team. They compete against many prestigious colleges across the country. She has participated in ten tournaments to date and her stellar performances have earned her personal awards. Sophia gets energized from an invigorating run, horror movie marathons, or a favorite- a day at the beach with her boyfriend, Doug. Her best friend describes Sophia as playful and makes even the most arduous mundane situation fun. And her most admirable trait is her honesty. Those traits combined very well could be what won her all those awards.

We look forward to serving you soon and wish a very blessed Easter!