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Dr. Notes - News from Mike
" Dr. Shrink is celebrating our 25th year in business on the 21st of April.  We've had a great and adventurous ride building Dr. Shrink, Inc.  over the last 25 years- from starting our business in a one car garage to now having over 112,000 sq. ft. of work space. There is no way we could have done this without the help and loyalty of our customers. I appreciate each and every one of the people we deal with on a daily basis in many countries around the world. The excellent service and products that Dr. Shrink, Inc. offers wouldn't happen without our tremendous team of vendors, customer service representatives, warehouse employees, and salespeople who work very hard to make us a world class business. In the future we at Dr. Shrink, Inc. will continue to innovate new products to enhance the installation of our premium line of shrink wrap materials. We will also continue to improve upon our ordering, training, and processing systems to make it even easier for our customers to get the products and training they need, when they need it.  Thank you to our customers, vendors, and our team members for making Dr. Shrink, Inc. the successful company it is today. "
Material Handling Industry materialhandling
This month the Dr. is highlighting products and services as it relates to the Material Handling industry. The use of shrink wrap in the shipping, transportation, and logistics industry is becoming more widespread as it is more durable than stretch wrap and full encapsulation can make products completely weatherproof as well as tamper-resistant. It is becoming quite common to see shrink wrapped products/equipment traveling down the road and being protected from road grime, dirt, and other weather-related elements. 

Offering shrink wrap solutions from 6-12 mil thickness, we can provide some of the most durable transportation protection in the market.  This is an ideal business to add to your Marine & Recreation market when looking to expand immediately.
Training & Tips training_tips
This month we highlight how to properly use our Strap Tension Tool with Woven Cord Strapping and buckles-- what we call the "Strapping System."  Click the video for a quick tutorial!

Dr. Shrink Celebrates 25 Years in Business twenty_fiveyears
Dr. Shrink, Inc. is turning 25 years old on April 21st! Our entire team would like to say thank you for your support, partnership, and inspiration throughout the years. Our business is able to reach this milestone because of you, our loyal customers. A big thank you also to our worldwide distributors who proudly promote Dr. Shrink products all over the globe. 

Throughout the week of April 17th - 23rd, you may receive an extra gift in your orders (while supplies last) so keep a look out - just a small way to say thank you for being such a great customer throughout all these years.

Also during April 17th - 23rd, we are offering 25% off a 25' Shrinkfast propane hose-- we will also throw in a free hose-to-hose coupler which will allow you to use two hoses at a time for a total of 50 feet.

***To receive the discount, you must mention this special over the phone or use promo code: 25YEARS at online checkout.
Dr. on the Map - April Travel
In April, the Dr. Shrink team will be traveling "across the pond" to shows in both Europe and the Far East. Your shrink wrap experts will be showcasing the Dr. Shrink brand with our incredible team of global affiliates. Here is a quick overview of some of the highlighted travels this month.
April 6th-9th: Singapore Yacht Show, Sentosa Cove, Singapore (Bart)
April 16th-22nd:  Kintex - Goyang, South Korea (Ben)
April 24th-26th:  BreakBulk Europe - Antwerp, Belgium (Kyle)
April 24th-30th:  Shanghai Boat Show - Shanghai, China (Ryan)
April 25th-28th:   Hannover Messe - Hannover, Germany (Mike)
European Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap

Throughout the world, the Construction & Scaffolding industry has seen tremendous growth in shrink wrap applications and uses. Internationally, there are different requirements construction materials need to meet when used on projects in this industry. 

Dr. Shrink's new European Flame Retardant shrink wrap has passed the Fire Test according to EN 13823 SBI and meets the criteria for: ISO 11925-2:2010, BS EN 13823:2010, and Fire Classification Bs-1, d0. It's available in 2 sizes:

- 24' x 60' 12 mil (300 micron) white ( DS-241260WFRES)
- 40' x 60' 12 mil (300 micron) white ( DS-401260WFRES)

Click here for more information.

Interested in our standard Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap? See available sizes.
Recycle Your Shrink Wrap! recycling
It's getting to be that time to take those shrink wrap covers off your boats, campers, RVs, and other recreational items to enjoy the warm weather ahead. Throwing shrink wrap material into a landfill is waste and is damaging to the environment. Recycling your shrink wrap cover is something everyone should be conscious of. Dr. Shrink, Inc. cares about preserving the environment and has two recycling programs in place that are easy, effective, and trouble-free. 
Our  Recycling Run Program makes recycling a breeze. This program is only available in the Great Lakes states: MI, WI, IL, IN, and OH. Click here for more information or visit  www.recycling-run.com.
Our REBAGĀ® Recycling Kit is another option that works in every state in the continental U.S.

If you're wondering what to do with your covers or excess scraps, take a look at our Don't Trash Your Shrink Wrap Silent Movie below. Please note the pickup locations have changed to only the Great Lakes states.

Don't Trash Your Shrink Wrap / Dr. Shrink, Inc.
Don't Trash Your Shrink Wrap / Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Please help us in our efforts to properly recycle this premium plastic!
April Steals, Deals, and Discounts
For the month of April, take advantage of  10% off  retail/wholesale prices of these VCI products! Perfect to use in Material Handling to keep your products corrosion and moisture-free.

Multimetal ICT Film  i s an easy-to-use protective film containing proven corrosion inhibiting technology. It provides cost-effective and versatile defense against corrosion damage on ferrous and non-ferrous metals in typical shipping and storage conditions. This film is intended to be installed as a base layer underneath our premium shrink wrap. This combination ensures a durable, weatherproof storage and transportation cover which provides corrosion prevention. It is non-toxic, recyclable, and can protect metals for up to 5 years is properly packaged and stored. Available in  20' x 100' 4mil green.

VCI Installation Accessories

***Multimetal ICT film discount is available online or by phone. Discount on VCI accessories is valid via phone order only. Must mention discount at time of ordering.
PHOTO of the Month
QUOTE of the Month
Every month Dr. Shrink will be highlighting one of the feedback points from our fantastic customers. Thank you all for being part of the Dr. Shrink Family!

"Very simple and hassle free! Always a pleasure calling the staff because they are so helpful with questions! Always very fast shipping!"

- Travis H. Lakeville, MN Customer