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Employee of the Month!
Freya Ames
Personal Trainer and Fitness Associate!
  "It is with great pleasure that I pass on the Elephants to Freya our Personal Trainer and Fitness Associate!  Freya is a hard working, genuine, and compassionate individual. The passion and heart she displays through training clients is incredible in many aspects but the most obvious and heart-warming aspect is her holistic approach; she really shows compassion and interest with each client she has and focuses all of her energy towards helping that person achieve their goals.  She cares so much about each and every person that sets foot into the fitness centre.  She is always looking out to help people in the most positive and empowering way possible. I myself have learned many things from Freya and I look forward to learning more from her.  If anyone is looking for a personal trainer, she is incredibly motivating and will most definitely get you to where you want to be! Please take this time to congratulate Freya; her hard work and dedication is most definitely recognized!”

Seryca, Fitness Associate
Dr. Nik's Words of Wisdom
Lets talk about Detox  

Many people talk about Detoxing as something you do to ‘cleanse’ your body.  You have heard of the Juice cleanse, using lemon juice in the morning, the cabbage soup diet or one of many off the shelf Cleanses.  Unfortunately, none of these stand up to testing and research in terms of making a measurable difference in physical health.  And this leads to the idea of Detox being just a gimmick or a falsehood.  

At Integrated Health Centre, we promote a yearly or twice yearly detox, depending on your lifestyle.  Hairdressers, mechanics and others whose job exposes them to an increased burden of chemicals, should obviously do it more often.  Our civilization has increased the number of chemicals in our environment by over 80,000 in the last century.  This requires changes to how we deal with them.   But what is a proper Detox?

Our body has the natural ability to clean out toxins using our gut, liver and kidneys to eliminate waste. The problem is that with our 21st century lifestyles, we often are not able to do this optimally. Chemicals, pollution, poor diet and even daily stresses all put a burden on our system that makes it difficult to manage the load and can lead to poorly functioning elimination.  Which is where a Detox comes in.  

Detoxification consists of 4 phases, of which 3 occur in the liver.  The nuts and bolts of your body’s mechanisms involves understanding the function of enzymes. Enzymes are little factories that have many functions in the body, from energy production to making the building parts of our cells (the fundamental unit of life in our body).  In the liver there is a family of enzymes that are call P450 cytochromes. These cytochromes use B vitamins as activating factors to increase their speed of action.  This is a very flexible system that is entrenched in the DNA of the liver cells.  When the liver comes into contact with a foreign chemical, the liver cells’ DNA is activated to produce the exact cytochrome P450 enzyme that will act on this chemical to produce an even more toxic free radical form.  Antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E and the most powerful antioxidant in our body, glutathione, then control this free radical.  Then another set of enzymes attaches an amino acid (the basic building block o f proteins) to this toxic chemical, making it significantly less toxic and ready to be removed safely from the body through urination or through our bile, into our bowels.  This is why it is important to get a body composition analysis done prior to engaging in a detox program as this will inform us of possible negative impacts to your lean mass which is composed of your muscles, bones and organs.  It is essential to minimize the loss of lean mass as we age, whether through dieting or ‘detoxing’.

The proper name for the type of metabolic detoxification that we are talking about is BIOTRANSFORMATION.  In essence, it is not cleansing your body, but supporting your bodies own cleansing processes.  By adding medical foods and herbal supplements that provide nourishment to your gut, liver and kidneys, we are able to optimize your own cleansing mechanisms to work efficiently and effectively.   Medical foods are patented and have been proven through proper clinical trials, to do what they claim to do, just like a pharmaceutical drug.  By having clients complete a Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire and body comp analysis, we can determine the best Medical food and supplement program to manage their particular issues.   This is done in conjunction with eating a diet low in allergens, processed foods and additives in order to maximize effectiveness.  Enhancing Biotransformation is essential to helping us think more clearly, have increased energy, sleep better, manage stress better and enjoy a better sex life.  In other words, just better health.  Medical foods contain vitamins, minerals, herbs and phytonutrients that support the 3 phases of detoxification and can help alleviate muscle aches, brain fog, abdominal pain, kidney distress, elevated liver enzymes, food or chemical sensitivities.  If you are feeling run down, achy and lacking focus and energy, talk to our health coaches about proper Detox, aka Biotransformation and take the Questionnaire. 
Sweating is a huge part of exercising. It is also a big part of your life regardless how much or little time you put in at the gym, because your body needs to sweat everyday in order to do a number of things. Sweat actually accounts for about 10 percent of the water that your body loses on any given day. Many people try to avoid sweating, but there are several positive effects that sweating has on your body. Listed below are some reasons to let your body sweat whenever it needs to. 

How sweating affects your body:

  1. Sweating is a great way for you to maintain clean, healthy skin.  Your skin is filled with pores that gather dirt and toxins. In order to get both of those out of your system, you need to sweat. Sweat does not actually have an odour, rather your hair and skin follicles are what can hold the smell if left unclean. Sweat is made up of about 95% water, so you will not smell simply because you are sweating.  Your skin is also your single largest organ, so you need to sweat in order to keep it active. 
  2. Sweating is used to keep your body from overheating. When your body temperature becomes too high, you will begin to sweat in order to avoid heat exhaustion, heat stroke or overheating that causes dizziness and weakness.
  3. You need to let your body do this in order to keep yourself healthy.  Oftentimes, your body will raise its internal temperature when you are sick to help fight the bugs, and sweating helps your body return to its normal state. 
  4. Sweating helps to detoxify your body by removing heavy metals and toxins from the body - things we breathe in on a daily basis. It is important to maintain proper hydration when you’re sweating, especially to keep your kidneys and liver functioning properly. The liver and kidney are key organs in filtering and detoxification. 

One of the most beneficial ways of detoxifying your body through sweating is the use of a far-infrared sauna (FIR). FIR heat reaches deeper into the tissues than the heat of a traditional sauna, and causes more toxins to be released with the sweat.  A FIR sauna uses a special type of heater - called an infrared radiant heater - to promote body heating and sweating instead of a regular electrical heater or heated stones. The heaters emit heat energy in the far infrared wavelength range (which does not have ultraviolet rays, which are known to be damaging to the skin). These infrared heat waves travel through the air until they meet an object - you! - where they penetrate the tissues and warm them.  If you haven’t tried it yet, incorporate a sauna at IHC to boost your calorie burning post workout!

Client Testimonial

8 years ago I had a fall that resulted in a bone broken in the ankle.  That healed sufficiently but it resulted in a chronic neurological condition called RSD. 

From that time, Dr. Nik had treated me and at different times had referred me to other professionals.   The combination of that over the  last 8 years has resulted in a very strategic positive outcome.  I am now in a position I wasn’t in 8 weeks ago or 8 years ago and I am in a place I never expected to be and I am on my way to places that are amazing.  I am living a healthy lifestyle with improved quality of life and Dr. Nik was a strategic planner in that process.   


Spring Cleaning: Don’t forget your detox! 

10% of your detox kit for the month

In 2001 alone, there was over 6 billion pounds of chemical pollutants released into the environment. Our body has the ability to rid itself of potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants but can become overwhelmed.  There are certain chemicals, pharmaceuticals, poor lifestyle habits and pollutants that can cause liver toxicity.  Liver toxicity can often lead to symptoms like headaches, chronic fatigue, skin irritations, allergy like symptoms (itchy eyes, runny nose etc.), joint and muscle pain, digestive upset, weight gain and even mood imbalances.  

Metagenics has a complete line of Medical Foods designed to support the three phases of detoxification, more properly called “biotransformation”, in the liver and kidneys.  UltraClear Renew paired with AdvaClear provides advanced support to reduce acid in the body, promote heavy metal detox and optimizes phase detoxification capacity.  This detox can improve energy and improve overall quality off life.  The program is available in a 10 day or 28 day format with dietary guidelines and recommendations included in a useful booklet.  

Take the Detoxification Questionnaire today and see how you could benefit from a detox today!

Relieve Pain with Vionic Sandals

Dropped arches are known to cause pain in the feet but are also responsible for heel, knee, hip and low back pain as well!  Phillip Vasyli, an Australian podiatrist designed Vionics sandals and footwear with the foot in mind. The foot bed is created with a biomechanical orthotic which helps realign the foot into its natural position.   They are especially useful for those that experience foot issues in the summer when they can no longer wear their orthotics or their comfortable walking shoes in the heat.  

Not only are Vionic sandals comfortable and healthy for your feet but they also come in great colours and styles. With lightweight EVA soles the Vionics are a must have sandal for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. No more bulky orthotic sandals!  Many styles come with adjustable straps to accommodate feet of all shapes and sizes.   

Staff Picks for April
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Helps to reduce mental and physical stress.
Trust Veeva to relieve stress-related symptoms such as:
  • Agitation, tension, irritability, headaches
  • Fatigue and overall lack of energy 
  • Mood imbalances, emotional instability and obsessive behaviour
  • Poor digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Lack of focus and inability to sustain attention
  • Sleeping difficulties and restlessness
  • Weight gain or weight loss 
  • Reduced libido
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Zinlori 75

Zinlori 75 is a dietary supplement containing a bioavailable form of zinc known as Zinc L-Carnosine. Zinc carnosine has been shown to aid in the relief of gastric ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Not only does zinc carnosine inhibit this bacteria's growth, it also repairs the damage that H. pylori causes to the stomach lining while simultaneously reducing inflammation in the gut. Subjects who took Zinlori 75 regularly for 8 weeks saw up to a 92% improvement in their gastric discomfort*. Zinlori 75 can be taken regularly for ulcer relief as well as for the relief of mild or occasional gastric discomfort such as heartburn, nausea, bloating, upset stomach or diarrhea. Come in and try a zinc taste test to see if you are zinc deficient.

*Metagenics "Zinlori 75: Drug Free Relief of Gastric Discomfort". Metagenics Inc. 2003

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