Check it out ! Your monthly newsletter has arrived. This month we talk grout cleaning, learn how to get our BBQ's ready for the grilling season and start a new column that you'll see from time to time called The Trendy Homeowner.

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 April Showers to May Flowers 
Welcome to the 3rd Edition of our monthly newsletter, we've had quite the eventful April. We've repaired countless backyard gates from winter damage, patched numerous walls from water damage, freshened up a few rooms with a new coat of paint and much more. A special thanks to Elizabeth for letting us know of the spelling error that we and spell check missed. We apologize to anyone else that may have noticed.
Tip of the Month

Spring cleaning can be a pain and one of the most difficult things to clean is are grout lines. We have to two sure fire ways both natural and chemical to rid your grout lines of those nasty stubborn stain and bring back that fresh newly grouted look we  desire. 
National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ month and for most of us it is the kickoff to BBQ season. Grilling is generally quite safe but if your BBQ is dirty you may be putting yourself at risk of fire or illness. To get your grill in good shape for spring we've linked two videos by Weber that take you through the cleaning process. However, if your BBQ is beyond cleaning and you are looking for a new one My Go-2-Guy would be happy to assemble it for you. 

The Trendy Homeowner

We've talked about grout which you find in showers and now it's time to talk about flowers... ok well kind of. Urban bee keeping is the newest trend sweeping into Toronto. From the young trendy couples to the retired ones a company by the name of AlvĂ©ole is renting out beehives. The New-Bee Pack is $75 a  month with 10kg of Honey guaranteed and a hands on education on the way honey is made. This will no doubt make your garden shine and your flowers will never look better. For more information checkout the link below.