31st May, 2018
Hello friends!

This card comes from the uplifting and energizing new deck by Mike Dooley, author of  Playing the Matrix , which we also have in the store and one of the teachers you may remember having been featured in  The Secret .   At the end of the newsletter you'll find it's jaunty flip side. This deck is light-heartedly philosophical and a pleasure to dip into for daily inspiration.  
We are, in our essence, love. One of our operating principles in the store is to create an environment where we can all be reminded of that daily.

Here's what's new...

This week our hearts are lit up as Jess returns to us for the summer. 
 She's modeling a cute little little linen jacket and straight leg pants. 
"Now I understand why women wear linen in the summer" she said ;)

A new  universal favorite!  
Artisan made in Maine with freshly and sustainably  harvested seaweed 
from the waters of Kettle Cove, it soothes, hydrates and  leaves skin silky soft.
Lovely, delicate natural scents in creams, body butters, soap and body scrub

Ethically sourced, plant-based skin care...  that feels awesome!

A new Coobie has arrived in these cheerful and fun colors, 
one-size and great for summer.

A friend brought this terrific book to our attention and we have  it in the store for you.  As it says in the 'how to use this book' section, it deals with what causes us to feel secure and insecure, and how knowing our limits can help strengthen our intimate relations.    

This is an excerpt from the section on ' Non-Negotiable Worthiness':

"Our worth is not available for barter.  We are human and of value in a way that cannot be measured in dollars, time, favors, casseroles, or shoulders to cry on.  We are valuable because we are here, and at any time we can be a beneficial organism on the planet by honoring our lives as sacred.  Boundaries are our way to express our knowledge of our worth.  They say "My time and energy are needed here and there, but not well spent over there doing that.  Endeavoring in that area does not yield qualitative results that make sense.  Leave that to someone else."

This is the reverse side of the card we started with at the top - Love is never in vain.  It is  just one from a 60-card deck by Mike Dooley, playfully written ' from The Universe' these cards are designed to be a companion when you're in need of insight, direction or solace and to remind you that you are loved and deserving of all your heart desires.  

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Thank you! 

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