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  Arcade Fire Reflektor Party Tonight! 9-9 @ 9PM!
Well the cat is officially out of the bag when Pitchfork runs a story on this mysterious release from "The Reflektors". I'm flattered that they actually ran the photo we tweeted from Grimey's! Yes it's true, we will have the new 12" single from Arcade Fire, cleverly disguised as an album by a "fake" band called The Reflektors and it will only be available tonight! at 9PM. 

We will be open regular hours, until 8pm, then we'll close both stores only to re-open Grimey's Too for the #ReflektorParty! Please line up at the front door of Grimey's Too for your chance to purchase the "Reflektor" 12". We have 30 copies to sell so the first 30 people in line will get them. We also have a similar number of Arcade Fire buttons and around 20 stickers. So the closer you are to the front of the line, the better your shot at getting a 12", sticker and button. We will be giving away one prize pack of a limited edition Arcade Fire Reflektor t-shirt plus sticker, button and the promo CD we will be playing at the party (so we don't have to open up a 12"). The Reflektor 12" is limited so they are only one per customer.

Come on down to Grimey's Too tonight and get in on the Reflektor fun and let's get excited about this new music from Arcade Fire!
Thank you for your time and attention. 
Doyle Davis
Co-Owner / Vinylist
Grimey's New & Preloved Music
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