Graduation Commencement 2017
    Come to Arcadia University's 133rd Graduation Commencement Ceremony on Friday,May 19th 2017. Located on the Haber Green, this ceremony will celebrate the accomplishments of our wonderful student body and the professors that worked with them throughout their time at Arcadia University. 

The commencement ceremony will start at 9:15 AM on the Haber Green where the staff and student body will sit. Tickets will not be needed for outdoor seating.

Guests of students, (i.e. family members, friends, etc.) will be able to purchase tickets to different locations around campus to spectate the graduation event. Included in the $150 ticket price are a set of binoculars so you can watch your kid graduate from a booth at Michael's Diner across the street!
We at Arcadia are running dangerously low on funds and wish to make this graduation ceremony an event to remember. To make sure we host the most impactful graduation event in Arcadia history, we are bringing in food trucks, a slip-n-slide right to the graduation stage, and whatever else we can write off as a tax deduction. Maybe we'll start building a second castle. If you have any ideas on what we can add to make the event more memorable, email

For More Information About the Event Itself; Click Here