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February, 2011
Financial Archetypes

Last July, I introduced the eight Financial Archetypes from
It's Not About the Money by Brent Kessel. Each month I will be covering one of the types in detail while providing practical tips for growing toward financial freedom. The eight types are:


The Guardian

The Pleasure Seeker
The Idealist
The Saver
The Star
The Innocent
The Caretaker
The Empire Builder


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We're more than halfway through my review of the financial archetypes introduced in the book It's Not About the Money, by author and financial advisor Brent Kessel. I'm already starting to think about my next series of newsletters. Have an idea? Let me know!

Last month I introduced the Star, someone who uses money primarily to boost her image, but often to the detriment of sound financial management. This month's archetype is the Innocent, who avoids dealing with money at all out of self-professed confusion and fear.

The Innocent

Innocents, whether they have money or not, have the common thread of being unable to master money. Either they weren't taught the skills, are confused by money or their natural gifts are not economically valued in our society. Innocents aren't necessarily against money like Idealists are, they just have a hard time hanging onto it and dealing with it.

Many of the other financial archetypes develop their relationship to money in response to fear, anxiety or frustration. Innocents don't have a coping strategy, so the pain they feel about their financial situation is often deeper and more obvious for others to see. They might feel like they should have the ability to be better with money, but when it comes down to trying, the response has historically been to shrug and say, "I guess I'm just not good with money."

Even if they earn a high income, Innocents don't have the know-how to secure their financial futures, so at the end of the day they find themselves living paycheck to paycheck. Innocents are far more likely to be regular lottery players and fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes, looking for a quick fix. When these endeavors fail, it just adds to their lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy when dealing with money.

Practical Ways to Manage Cash Flow and Budgeting

Innocents usually spend everything they have and sometimes more, without any idea where the money is going. They are often people with no earnings of their own and depend on a spouse, family members or the government for support, which further adds to their financial distress. The first step of getting their financial house in order is to look at the numbers.

If you're an Innocent and you don't know how to look at the numbers, get help. Ask a financially savvy friend or hire a financial coach. Find out where your money is going, then start living within your means immediately. Find ways to simplify your lifestyle so that you can become self-sufficient. Prepare a debt pay-off plan and stick with it. It won't be easy at first, but ignoring your financial situation won't make it go away.

Many Innocents are women that are divorcing after many years of being financially dependent on their husbands. They know one thing: that they want out of their marriage. But they don't know where to start when it comes to becoming financially independent. With a little bit of planning and professional guidance, I help these women save their energy for dealing with the emotional aspects of ending their marriage so that financial concerns don't cloud their options as they move on.

Sound like you or someone you know? Please have her call me for a confidential consultation.

Next month we'll be moving onto the Caregiver archetype, someone who regularly subjugates her needs (both emotional AND financial) to those for whom she feels responsible, leading to resentment and poor financial health. Stay tuned to learn more!

If you'll be traveling for spring break in the coming weeks, please be safe and don't forget to wear sunscreen. And as always, please keep in touch!


Kelley C. Long, CPA
Financial Coach