Caribou on tundra in mist
Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

2012 Season Workshops 
Arctic Photography Adventure

Our week-long adventure will immerse you in the authentic splendour of the Northwest Territories.   Plan now to witness the annual barren-ground caribou migration, enjoy the spectacular landscape in its autumn colour and see the aurora dance in the northern sky during our annual week-long photography workshop.  Held September 5-11.   This workshop is led by Robert Berdan, renowned Professional Canadian Nature Photographer and Biologist. 
Personal Service

Photo tipOur small group size (maximum 10 guests) makes learning enjoyable.  The sessions are relaxed.  If you want to know more, Robert is there to guide and assist you with your camera.  Of course, if you prefer to photo shoot without any coaching, no problem.  You can choose to participate in any of the formal slide show presentations and field photo shoots. 

Your Adventure starts in Yellowknife.  There are no shortage of photo opportunities as we fly over 200 miles north to our lodge.  Keep your camera at the ready.  In addition to capturing caribou and the aurora on your digital camera, there are opportunities to photograph grizzly bears, wolves, tundra swans, ptarmigan, sik-siks as well as the landscape and intricate beauty of the barrens. 

Comfortable accommodations and thoughtfully prepared meals complement a fantastic day of photo shooting.  

This week long Arctic Photography Adventure Workshop package price is $4,995.00 + GST. Find out more about by this and our other great packages by visiting our website and our Facebook page.  
Aurora Borealis
tent with aurora
An evening of photo shooting the Aurora Borealis with tent and reflection on a lake
Local Waterfalls

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Other Wildlife

 Arctic Wolf captured while chasing a herd of caribou

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Check out photos taken from our
2011 Arctic Photography Adventure Workshop 
 accompanied by a feature article written by photo guide Robert Berdan

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