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In our last issue, we talked about evolving communication trends and innovation. This is big topic and one we will continue to cover as long as it's of interest.  

If you missed any of our recent articles, they can be found in the Industry Commentary Section of the website.
I've asked my editor, Glenda Stormes-Bice to share some thoughts on this topic. Glenda is a seasoned distributor who is affiliated with Bankers Advertising. Together, we hone the content that is shared with the PromoTips audience. Glenda get's "it" and offers her insight on this topic. 
In our article The Advertising Medium that Remains to be Seen, we bring up some things many forget about. Are we missing the impact our industry has providing proven effective marketing solutions for over 100 years?  
PromoTips continues to offer unique, relevant industry discussions though commentary and our SuccessTracks Education Experiences. Our last session on Creating an Annuity for Your Business presented by Phil Martin from Warwick was packed with great information. If you missed it, the recording is here
Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS

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Magnets Attract Business! 

Magna-Tel_Power of Magnets



Magna-Tel has taken this favorite promotional product and made it GREEN! Yep, they are taking old magnets, grinding them up and making them new again! 

  Magna-Tel Collection

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SAGE Online 10.0 also includes a brand new sample inventory management system, the first of its kind in the industry, as well as several new search features, further solidifying SAGE Online as the most advanced product research tool in the industry.


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Teamwork: The Thrill of Victory  
and the Agony of Defeat   
Rebecca Kollmann , MAS+ - AIA  

We're in the throes of football, post-season baseball, volleyball-whether we're watching a game live or remotely, we experience joy or frustration while watching our favorite team. 


When our team isn't doing well, the frustration can cause us to throw things at the TV, leave the stadium or say things that we wouldn't say in a house of worship. 

Why do teams fail?

Click here for the rest of the story!

See What's New in GP2!
The Advertising Medium  
that Remains to Be Seen!

Our last few articles have focused on changing communication strategies, lack of innovation and ongoing challenges in our industry. 


 This time, let's pause a moment to talk about a communication aspect of our industry that really does work. If you missed these commentaries you can find them here.

You don't have to look too hard to find someone's column or opinion on how the Internet has affected how we live and do business. Personally and professionally the manner in which we communicate has been upended in the past 20 years.  


If you haven't been working for yet 20 years, stick with me. There is a point for everyone ahead.  


Click here for the rest of the article!