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Shift Network
Featured events for the week of  
August 2, 2017:


Wheels of Life Chakra Workshop      

You've probably heard a fair amount about the chakra energy centers from yogis, healers and alternative health practitioners.

But how do you actually use this knowledge to access a dynamic, always-on flow of life energy to power your body, balance your emotions, and open to a divine connection?
There are very practical and simple ways to work with chakras, which allow you to tap a vast field of energy whenever you need it.
Unfortunately, most of us have energetic blocks and imbalances as well as energy-sabotaging habits that prevent us from accessing our full vitality, which leaves us feeling exhausted, scattered, dull... even ill.
The good news is that you can regain your youthful vigor! On Saturday, August 5, bestselling author Anodea Judith, the world's #1 expert on chakras, will reveal the secret to "lighting up" your chakras during a free virtual event : Wheels of Life Chakra Workshop: Heal and Awaken Through Your Energy Centers.
This virtual seminar will directly build from Anodea's  Wheels of Life  book, which has sold more than 300,000 copies and is considered the classic in the field.

You can reserve your free spot here:
During this complimentary session, you'll discover:
  • A comprehensive overview of the chakra system that makes intuitive sense and works with Western psychology
  • The connection between specific health and body challenges within different chakras - and the practices that can address and heal them
  • How to assess if a chakra is either deficient or excessive so you can bring it back into balance
  • The connection between activating your chakras and creating healing in the world
  • Ways to work with energetic blocks, shifting them more gracefully
  • Practices to work with the "demons" that sabotage each chakra, such as fear, guilt and shame

After nearly 40 years of study, personal practice and teaching, Anodea knows  exactly  what works (and what doesn't). You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn her practices for balancing and activating your chakras so you can use them to energize and power every area of your life.
We hope to "see" you there! It's FREE to attend and you'll receive a recording if you can't listen live:


Discover Your Yogic Heart: The Doorway to Love & Bliss     

Do you love your yoga practice, yet feel a call to go "deeper"? Western yoga tends to put an emphasis on the poses (asanas), and many think of yoga as what happens in class.

But you are so much more than your physical body, emotions and mind...
You're actually comprised of five layers of energy, known in the ancient yogic tradition as  koshas.
At the center is your radiant, yogic heart... a doorway to non-dual consciousness and profound love and bliss.
On Wednesday, August 9, you can begin to discover how to open your heart to greater compassion and bliss - through these five energy layers of your being - when you join acclaimed yoga teacher, healer and spiritual activist Saul David Raye for  Awakening Your Yogic Heart: Ancient Wisdom & Dynamic Practices for Expanded Levels of Energy, Consciousness and Love.
Registration for this mini-workshop is free, and all registrants will receive a link to the recording.

During this complimentary  video event  with Saul, you'll discover:
  • The essential aspects of  hridaya  (heart) and  atma  (soul) in yogic practice
  • How yoga works to awaken your heart
  • 5 "koshas" (layers) of the soul - a yogic map of consciousness
  • 3 powerful heart-healing and strengthening yogic techniques
  • The connection between the 5 basic elements - water, fire, air, earth and space - and your yogic heart.
Saul David Raye is a masterful teacher who radiates love and wisdom. His teachings blend mystical yogic traditions, heart-awakening asanas, mudras and kirtan music - all to engage the five koshas of your being.
Please join us! I can assure you that your practice on the mat will deepen as you discover the layers of energy and heart practices that can open you to deep bliss, peace and compassion.


Liberating the Spiritual Warrior in You      

Life can be challenging.

What if.... rather than feeling defeated, you could rise up to meet life's challenges like a Spiritual Warrior - with an open heart, a steady presence, and a strong voice that inspires others with conviction? 
Without fully activating and empowering the Spiritual Warrior within, women and men may become victims of life, be taken advantage of by others, or be unable to fully manifest their true soul purpose.
On Saturday, August 12, bestselling spiritual pioneer Matthew Fox will help you discover how to activate and empower your Spiritual Warrior within during a FREE virtual event:  Liberating the Spiritual Warrior in You: How to Awaken Your Soul's Power for Personal Empowerment & Social Change.

Register now to secure your seat and receive
your recording of the event:  
Matthew offers a unique perspective on the reclamation of the healthy, well-adjusted Sacred Masculine, in concert with the Divine Feminine, that enables you to fully take ownership of your life and personal power.
In his compelling hour-long event, you'll discover:

  • How to liberate your warrior energy in a peaceful and productive way
  • The gifts of the Sacred Masculine within you and how to wield them consciously
  • How to experience great courage in service to what you most love
  • Awaken your higher capacities and address injustices through the power of ritual
  • The marriage of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within you

Imagine just how much the Spiritual Warrior can help your life as you finally access the powerful energy you need to break through self-limiting patterns, fulfill your life's purpose, deepen your relationships, and summon the courage to speak your truth!
It's free to attend, but you must RSVP here: 
P.S. During  Liberating the Spiritual Warrior in You: How to Awaken Your Soul's Power for Personal Empowerment & Social Change , you'll discover how embodying your Spiritual Warrior within is the key to authentic relationships, better health, a transformed life -  and a transformed world.

Please RSVP here:  


The Shift Network's Psychology
of True Happiness


Discover true happiness through cutting-edge teachings from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and spirituality...  

Join experts Stanislav Grof, Dan Siegel, Anodea Judith, Rick Tarnas, Robert Moss, Shefali Tsabary, Sharon Salzburg, Manuela Mischke-Reeds and others to discover diverse and multidimensional teachings to reconnect with your true Self, realize your highest potential and tap into a profound sense of wellbeing.

During this unique 3-day event, you'll discover integrative practices to apply personally and professionally:
  • A holistic understanding of true happiness
  • An exploration of optimal states of consciousness that can be integrated into daily life
  • Specific practices for mindfulness, loving presence & embodiment
  • Immersion in nature and ecopsychology practices
  • The latest discoveries about happiness and wellbeing - from cutting-edge research in neuroscience & neurobiology
  • The value of practicing gratitude & acts of service
  • Expanded mind-body awareness for holistic healing
  • Practices for fostering greater intimacy & connection with all parts of yourself, others, and the world around you
  • Mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques to help you cultivate compassion

Gain essential techniques for self-discovery & true happiness,
August 8-10, 2017.

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