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 Are You Performing At Your Optimum? by Dr. Edward Wagner DC
October 2013 
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We are dedicated to solving your needs from everything to nutrition, anti-aging, mental and emotional balance as well as putting you on track to obtain your best physical health. This article highlights how you can begin to achieve this. Let us help you with our highly trained staff and state of the art equipment. Call us today!

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Are You Performing At Your Optimum?

Are you truly seeking and being responsible for your own health, wellness, fitness and performance? Or are you just relying on a medical exam that states that you are not in a disease state.  Is there a difference between not having a disease and being truly well and fit?  Of course there is!  In addition, not putting attention towards yourself can lead to the threshold of disease and by the time medical care finds it, it is usually too late if it is a chronic degenerative dysfunction or disease.  Obviously then, not caring for oneself must be a form of denial, denial that one's fitness and performance have changed for the worse over the years.  So many of my new patients come to me thinking that everything about themselves is well and not of concern except for the symptom.  This perspective reinforces the denial mechanism where an alternative care as we perform in our office demonstrates the reality of causes and adaptations that lead to the symptom.


Our examination exposes recent or long term structural imbalances, acupuncture meridian imbalances, chi or life force disorders, organ and gland imbalances or stresses, subtle neurological dysfunction, emotional or stress impacts on the body, dietary habits that are destructive over time, and nutritional deficiencies.  With that information a treatment plan can be initiated using multiple alternative techniques to bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony.  This knowledge allows the patient to participate in exploring the discovery process and not only following instructions, but really becoming the process.  This may be in the form of permanently changing ones diet, or consistently taking supplements, or choosing an exercise program, or putting treatments as a priority, or at the deepest level, facing an emotional issue.  This entire process becomes a lifestyle of health maintenance rather than symptom relief on a momentary basis.


Over the long run, it provides the individual with a foundation of health, wellness, fitness, and performance that will prepare the person for the challenges that the future may bring. 


And finally, including ones family and friends into the process with you so that the ones most dear to you stay well and healthy rather than develop disability disorders or broken spirits.


So, what am I saying?  Get involved in healing, clearing old baggage, learn what your body wants to do to be healthy, and get your world to join you.


Nobody does this better than our office.  We are a team that tries to cover every aspect.  Make a commitment to health and we will help show you how.




Dr. Edward Wagner D.C