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Are You Too Old to Rock?

I love music. From the days of
4 track and 8 track tapes, music has played a key role throughout my life. For those of you who wonder what those are, I have added Wikipedia reference links.

I'm a hack drummer and enjoy going to live concerts. Occasionally I will watch the well-produced concerts that are broadcast on TV. These are filmed in HD so they look and sound great. Recently, I stumbled on a Brian Wilson concert from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Brian is one of the creative forces behind the legendary Beach Boys. The concert band was made up of old and young musicians.

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Let Me Google That for You

I've been tempted on several occasions to rely on my colleagues to answer my questions, rather than simply search for the answer myself by using an online resource such as Google. When I lean on a colleague to find the answers for me, many times they respond with "LMGTFY." What does that mean? " Let Me Google That For You."

Responding that way may seem snarky, but sometimes it is necessary to simply tell the person he would be best served by looking up the answer himself.

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This One Business Decision Impacts all Others...
Of all the decisions you have to make as a business owner, there's ONE that will impact every other decision you'll make. Get this wrong, and everything else will be tougher...

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4 Reasons You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

It used to be if you had a website, you had a huge competitive advantage over businesses without one. Now that everyone and their brother has a website, your website needs to be great if you want to get ahead. 

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Megan Erber's gym hosted a "Work Out of the Day" to end veteran suicide. The raised well over $3000 for Active Heroes through fund raising, raffles and registration fees. 100% of the proceeds went to American Heroes. 22 Veterans a day commit on behalf of the brothers and sisters we've lost, we committed to this WOD as well as hundreds of other gyms across the country. The national event raised almost $100k!!!    Click here to learn more!   

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