Are you a female with myelofibrosis, essential thrombocythemia, or polycythemia vera?
Please take a moment to think about any questions you may have that you have not asked your physician due to embarrassment or uncertainty about how to approach more intimate and personal issues.

In an attempt to answer those questions, MPN Advocacy and Education International will be hosting a Forum in New York City in May with MPN experts only, to share your questions and to further explore how to ensure better female health with a chronic MPN.  This Forum will be available on our website.

The questions listed below are a few that will be asked.  Please send us any questions you wish to add. 
  • How do I separate symptoms of menopause with my MPN as they are so similar?
  • What happens hormonally to women with MPNs?
  • Is is safe to have children?
  • Are there any indicators of onset of an MPN in woman, for example, endometriosis, heavy periods, clotting?
  • What studies are being done on MPNs and the link to Breschett's which is sometimes thought to be Herpes?
  • Any advice on sexual activity and fatigue, disinterest, dryness, etc.
Thank you for your valuable input!