Go Tactical or Go Home - Part II  
Two highly respected investment firms' long-term market forecasts paint anemic picture.
Continuing on our theme of the markets being overvalued/overbought, we're now going to take a look at two well respected firms' views of the current market: GMO and Research Affiliates.

GMO and their highly respected co-founder and chief investment strategist Jeremy Grantham offer up their firm's 7-year asset return forecasts. Updated throughout the year, the forecast has proven to be quite accurate for each subsequent 7-year time period.

In the above chart, we can get a glimpse of just how dismal the GMO S&P 500 forecast actually is. When we start at a Shiller P/E of 26 (which last week's article showed was one of the highest overvalued levels in the past 100+ years), we can only expect real returns to be < 2% over the next 7 years.

When looking at a whole array of asset classes, GMO predicts that only emerging markets stocks will surpass 2% real returns for the next 7 years. Some asset classes, such as U.S. large cap, U.S. bonds, and international bonds are actually forecasted to have sizable losses over the same time period.

GMO's more in-depth look at the fixed income market shows that several bond categories such as high yield and emerging markets debt are expected to outpace U.S. cash and U.S. bonds over the next 7 years.

At this point you might be thinking, "Why should I even believe GMO's forecast? Many big firms make similar forecasts and the others seem much more optimistic." Well, GMO tracks their forecasting vs. actual market performance and has been doing so for most asset classes since 1994. As the chart above indicates, whenever GMO forecasted strong double-digit returns of between 12% - 14% for U.S. stocks, the results over the subsequent 7-year time period were right on the money. When they forecasted dismal negative 7-year returns, the results weren't as bad as their forecasts, but returns were negative nonetheless.
Need a 2nd opinion? Now we'll look into Research Affiliates' forecasts.

Research Affiliates advises on over $160 billion in institutional investment assets, as of year-end 2015. Rob Arnott serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Similar to GMO, Research Affiliates also offers forecasts for all major asset classes. The one key difference is that Research Affiliates takes a slightly longer view in their forecasts, peering out into the future a full 10-years as opposed to GMO's 7-year forecast.
Similar to the previously mentioned GMO forecasts, Research Affiliates' own calculations show inflation-adjusted minor gains to losses in U.S. stocks and U.S. bonds. The "glimmer of hope" again comes from those same two areas outside the U.S.: International and emerging markets. Roughly speaking, Research Affiliates sees real returns of 6% - 7% for emerging markets and international stocks and around 4% for emerging markets debt. Also of note, they forecast relatively strong results for high yield bonds.

Before we can get too excited about the expected returns for international and emerging markets, we should also consider the fact that those higher returns are expected to come with substantially higher volatility, making the case for utilizing tactical and alternative strategies even stronger.
Bottom Line: 

Any objective look at the above charts tells us we may be headed for subdued market returns for the foreseeable future. Intuitively, it makes perfect sense. After watching the U.S. stock market rise over 200% during the past 7.5 years, wouldn't we expect things to slow down?

Again, we are not saying you should sell everything and go to cash. We don't make market calls like that. However, if indicators are telling all of us that the market is overvalued/overbought and that some of the brightest forecasters are telling us to get ready for difficult times ahead, then tactical and alternative strategies can have you better prepared for what could be a time of sideways at best or declining markets at worst.
Stay tuned for more on our continuing series... 

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