April 2017

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Update: Open Eye Gallery FAN Club
Highlight: National Children's Mental Health Event
Did You Know...? What Is Mental Illness
Arundel Lodge FAQs
Community Happenings
Staff Corner: Employee of the Quarter: Reyna del Carman Perez Cordero
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Art and  
Special Events

Monthly Meetings and Groups

Open Eye Gallery

Committee Meeting

All are welcome. 

Email Lindsey Aumick 

for dates  and questions 

or call (443) 433-5914.



Family Support Group

Thurs.,  May 11th

6:00 - 7:30 pm

At Arundel Lodge.


For more information, email NAMI Anne Arundel



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Mental Health Links

NAMI Anne Arundel County 


On Our Own of Maryland 




Free Quitline to Stop Smoking

Are you a FAN?
Join the Open Eye Gallery FAN Club!

Arundel Lodge invites you to join the Open Eye Gallery FAN Club supporting the mission of creating a safe supportive environment for a community of artists to grow through the visual arts.  Participants explore their artistic interests and gain confidence to create expressive works that come from their hearts. Individuals report that these activities help them grow, cope with trauma, and aid in their overall recovery.

Detail from Fly by Michelle Brookshire

Your generous donations will help talented artists in recovery continue producing works of art and exhibiting their pieces in art shows held at venues like, American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, Pascal Gallery at Anne Arundel Community College, Art Enables in Washington, DC, and the Galleries at Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis.
Donations will also support our latest efforts, the Open Eye Studio - a community art studio which promotes wellness through creativity and affordable access to the visual arts for everyone in the Arundel Lodge community, including clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and partners. "Creating art, together, in the same space, can have an incredibly healing and unifying effect," says Katerina Evans, Resident Artist at Arundel Lodge.

Choose from the following FAN club levels or give what you can. 
Friendly ($25)
Fabulous ($50)
Favorite ($100)
Fantabulous ($250)
Fantastic ($500) 

To become a FAN , visit the  Donate  page and select  
"OEG FAN Club" under the donation designation section.  You can even set up a recurring monthly donation!  Or pay by check: 

Arundel Lodge, Inc. 
Attn: OEG FAN Club 
2600 Solomons Island Rd 
Edgewater,  MD 21037

Write "OEG FAN Club in the memo line. Be sure to include your address, phone, and email address, so we can provide a FAN Club receipt and keep you up to date on news and special events!

If you are interested in getting involved in the Open Eye Gallery as a Program Volunteer, OEG Advisory Committee Member, or if you have questions, email:  Open Eye Gallery Director

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National Children's Mental Health Event

This Thursday, join partners, Arundel Lodge, Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, and Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, & Families, for a live, interactive webcast with Olympic Champions Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt, who will answer viewer questions and speak candidly about their experience with behavioral health and  their work with youth who've had similar experiences.

This is a national event, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), celebrating Children's Mental Health Awareness! 

Thursday, May 4th,  6-9 pm
Arundel Lodge, Inc.
2600 Solomons Island Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037

(Light refreshments will be served)

FREE Registration at  EventBrite

Contact Ann Hoyt (AACMHA) with questions:  410-222-7858

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Did You Know...?

What is Mental Illness?

Many people are still unclear about what mental illness is. The mere mention of the words mental illness can conjure up a host of extreme images in many people's minds. But similar to cancer, there are different kinds of mental illness that can affect anyone, at any time, for a variety of reasons, and they may present at different levels of severity. Some mental illness may be mild, like a mild phobia, which many of us have, while other times, mental illness may result in severe challenges in day-to-day functioning

So what IS mental illness Also known as mental health disorder or behavioral health disorder, mental illness is a term used for a broad spectr um of disorders, many of which might surprise you...Read More    

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Arundel Lodge FAQs
Arundel Lodge receives many recurring questions from community members wanting to know more about what we do, those we serve, and the programs and services we offer. We are pleased to provide the community with answers in this section, "Arundel Lodge FAQs."  

If you have questions, email them to I Have a Question and we will do our best to address them. You might even see your question answered in our newsletter!

Q: Can mental health disorders be prevented? 

A:  According to Mental Health America, studies have shown that, "we are able to prevent or mitigate the effects of mental illness and allow individuals to live fulfilling, productive lives in the community. From the influence of genetics and prenatal health all the way into early adulthood, we are learning more about the critical points in brain development and life experiences that increase the risk for or provide protection against the development of mental health disorders."

Scientists believe some individuals have a genetic predisposition for mental illness. Although genes influence the development of mental illnesses, certain environmental conditions must also be present. For example, schizophrenia is considered highly heritable, yet studies have shown that with identical twins, there is only a 50 percent chance that both twins will have schizophrenia. This may suggest that environmental factors play a significant role in the development of mental health disorders.

Adverse childhood experiences, such as stress from poverty, abuse, neglect, parental death, witnessing violence, or even something as common as divorce, can increase children's vulnerabilities to developing depression, anxiety, and antisocial behaviors that may continue into adulthood.

Damage from exposure to alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco; low birth weight; brain injury or oxygen deprivation; infection, poor nutrition, or exposure to toxins in the environment can also negatively affect the development of the fetus and newborn contributing to the onset of mental health disorders, according to the University of Washington, School of Social Work.

Community programs that help secure basic human needs; promote healthy relationships; increase a sense of safety and community inclusiveness; reduce adverse childhood experiences; and enhance good physical health, play an important part in preventing mental illness. 
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Community Happenings
Hispanic Women's Support Group

The Hispanic Women's Support  Group group will meet the second Wednesday of every month from 6:30 - 8:00 pm in Annapolis. 

For more information  call Maria Winters, LCPC 
(Bilingual mental health therapist)

El grupo de Apoyo Para Mujeres Latinas se reunirá el segundo miércoles de cada mes, de 6:30 - 8:00 pm en Annapolis. 

Para más información llame a Maria  al 703-338-0017


Behavioral Health Awareness Art Show

Maryland's First Lady, Yumi Hogan, hosted the Behavioral Health Awareness Art Show reception on April 24 at the Lowe House Office Building in Annapolis. The show featured 20 Maryland artists whose work challenged stigma surrounding behavioral health issues and helped raise public awareness.

"In the Year 2525" by Christian McCarroll

After a special presentation by Mrs. Hogan, community dialogue on the role of art in healing with exhibiting artist was moderated by Peter Brunn, founder of the New Day Campaign, which "creates and curates art-based public events and experiences to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and substance use, making the world a more healing place."

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Staff Corner
Employee of the Quarter: Reyna del Carman Perez Cordero
Reyna del Carman Perez Cordero & Mike Drummond
Me siento muy feliz de trabajar en Arundel Lodge  porque todos me tratan bien y no hay discriminación. Toda la gente se lleva bien conmigo.

Translation: I am very happy to work at Arundel Lodge because everyone treats me so well and there is no discrimination. Everyone gets along with me.

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How Can I Help?


Generous Donation by Susan Luongo

Arundel Lodge received a very generous donation of a leather sofa and two leather chairs from Susan Luongo. These will make a wonderful addition to one of our homes and will be greatly appreciated by our residents.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at Arundel Lodge? There is a spot just for you! Our current volunteer opportunities include:
  • Serve on a Committee or on our Board - help guide Arundel Lodge as we fulfill our mission and implement our strategic plan.
  • Join Arundel Lodge Pillars - join a group of people that care about mental health and care about the Lodge as they identify needs and perform service projects and advocate to the community at large on our behalf. 

  • Computer Lab Volunteer - help the individuals we serve learn basic computer skills, such as setting up an email account, how to use Microsoft Word, or resume building. Volunteers are needed for afternoon hours, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Monday - Thursday.
  • Tutoring Volunteer - help persons served who would like to take the GED test prepare and improve math, science and writing skills.
  • Event Volunteer - in the fall and winter, we do special projects with our clients. We collect and provide holiday gifts, run a toiletries drive/spa day, and collect hats, gloves and scarves for winter. Or volunteer to help out at our next Annual Fundraiser in September!
  • Painting Project Volunteer - there are also painting projects that we would love to have done, including some at our headquarters at 2600 Solomons Island Road and others in our many residential homes. If you're an artist and would like to paint a mural, we want to know.
Have another idea you want to share? Contact Cindy Garmoe, volunteer coordinator at 443-433-5906. Our volunteers are an integral part of what happens here, and we would love to include YOU!

Be a part of the Arundel Lodge volunteer team! Contact:

Cindy Garmoe or call 
(443) 433-5906  

To make a financial donation, please click on the button below:


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