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  • Our exclusive mini-article giving you the inside scoop on how we make CocoTherapy coconut oil. If you'd like to find out more about the care that goes into making all our products, give this one a read!  
  • Our picks from around the web. We've rounded up some great articles that are packed full of useful information about coconut oil. Give them a read to find out more.  
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Coconut Oil and Pet Allergies
Did you catch our latest article The Coconut Oil Cure for Seasonal Pet Allergies?

It's full of practical information to relieve nasty allergy symptoms using therapeutic coconut oil. If your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies this spring you won't want to miss it!
How We Make CocoTherapy Coconut Oil
Here at CocoTherapy we're proud of the way we make our products. We're a family-owned company that handles the manufacturing of all our products from start to finish – and we wouldn't have it any other way!  

Read on to find out how we make the coconut oil products you know and trust.  
The Very Best Coconuts
First things first, to make premium quality products we use the highest grade coconuts. How can we ensure their quality? Because we grow and harvest our own coconuts in our family-owned USDA organic-certified coconut plantation in the Philippines.  
Other brands don't own coconut farms. Instead, they source their coconut oil from private-label manufacturing companies who buy coconuts from a number of small independent farmers. Often, these coconuts come from multiple farmers – who may or may not be USDA-organic certified.  

CocoTherapy coconut oil comes from one farm, which is also owned by our manufacturer. This means that the quality of our coconuts is always consistent. 

Our coconuts are grown in rich, organic volcanic soil, unlike other coconuts that often come from sandy beaches. They are harvested at the optimum time (12 months), and opened and used no later than eight hours after harvesting. Our farm is guaranteed to be USDA-organic inspected, and we never use hybrid or genetically modified (GMO) coconuts.  
The quality of our coconuts ensures the quality of our products. We carefully select the coconuts used, and handle the entire manufacturing process for the purest, freshest, premium quality human-grade oil available.  
The Manufacturing Process
Our manufacturing plant is dedicated only to coconuts, and is free of wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy, and tree nuts. We never process anything else. That means you don't need to worry about potentially harmful, high-allergen foods getting into any of our products.  

Our entire manufacturing process is focused on the purity and safety of the coconut oil we produce. Samples of every batch are sent to an independent laboratory to be tested for pathogens and contaminants before packaging. We then catalogue and keep multiple batch samples of our oil for no less than five years to test for rancidity and purity. 
Why Our Coconut Oil is Different

The freshest, highest quality coconuts and the most stringent manufacturing processes all add up to one thing – the purest, most effective coconut oil on the market.  
Our oil exceeds Philippine government standards for moisture content, and is considered "excellent" in purity standards. Lower moisture content means a more stable oil that's less susceptible to bacteria, oxidation and degradation. 
Highest Lauric Acid Means Therapeutic-Grade Coconut Oil
Our coconut oil also contains a minimum of 53.28% lauric acid – the "super ingredient" responsible for the many health benefits of therapeutic coconut oil – from organic, non-GMO and non-hybrid coconuts.  
So, thanks for choosing CocoTherapy coconut oil products. As a loving pet parent you expect and deserve the very best – and we're dedicated to delivering you just that.  
From Around the Web
 Here's what we've been reading this month: 
Healing the Body is a comprehensive health and wellness website dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. But not just people, pets too! Last month the site published an article called Feed Your Pet a Tablespoon of Coconut Oil for These Amazing Health Benefits, it's a great article explaining the health benefits of feeding your pet coconut oil – from a website that knows it's stuff. 
If you're just starting to feed coconut oil to your pet, remember to begin with small amounts. Have a read through the article for more details, or visit our product pages for full recommendations. 
Oh Simply has a great collection of articles on topics such as health and home remedies. Their article The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets, Is It Good for Them? Is a good primer on the benefits of improving your pet's health with coconut oil. The article points out the fact that only cold-pressed, virgin coconut oils are beneficial to health – something we're big on here at CocoTherapy!
Wrapping Up
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