See our unit of study in poetry
Here's what's inside:

In our sample poetry unit, you'll find:
  • Recommended touchstone texts
  • Sample mini-lessons for each stage of the writing cycle
  • Sample noticing chart
  • Teacher "try-its" to help you get examples in your own writer's notebook
  • Sample "reading like a writer" chart
  • Sample student work at various stages of development
  • Sample conferences, conferring notes, and assessment comments
and more!

More ideas from the archive: 
How to read a poem

Readers and writers have strong--and often differing--opinions about the "right" way to read a poem. Hear how some of the world's most respected poets read their own poems, and get our writer-in-residence's take on it all. Read more

Notebook strategies for poetry
These five notebook strategies can support poetry writing as well as writing in other genres. Keep in mind that writing is not a linear process, so writers might turn to their notebooks not only to collect and nurture ideas but also to revise them. Our writer-in-residence explains how. Read more


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