The IPAY Staff and Board is thrilled to welcome our membership and conference 
delegates from all over the world to Philadelphia, PA, USA for our 40th Anniversary Showcase 2018!

This year, we celebrate our HOMECOMING to Philly. Our membership has traveled internationally for 40 years to engage in challenging conversations, plan their seasons, share their resources, and see the very best performances for young people. As we look back on the legacy of Showcase, we recognize what an incredible community of cultural organizers, artists, educators, board members, and programmers IPAY has always brought together. The collective mission of our community has changed the lives of young people across the globe.

We thank you for your tireless commitment as a community, and your individual contributions to the field of performing arts for young people. This year, we honor the history of IPAY with a special Alumni celebration on Saturday, January 27, and we look towards the future with several new program areas and partnerships.

Here are a few last minute reminders as you prepare for your Showcase 2018 experience. We excitedly await your arrival in Philadelphia 
for SPARK Sessions: TYA/USA & IPAY Pre-Conference on January 23, or for Showcase 2018, January 24-27!
-- Boomer Stacey, IPAY Executive Director


SPARK Sessions:  TYA/USA & IPAY 
Pre-Conference, January 23

Registration at Arts Bank Theater (UArts)
40th Anniversary  IPAY Showcase 2018
January 24-27

Registration at DoubleTree Hotel (2nd FL)
8:30am - 9:30am, Tuesday January 23

4:00pm - 8:00pm, Tuesday January 23
7:00am - 6:00pm, Wednesday January 24
8:00am - 6:00pm, Thursday January 25
8:00am - 6:00pm, Friday January 26
9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday January 27

IPAY's Affinity Groups are member-led discussions for those with mutual interests, at Showcase and online year round. Discuss challenges, goals, successes, ideas and approaches with fellow-presenters, creators, producers, agents, educators, early childhood and specific-needs practitioners who seek feedback, ideas and input. 

For those who have pre-registered for a lunch, use the ticket inside your Showcase badge to pick up your meal at the Mezzanine Level of the DoubleTree Hotel and meet your group at the following locations:

DoubleTree: Orchestra
Presenters DoubleTree: Concerto
Agent/Manager DoubleTree: Maestro
Education DoubleTree: Aria
Specific-Needs Audiences DoubleTree: Balcony 
Early Childhood Programming &  Audiences
DoubleTree: Balcony


Make sure to check the registration schedule above, and leave yourself time to register before your first event! You must have your name badge in order to be admitted into the Showcase venues!

Need some more information about transportation options from the Philadelphia International Airport, or the multiple Philly train stations?

CLICK HERE to check out IPAY Board Member Wendy Bable's local travel suggestions!

All venues are located within walking distance of the Avenue of the Arts, so be sure to pack warm layers, hats, gloves, and wear comfortable shoes or boots! There may be snow or freezing rain this week in Philadelphia, and the temperature will be  49° -  31°F.

40th Anniversary Showcase 2018 Schedule

Prepare for Showcase 2018 by reviewing the detailed 
conference schedule provided on IPAY's newly designed website!

2018 Spotlight TELL Artist, ZebraDans, Sweden
Just within the last three months, we've raised an additional $15,000 through individual donations, sponsorships, and new members.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Homecoming Campaign; your support ensures a bright future for IPAY! There's still time to donate before Showcase 2018 begins.

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Polyglot Theatre's Paper Planet, Australia | Showcase Artist 2013 in Philadelphia, PA

"What IPAY means to me." 
By Jim Weiner

I grew up in a theater family.  My mother was an opera singer.  My grandfather, my father and four of my uncles all worked professionally as marketers, general managers and treasurers on Broadway. I saw my first Broadway show at the age of five and had access to Broadway, off-Broadway, opera, dance and the classics throughout my formative years.  I followed my family into the business of Broadway and spent the first several decades of my professional life marketing, managing and producing the arts. I continued to have access to any and all performing arts in the course of my career in commercial theater.
To a great extent I had taken for granted my privileged theatrical upbringing and taken for granted that theater had provided me with a career.  I had never actually paused to think about the importance and value performing arts had on my early years.
Until, that is, somewhat late in life I was introduced to IPAY.  The collaborative, caring and dedicated group of people I met and the extraordinary theater works I saw at my first IPAY Showcase changed my life.  IPAY was and is all about our children.  My Dad worked on the original Broadway productions of My Fair Lady and Camelot so I will quote Julie Andrews who once said in an IPAY keynote "Providing young people with excellent, innovative arts and literacy programs is the key to growing compassionate, contributive citizens of the future."
Soon after attending my first IPAY Showcase I joined a few hundred children in a dark room while they alternately squealed with delight and fell completely silent enraptured, watching great art made especially for them. I'd had a hand in making that experience available to them.  And those kids now had a hand in reminding me how fortunate I have been.  It's never too late to learn what is truly important.  Thanks IPAY.
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