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Question #4: 
Are your kids safe surfing?
During winter months, we tend to spend more time inside and online. The internet can be a wonderful resource for kids and adults alike.  Opportunities abound for learning, communicating and entertainment. Students use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. As soon as they are old enough to swipe a screen they have access to a whole other world.

But that access can also pose hazards and present risks, particularly for children, since they do not have the same capacity for judgment nor a volume of experiences to determine whether a situation is threatening or dangerous.  Children are naïve and tend to be trusting of anyone that is friendly and nice and predators can and do use these tendencies to gain access to potential victims.
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4-H is a youth organization committed to building citizen leaders with marketable skills to succeed in today's global society. 4-H provides pathways for youth to view learning as relevant to the world around them, to connect with their communities, and to become intentionally concerned and contributing citizens of their communities.


North Carolina's agricultural industry makes major contributions to local communities and the state's economy. In Currituck, agriculture has a $50 million impact to the local economy. Agriculture programs educate farmers and homeowners to ensure farm sustainability, environmental stewardship and worker health.

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Family and Consumer Sciences programs improve the well-being of the family through programs that educate, influence public policy, and help Currituck County families put research-based knowledge to work in their lives. FCS programs focus on nutrition, health, food safety, food preservation and local foods systems.