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April 2012

Dear Friends,


On April 17, SB1507 (United Nations Rio declaration; prohibition) was retained on the House calendar. What is SB1507?  It's a bill to protect Arizona from the United Nations Rio Declaration that began in 1992 (below is the link).  Sounds kinda silly that we, the American people, would have to establish a bill to protect us from the United Nations. But it's very real and it is happening.


I don't know how many of you have actually read the United Nations Rio Declaration of 1992, but on January 10, 2012, at the United Nations Conference, another draft was implemented (below is a link). The final draft will be unveiled at the summit in June of this year.


In the first three years after the agreement is forged (2012-2015), the establishment will evaluate the implementation and assessment beginning late 2012.  Now it won't be legally binding unless we implement it. But neither was ObamaCare. It was simply a document that many political leaders took from other countries and had drafted years prior. Nothing drafted just sits there to collect dust. There's a purpose. Now look where we are with ObamaCare. Perhaps many may feel this bill isn't necessary. However, as with many of our "down the wrong road policies," we often wait until a law is passed then fight against it.  I believe the only way we are going to rein in encroachment is to become proactive.  Prevent it before it happens; put things in motion to prevent it from taking place in Arizona.  That's what SB1507 does.  


This UN policy is a back door ploy toward even more wealth redistribution. It will burden or destroy small businesses with over-regulation, and essentially undermine our free-market economy.  It will take away our rights as Americans by allowing the United Nations to mandate laws on our soil. Just as ObamaCare is a foreign healthcare system now being forced down our throats, the same is true of the United Nations Rio Declaration.


We are hanging on by a thread here. We're on the threshold of a serious collapse and we need to block every attempted infringement, imminent or not, by any foreign influence which tries to dictate to our businesses or our citizens.


Contact the House Leaders and ask them to protect the future of Arizona and private businesses and put this bill on the calendar for a vote.  : Andy Tobin, Speaker : Debbie Lesko, House Whip


-Terri Proud-

The 1992 UN 27 Principles

Read the 27 Principles of the United Nations Rio Declaration 1992 here.


Read the January 10, 2012 United Nations Draft

                 The Lies of the Opponents of SB1507 

                              Debunking the Myths


Myth 1:  "The bill would shut down any government-led environmental initiative, such as Energize Phoenix, a $25 million, stimulus-funded project to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses along the light-rail corridors in central Phoenix"
As stated here:


The Truth:  The bill will NOT "shut down" any businesses. Arizona has many companies that are currently involved in "green" projects. As a matter of fact, Arizona currently has one of the largest solar plants in the world. Read about it here. Contrary to opponents belief this bill will however place burdensome regulations on many businesses in Arizona if we do not protect Arizona with SB1507. We need to protect private businesses and reduce stimulus-funded government projects. 


Myth 2: The green and sustainable job market is one of the only consistently growing markets in this State.  We need the jobs here in Arizona. 


The Truth:  Arizona benefited from the1.45 billion dollars of Federal money, in 2010 by building the largest solar plant. So, what happened to the "green" company? Well, after investing 1.45 billion dollars of tax money, 2,000 employees were laid off at this solar plant just last week. Why? Lack of demand.  READ ABOUT IT HERE  


I find it ironic, really, that we can't keep one energy company going to stimulate Arizon'a economy despite the so-called "green" demand. Now we have Energize Phoenix, the new energy company who will receive 25 million from the federal government offering the same promises.  When are we going to realize the federal government CANNOT stimulate our economy!

Here's another fact for you: Gas is still nearly $4.00 a gallon. But hey, what's another 25 million we have to pay and what's another hit to our economy because obviously we're not paying enough? Because we all know that if the billion dollars didn't work, another 25 million will!

Contact the House Leaders and ask them to put this bill on the calendar for a vote.  : Andy Tobin, Speaker : Debbie Lesko, House Whip