One thing I love about art class, is establishing that class is a guilt free zone. What does that mean? One thing it means is that I often give people the opportunity to do homework between classes, but if life gets in the way, there is no pressure at all if it doesn't get done. Guilt free! I think of the young Mom with wee ones to care for, the student with a hectic schedule, and others. You know who you are! For some students, the only chance they have to do art is that 2.5 hours per week in class. I want them to know that I am happy they can set aside that much time. No pressure to do more.

I had to give myself some similar freedom this past week. You may (or may not) have noticed that there was no art newsletter email last week. Life got in the way of art - it happens.

Upcoming Art Classes starting in April:

Monet: Skies & Water - afternoon class full with a waiting list, evening class has room for 3 more.

Fabulous Flowers - room for more in both afternoon and evening classes

Drawing - room for more in both afternoon and evening.

Dates, costs, etc. here: Art Classes with Cheryl O

Hope to see you there!

Cheryl O

This is the photo reference I took for Around Friends. The painting is a tribute to unlikely friendships - those who break the boundaries of what it may mean to be 'different'. Here's to glass snails and tangerines!

Today's Quote:
"Unexpected friendships are
the best ones."
Author Unknown