CAIR-WA veteran Arsalan Bukhari to take position at CAIR National
Starting the first week of November, CAIR-WA veteran Arsalan Bukhari will transition from CAIR-WA to the CAIR National office in Washington, D.C., where he will take a media relations position. In this position, he will work with national media editors to help them cover American Muslims accurately and appropriately. He  will also work with CAIR chapters to maximize the impact of their media work. Arsalan's exceptional devotion, vision, and ability to inspire and motivate thousands will truly be missed and we look forward to following his work in Washington, D.C. To read Arsalan's farewell message, please visit here

Arsalan is leaving behind an exciting position, along with two other spots on the CAIR-WA team., that you can apply for today! Are you accomplished, self-motivated and enjoy problem-solving? Continue the legacy and apply for our Executive Director, Public Affairs Director, or Office Manager positions today at!
Victory: Muslim Ban 3.0 on Hold!

CAIR welcomes a block on Muslim Ban 3.0 by federal judge Derrick K. Watson of Hawaii! The Muslim Ban 3.0 is the latest version of the president's controversial travel ban. Judge Watson's decision means that the administration cannot restrict the entry of travelers from six of the eight countries targeted by the ban, which was to go into effect on October 18th. The Hawaii court found that the Muslim ban "lacks sufficient findings that the entry of more than 150 million nationals" from the Muslim majority countries would be "detrimental to the interest of the United States."
The judge's decision only blocks the ban for 14 days, however. Stay tuned for updates on developments on the block.
Listen in to  RainierAvenueRadio.World or the TuneIn app today at 2pm and Saturday, 10/28 at 3pm to hear Media & Outreach Director Sarah Stuteville and Communications Coordinator Varisha Khan discuss the Muslim Ban.
Workplace and Religion Edition
Prayer, work culture, religious attire: These are just a few of the many ways you can be sure your work is accommodating to practicing your faith at work.
In this month's newsletter, we bring you some tips on what to do if you need help with religious accommodation, stories of people who were able to get help to pray and wear hijab at work.

Your Monthly Tips!

Are you being discriminated against?
1. Make your employer aware that you are being discriminated against or harassed
2. Ask that a written report be made every time you report an incident 
3. Keep a record of any incidents of discrimination or harassment. Record the date, approximate time, location, parties involved, witnesses, and details of the improper conduct or speech
4. Report to CAIR-WA for assistance

Need a place to pray, or other accommodations? 
1. Submit your request for religious accommodation in writing
2. If you are requesting time off for a holiday, submit your request as far in advance as possible
3. Report to CAIR-WA for assistance

Why we CAIR:
Work Case Success Stories

Three Muslim women were working at a company that processed produce in Eastern Washington. These women all lost their jobs after they refused to comply with their supervisors who demanded they could not wear their hijabs and skirts. They contacted CAIR-WA, and were immediately connected with an employment attorney who represented them in mediation. Due to settlement agreements, specifics of the case cannot be publicized. In the end, the three women were completely satisfied with the results of the settlement, and the company trained its staff on religious accommodation. 
CAIR-WA was contacted by two Muslim men employed by Genie-Terex Inc. Over the years they worked there, the men were allowed to take 15-minute breaks for prayer. One day, they were called in to the Human Resources (HR) and were told they no longer could take their prayer breaks. CAIR-WA provided the men with letters to present to  the HR. The following week, CAIR-WA received confirmation from the men that their accommodation requests had been granted. 

Take Action! If you or someone you know has been targeted at work for being Muslim please click here so that our Civil Rights Department can contact you and find the best way to help. 

In the News
This month, CAIR-WA received reports of threatening anti-Muslim fliers were found at Western Washington University, and students at the University of Washington have expressed concern for safety on campus. 
In a recent survey by CAIR-WA and the Muslim Community Resource Center, almost 62% of students surveyed reported they feel more unsafe in public since the presidential election.
CAIR-WA sent a letter to the FBI on October 3rd, calling to investigate a recent attack on a Muslim Lyft driver in Everett as a hate crime. The victim, a resident of Shoreline and father of seven, has been driving for Lyft for a year. He is currently unable to work due to his injuries, emotional trauma and the damage done to his car.

If you or a loved one face harassment or violence due to religion, report to the authorities (9-1-1) and call CAIR-WA for free legal assistance at 206-367-4081.

Take Action Now
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