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I hope everyone is getting geared up for the holiday season!  I know we are. I am busy buying inventory and planning events for over the winter season.  I wish you all the best as you prepare for your upcoming season! 

I have received a lot of interesting information and opportunities this time around. FYI, there are some events and deadlines that are coming up as soon as this weekend. 

In this issue of the newsletter there is a ton of information.  Keep in mind some may have due dates that are coming up quickly.  Please remember that we are often times the messenger.  Please pay close attention to the contact information for each opportunity.


American Craft Week has started a Kickstarter campaign to increase involvement and to promote American Craft Week 2014!

Please consider contributing to this campaign! A pledge of even $5 can make a difference in bringing further awareness of the value of American Craft around our country.

Boost our creative economy! Help us coach visitor bureaus in bringing American Craft Week all over the US with Cultural Tourism Kits.

While mass manufacturers moved overseas, craft artists have all along been creating and selling handmade goods right here in the United States. Craft is a $29 billion industry in America (Craft & Hobby Association Report). Sales support independent artists and small business retailers, and foster appreciation of skilled craftsmanship. Simple acts of eating from a handmade bowl, relaxing in a handmade chair or writing in a handmade journal truly enhance our daily lives. Artisan-made gifts hold meaning because they deliver a story--the story of the artist, the raw materials, the creative process and the local culture. Master and emerging craftspeople preserve American history, pioneer inventive fabrication techniques, and harness our country's entrepreneurial spirit. For those who make, sell and collect objects handmade in this country, the passion is contagious.

People all over the United States celebrate American Craft Week for ten days every October. It's a time when artisans, craft galleries, outdoor festivals and arts organizations take the national stage, sharing with the public the traditions and innovations of fine craftsmanship in the USA. Over 1,000 participating craftspeople, retailers and organizations register their events with ACW. Then, ACW volunteers promote events and spread the word on the value of handmade goods.

Visitor and tourism bureaus are thirsty for successful, shovel-ready vacation campaigns. American Craft Week celebrations draw crowds from all over the world and pump cash into state, county and city economies. The State of Vermont, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Western North Carolina, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Mendocino County, California are just some of the regions that partner with American Craft Week. The new ACW Cultural Tourism Kits will give visitor bureaus the tools needed to jump start craft fairs, classes, exhibitions and studio tours in October 2014. 

Help us by backing the kit project, and ACW's 5th year of celebrations will be the best and largest yet. Our goal of raising $3,000 will fund 1,000 kits. Bring American Craft week to your region and support the US creative economy!

November Opening Reception
Friday, Nov. 1st
from 5p-9p  

Absolutely Art and Cafe Zoma are proud to feature the artwork of Kristy Sly and the collective works of OPEN Madison for the month of November.

For over a decade Kristy Sly has been exploring various methods of glasswork, and showcasing the beauty inherent in glass. For this month's show, Kristy continues to develop new and unusual techniques, including rhythmic pattern bars, screen prints on glass and ink blot slices incorporated into her glass pieces.

This month we proudly feature highlight the collective artwork of OPEN Madison!

Featuring the works of:
  • Chris Nania
  • Sandy Sabel
  • Kye Richards  
  • Gabrielle Fine
  • Anders Zanichkowsky 
  • Nancy Hutson 
  • Janis Nussbaum Senungetuk   

Please join us to meet the artists and view their work. Catering by Bunky's Cafe and live music the night of
the reception. 

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Featured in October:
Jaroslava Sobiskova
& Larry Price   

Absolutely Art and Cafe Zoma are proud to feature the artwork of Jaroslava Sobiskova and Larry Price for the month of October.

Jaroslava (Jarka) Sobiskova is a quilting and felting artist who  works experimentally. Each piece in this collection represents an intuitive response to color and texture. Jarka's work will be featured in Absolutely Art.

Larry Price is an artist from the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood. His work reflects his life, and his imagination guides his work. Larry's watercolor paintings will be featured in Caf� Zoma.  


Please join us to view these two unique collections, and to meet the artists! Food by Bunky's Cafe and live music by Emily Forst the night of the reception.



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Call for Artists: 
Exhibit your art at the new  
UW Continuing Studies Gallery
Calling all artists: 

Do you create two-dimensional art? Are you a painter, photographer, collage artist, or other 2-D artist? 


This is a call for artists at UW-Madison Continuing Studies, 21 N. Park St. We receive many positive comments about the artwork displayed on the walls on the 7th floor of our building. Please come and see the area MWRF 7:45 am-4:30 pm or Tues 7:45 am-7 pm. 


For more details, please visit here.

Call for Artists and Designers:
Design MMoCA

Announcing on open call for entries for the fourth biennial Design MMoCA, a showcase for design professionals at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, April 25-May 4, 2014. Design MMoCA allows creative professionals from many disciplines to dream up designs of unlimited vision-using works from the museum's permanent collection as inspiration.

Official printed call for entry folders may be picked up at Absolutely Art. For more details please visit MMoCA's website.  The application deadline is Monday, October 28, 2013.


Call for Artists:
The Opera House Gallery's 
Tabula Rasa  

The Opera House Art Gallery in Mount Horeb, WI., is opening this fall, and is seeking to develop strong working relationships with fine artists and artisans, especially in our region. The Gallery intends to present fine artwork to the public in an active, collaborative environment. As a new participant in the art world of South Central Wisconsin, we are a tabula rasa (or blank slate), so "eclectic" best describes our style, and "skilled execution" best describes our criteria. 


We are seeking original work including, but not limited to: wall art (painting, photography, calligraphy, gicl�e); graphic art (etching, lithograph, offset print, or silk screen); craft work in materials (e.g., clay, textile, fiber, quilting, wood, metal, plastic, or glass); mixed media; and digital innovation. We have space for handmade furniture and perhaps larger quilts. We welcome both emerging and established artists. 


This is a grapevine call because our web page is still under development, but the year's buying season is fast approaching so it is important to find you ASAP. We welcome artwork and fine crafts for all holidays for all cultures this coming year. 


As owner of the Gallery, I would be happy to email you a copy of our contract, as well as an image of the room and the floor plan, to introduce the Gallery. Please send me your email address if you are interested. I would appreciate it if you could send several images (jpg, gif, or pdf), or a web link to your work when you contact me, thus expediting the exchange of information. We can also arrange a time for you to visit the Gallery and/or for me to visit your studio. 



Nancy Howard 


p. 608-234-4114 (gallery number) 

p. 608-836-6585 (home number) 


Call for Artists: 
Outside of Wisconsin

More from the
Arts Business Institute   

As always, the Arts Business Institute provides a wealth of valuable information for artists to consider. Check out their latest!

Stay Organized with a Production Calendar
Keep orders flowing and on time with this simple
method of scheduling.
5 Ways Artists Can Sell Wholesale Interested in the world of wholesaling? Here are a few ways you can sell your art or craft to retailers:

Dealing with Overwhelm To make your clear vision a reality for yourself and your business, you must achieve certain goals, and so you must identify and set them.
Starting out on the Right Foot with Your Left Brain 
I developed a sales and marketing "Start-up Kit" package to give them tools, tools, and more tools ahead of that delivery date. I want to be a virtual salesperson, merchandiser, and PR person for my line 

Resource Links:

NICHE Magazine  

Published by, NICHE magazine was founded for the purpose of connecting art galleries and craft retailers with the finest wholesale crafts, handmade gifts and decorative art objects made in artist studios throughout the United States and Canada.  



At CRAFT, our focus is about education and promotion of American made Craft Art. We are an association of galleries, shops and now artists from all over, dedicated to presenting work that has one common characteristic--it's Handmade in the USA. Our members represent some of the finest artists/craftspeople in the world -- Folk or Contemporary, Ceramics, Fine Woodworking or Blown Glass, Sculptural or Functional -- a CRAFT member gallery or shop is the place to find it.  


Crafts Report  

The business source for Artists and Retailers. 


CERF+ Emergency  

CERF+ is a national artists' service organization whose mission is to safeguard and sustain the careers of craft artists and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists.  

Save the Date...


The Crafty Fair (Round 4) Sunday, November 17th from 10am-4pm at The Goodman Community Center, located at 149 Waubesa St. Madison WI. The Crafty Fair will showcase over 50 indie and traditional artists. Offering handmade clothes, soaps, quilts, jewelry, paper goods and much, much more. Absolutely Art is a proud sponsor of The Crafty Fair. 
Ninth Annual  Holiday Craftacular Saturday, November 23rd from 10a-4p Madison's Original Independent Craft Show will once again be returning to the gorgeous Masonic Center located in the heart of downtown Madison Showcasing over 70 artists and crafters! Absolutely Art is a proud sponsor of the Craftacular.

December Artists Reception & Atwood Winnebago Winter Festival
Friday, December 6th from 5p-9p
Featuring the works of Nicky Torzadeh and SPARK! for the month of December. Join us as we celebrate Atwood Winnebago Winter Fest! Stop in for celebration and art as you make your way through the neighborhood! Live music and catering by Bunky's the night of the reception.
 Handmade Madison: Indie Craft Marketplace 2013 
Sunday, December 15th from 11a-6p
 The Marketplace provides a wide variety of handcrafted items. Customers can experience firsthand the gratitude of our makers and delight in supporting local and regional independent artists by purchasing their beautiful wares.
Absolutely Art is a proud sponsor of the Handmade Madison Indie Craft Marketplace.
  Art openings are the first Friday of every month from 5p-9p.  Refreshments and drinks are provided.  Local, live music is featured during opening receptions. 


Meghan Blake-Horst
Absolutely Art