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Stubborn Belly Fat??
Balance your hormones and drop the weight, without starving yourself or using pills to hype you up.  Come find out why diet and exercise hasn't handled your belly fat. In this  FREE CLASS learn how to eliminate cravings utilizing the most current research on hormone balance, food choices, and exercise.  We will identify your body type and discuss the path to losing belly fat and keeping the stubborn weight off. 
Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 7:00 pm at the offices of Restorative Wellness Center, 210 Little Lake Drive, Suite 8, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The class is free and open to the public, but we do need you to RSVP as there is limited seating and this class does fill up quickly.  RSVP at (734) 661-8100.   
We look forward to seeing you there.



Patient Testimonials:  

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When I first came to Dr Geck, I had terrible back pain and a lot of trouble focusing on my work and felt sluggish.   

After I started the care, my back is much better.  I am able to walk long distances and in general feel much healthier.  I started on the supplements and slept better, and now ab able to focus completely.  I'm at my desk for as much as 10 hours a day without any problems.   


I am very appreciative of what Dr. Geck and the staff have done for me.  I was a bit skeptical the beginning because I had so many treatments at other facilities without success.  I started the program Dr Geck recommended and I am surely glad that I did.     



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This week:
Why can't I think anymore? 
8 Reasons why People get Brain Fog.



I seem to live in a perpetual fog, like I can't think clearly or I'm not all the way there. Why do I have brain fog?




Brain fog is a sign of brain inflammation. Although inflammation in the brain doesn't cause pain, it can cause symptoms of brain fog.


The brain is protected by a thin lining called the blood-brain barrier, which allows nano-sized compounds in or out of the brain as appropriate. However the blood-brain barrier can become "leaky," just as the gut barrier can. This allows large particles into the brain that don't belong there. These invaders trigger brain inflammation.


Brain inflammation can also result from:


            Chronic inflammation in the body

            Blood sugar imbalances

            Hormonal imbalances

            Gut infections

            Stress and lack of sleep

            Heavy metals and pollutants

            Head injuries or stroke


If left unmanaged brain inflammation causes damage to nerve tissue and accelerates brain aging, increasing the risk of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's.


A commonly seen cause of brain fog is a food intolerance, particularly to gluten. Many people have resolved chronic brain fog simply by adapting a strict gluten-free diet. Recent research has shown gluten to be implicated in many neurological disorders, including brain fog.  


The good news is the brain is responsive to inflammation management. Research shows a variety of natural compounds and botanicals have powerful anti-inflammatory effects in the brain.


These compounds and therapies to address the underlying cause of your brain fog-whether it is hypothyroidism, gluten, a hormone deficiency, or all three-can not only lift brain fog but also ensure better brain health and function for years to come.









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Refer a friend and they will receive a 50% discount off of their first exam!  


Who do you know who has food allergies, thyroid problems, trouble sleeping etc? 


When you refer a friend to our office, we will discount their initial exam from $135 to $65.  

A wonderful gift to give to a friend and help them get healthy again. Take advantage while this offer is still available!

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Dr Dan Geck
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