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Hi FlyLady and Crew,
I've been FlyWashed! I love the Rubba Scrubba and want more of your products!! What is the difference between dry mopping with the FlyLady Mop and using the Rubba Sweepa?

Thanks so much!

Flybaby LaLa

Dear LaLa,

The biggest difference that I feel is the speed. You can move really fast with the micro-fiber head or the red dust mop head. The rubba sweepa does a great job on carpet and throw rugs. We use it all the time for rugs at our doors.

For my daily dust mop of my floors, I love the red dust mop head. We only have hardwood floors. With three dogs and two cats we have lots of paw prints and dust bunnies. I can do my floors in the time it takes for my coffee to brew! I even did a video of me speeding through my floors because Nikki did not believe me. This was before we had our red dust mop head. Now it is even faster.

The beauty of the red dust mop head is that it like the Hey Tom Car Duster. It is impregnated with wax and it grabs the dirt and dust. Then all you have to do is take it outside and give it a good shake. You don't have to wash it. You can but I would only do it once a year. Then you wash it alone and in cold water. You will remove the wax if you use warm or hot water. I feel that if you think it needs washed then for only $10:49 just get a new one once a year. This is 88 cents a month!

Our red mop head fits the FlyLady Mop.

Here is my little video of a quick dust mop of my floors. I was using the micro-fiber cloths because we had not developed the red duster head.

FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies! 
Here is our FlyLady Mop Package.

So to answer your question; I use my Rubba Sweepa for my throw rugs and my red dust mop head daily for my floors and I use the micro-fiber pad for my wet mopping of those puppy toe prints.

As I am writing this I did my floors for my weekly home blessing.

I also use my rubba sweepa for my porches and when it snows; it comes into its own!

Having my floor looking nice helps me release stress.  




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