March 2017  
Director's Reflection

Day by day,
Day by day,
Oh, Dear Lord,
Three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
Follow thee more nearly,
Day by day,
Day by day,
Day by day.

----  Day by Day is a song from the 1971 Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak musical Godspell. Songwriters: Shrikanth Srira, Kathryn Williams, Mike Spencer 

This song from the musical Godspell was taken from a prayer from the 13th century English Bishop St. Richard of Chichester and has become a hymn, a hit song, and an inspiration for many. It seems to me to be a perfect focus for Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday on March 1.

During Lent, we look deeply at our relationships: with our family members, our neighbors, our friends, those we disagree with, and God. Each day, we strive to become more fully alive, more connected. There is no one way. Instead, each day we are encouraged to find our own method of reconciliation, remembering our mortality, and giving thanks for the gift of salvation we receive through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We try to live more intentionally. For many of us, that includes slowing down, turning off media, and focusing on what is truly important.

When I was a girl, Lent was always about giving up something ----  usually candy. Once I got into trouble by announcing that for Lent I was giving up "homework and chores." Whatever I choose to fast from should draw me closer to God.

The Congregation continues to provide articles to read, opportunities to gather, and reflections to ponder. We have the Enactments to study and implement in our daily lives. Many of us attend Mission Group meetings or Sojourner Group meetings in which we discuss our lives and actions we can take as a group and as individuals. Some of us are fortunate to have a spiritual director who helps us to look over our lives and our relationship with God.

Thomas Merton, in Thoughts on Solitude, wrote, "The spiritual life is first of all a life. It is not merely something to be known and studied, it is to be lived." That means different things to each of us. How can we, day by day, in the different circles of our lives, be more intentional? How can I be a better wife, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbor, and co-worker? The daily Examen helps me to reflect on my day and see where I included God and where I excluded God. 

I continue to gain insights and inspiration from our Sisters and Associates. I see how our Sisters live joyfully and passionately, and my hope is that I will be able to emulate their faith and commitment. This Lent, I don't have to look too far to find what I need to fast from, give to, and pray about. In her book Letter to My Daughter, poet Maya Angelou said,

"Look beyond ...
And you will see injustice.
At the end of your fingertips 
You will find cruelties,
Irrational hate, bedrock sorrow
And terrifying loneliness.
There is your work.
... increase virtue in your world."

Let us, day by day, see God more clearly, love God more dearly, and follow God more nearly by increasing our virtue in the world.

Special Notes


Despite our best efforts, some Associates were inadvertently left out of the Pictorial Directory. This is being corrected in print and will be correct on the website. We apologize to those whose names and photos were omitted.


Recently, we celebrated the retirement of our graphic designer, Melinda Ziegler, who has worked in Adrian for seven years. Melinda, an Associate, designed the materials we use to promote Associate Life: the handbook, stationary, and brochures, as well as the materials we use for Partners gatherings. She was instrumental in getting the newsletter up and running, and for many months, she would take our articles and turn them into the newsletter and then reformat the newsletter for the printed edition, which is sent to our Associates without computer access. She has been a marvelous resource and could quickly transform my ideas into art. Melinda has moved to Indiana to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Thank you, Melinda, for all you have done for Associate Life! Read Melinda's profile, written by Sharon Bock, Associate.

Besides Melinda, we have the assistance of the following people who make the newsletter a reality: Barb Kelley, OP, who edits the articles; Ashley LaVigne, who lays out the newsletter; Sharon Bock, Associate, who writes the profiles of our Associates; Karen McMordie, who prints and compiles the printed version of the newsletter; Conni Lundy, administrative assistant for Associate Life and Formation, who sends our newsletters to those without computers; and all of you who send in your articles, book reviews, and ideas.


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Please consider donating to the Congregation in memory of someone who has died, or to honor a loved one for a milestone such as a birthday, graduation, or promotion. The Development Office has a lovely selection of cards.

It is now possible to make a monthly donation to the Congregation, as many do for public television. Contact the Development Office, 517-266-3480, if you wish to contribute. For information, contact Amy Palmer, Director of Development, at

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Tom and Tricia Layden, Associates of Seatac, Washington, have become great-grandparents! 

Their granddaughter Theresa welcomed baby Thalia.

From our Associates

Reflections on Enactments
The Second Enactment:

"Recognizing the violence against the Earth Community that places our common home in dire jeopardy and intensifies the suffering of people on the margins, future generations and all creation, we will sacrifice to mitigate significantly our impact on climate change and ecological degradation." 

Please send me your reflections on this Enactment for the April issue of the enewsletter by Friday, March 10, 2017.

Living out the Second Enactment
Those who know me usually don't think of me as a political activist. To be honest, I've never thought of myself as one, either. In pondering the Chapter's second Enactment that challenges us to "sacrifice to mitigate significantly our impact on climate change and ecological degradation," my first thoughts were: How can I conserve, reuse, recycle more effectively?

Then came a barrage of White House Executive Orders, including appointments for key Cabinet positions and department heads, including those who will be charged with various aspects of the environment. I read in horror the history and political bent of the nominees. That's when I realized that the way I will live out our second Enactment is through persistent communication with the Senate about the appointees. 

Then I went one step further. Through social media I am exposed to any number of non-profit organizations and political action committees committed to fighting climate change and degradation of the ecology of our Earth. Before I sign their petitions, I thoroughly research each of them through resources such as Charity Navigator . Then I invite others to add their voices to mine. For efficiency, I've created two email group lists: "Catholic Friends" and "Friends of Like-Mind."

I am not promoting monetary donations; the only donation I ask for is time: the time it takes to contact your legislator and to ask a few of your friends to do the same. If you get a message from me and don't want to be on my list, just tell me and your name will be removed.

I guess this makes me a political activist of some sort. As a writer, I believe "the pen is mightier than the sword." If my words do anything to promote care for our planet, I feel like I am truly living out the second Enactment.

Sharon Foley Bock, Associate, of Palm Springs, California


Here are a few Lenten resources you might find helpful.
  • Sacred Music of Lent, a four-week eRetreat led by Erie, Pennsylvania, Benedictine Sister Jean Wolbert. The retreat includes three emails per week with selections of classical music, a Scripture verse, brief reflections, and questions or exercises for personal reflection and discussion. The retreat opens Sunday, March 5 and continues through Thursday, March 30. 
Mary Ann Martin, Prospective Associate, of Saline, Michigan

A Man Called Ove and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry
Fredrik Backman

These books are amazing. For anyone who has ever loved fairy tales, they're must-reads. They're not fairy tales, but fairy tale-telling comes into them. They are fairly profound.

Tricia Layden, Associate, of Seatac, Washington

I recommend two movies which, as of this writing, are still in theaters. Hidden Figures tells the true story of three African-American women mathematicians who were vital in the early space program. La La Land is a bittersweet musical that resonates with me long after I've seen it. Both are Oscar contenders.

Recently on PBS, I saw a documentary on POV titled, Seven Songs for Long Life. This was an amazing hour that focused on a hospice in Scotland where the patients and their caregivers use music to express their journeys. I will never forget the terminally ill young woman, suffering from unrelenting pain, sing REM's classic "Everybody Hurts" as a duet with the nurse who is caring for her. This is highly recommended. You can view POV on your local PBS website, and it is available on Roku.

I also recommend the poetry book Prayer in Wind by Eva Saulitis. The author was a marine biologist who studied killer whales in Alaska for 25 years. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, and this book contains the poetry she wrote after a recurrence of the disease.

Mary Lach, Associate, of Clinton Township, Michigan

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Director of Associate Life

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Prayer Requests

For the repose of the soul of Tanya Lafave, dearest niece of Carolyn Jeziolkowski, Associate, of Adrian. Tanya died suddenly January 28.

Carol Johnson, Associate and member of the Advisory Board, of Decatur, Illinois: recovering from surgery.

Camille Klimecki, Associate, of Warren, Michigan: recovering from a fall.

Patty Seckel, Associate, of Clinton Township, Michigan.

John Coleman, Associate, of Adrian.

Elvera Paul, Associate, of Waterford, Michigan.

Frances Gagne, Associate, of Warren, Michigan: recovering from heart surgery.

Susan Kope, Associate, of Adrian: experiencing health issues.

Terry Ann Viegas, Associate, of Detroit: recovering from hospitalization.

Sue Slankard, Associate, of Albuquerque, New Mexico: undergoing eye surgery.

Sharon Carelli, Associate, of Henderson, Nevada: for her husband, Charles Potter, undergoing treatment for cancer.

Sylvia Raftery, Prospective Associate, of West Palm Beach, Florida: facing surgery on March 3.

Upcoming Events

Ash Wednesday
March 1, 2017

Session 4 of group formation
1:00 - 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Roseville Associates Group
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 21, 2017
St. Basil's, Roseville, Michigan

Book Club
11:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Madden Hall, Adrian

Presentation on Grief
by Jacci Brown, Associate
9:00 - 10:15 a.m., Thursday, April 27, 2017
Weber Auditorium, Adrian
Also live-streamed

Gathering of Florida Associates
Saturday, May 20, 2017
Rosarian Academy, West Palm Beach, Florida

Ritual of Acceptance for West Palm Beach Associates
11:30 a.m. Mass, Sunday, May 21, 2017
St. Ann Church, West Palm Beach, Florida

Ritual of Acceptance for Boca Raton Associates
3:30 p.m. Sunday, May 21, 2017
St. Joan of Arc Church, Boca Raton, Florida

Partners V
Focus on Diversity
Friday to Sunday, August 4-6, 2017
Weber Center, Adrian

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