AP Straus
December Badger 
Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?

Upcoming Events in December
Since this edition is coming out at the END of December...wanted to thank all our student organizations who made the holidays a bit brighter for us all:
Up&Out - Holiday shopping for students who needed gifts for family members.  Some hand made and others donated.
Choir, Orchestra, and Band concerts - Brought the spirit out through music.  Just wonderful.
DECCA - Holiday Drive.  Brought smiles to kids in the community through gift giving.  

My Life
December Late Start had our Junior class participating in a Life simulation.  Students were asked to complete a questionnaire about their future career hopes.  On December 8th students were given a Life profile including the career they desired, income level, and then information on debt, childcare, and all of life's incidentals.  Students spent time heading around to tables to see how far a month's pay could go (including saving some).  Juniors reported back that they day was fun and a wake-up call for what life has in store.                            

Badger Athletics
Please visit our athletic department website for the latest updates on sporting events.  Turn out to support your Badgers!