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We are more alike my friends than we are unalike.
- Maya Angelou

Transition to High School

High School is a very different reality than middle school.  We find that students who take advantage of school start programming do very well in making the adjustments.  Please be sure you and your student get into the building for the Registration Days - August 22, 2-7 pm and August 23 2 - 7 pm.  There is also a Parent Night presentation on August 23 at 7 pm.  During the Registration days, students are encouraged to find classrooms and test their locker combination.  High school can be the best 4 years of your student's life SO FAR.  Your role in helping the transition to high school is invaluable to set the tone for the entire high school experience.  

Here are some helpful tips for the adults in the life of an incoming 9th grade student.  

1.  BE INVOLVED in your student's academic program of study.  Make sure that your student is challenged and taking courses now that will help meet future goals.  

2.  Get your student involved in a POSITIVE ACTIVITY...but don't overextend.  Research says that students who are involved in an activity, club, sport, music, etc., are much more likely to have a positive high school experience and get better grades than students who are not involved.  

3.  KNOW YOUR STUDENT'S FRIENDS.  Research says that when a teenager is faced with a critical decision,k the influence of peers (positive and negative) and parents/families make the difference. 

4.  Register for POWERSCHOOL.  This enables you to track your student's attendance and grades right from you computer or phone.  Powerschool will allow you to track your student's   assignments, projects, and tests.

5.  Help your student to make positive CONNECTIONS WITH ADULTS.  when students make positive connections with adults (teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, coaches, etc.), it helps students to be successful and feel a part of the school.

6.  Remember that all teenagers (including straight -A students) need proper SUPERVISION.  This supervision includes online supervision of technology.  One idea would be to "friend" your student on all social media they use.  This can be a fun way to connect and can also be a point of discussion when issues arise.  

The picture above is of a Badger student tending to lettuce - this product will be used in our lunch program.  Click on the picture for more information about helping your teen transition to high school.
Freshman First Day - September 5

Just a reminder that the first day of school is for Freshmen only.  More information can be found through our summer news letter.  It is a day devoted to learning the class schedule, meeting teachers, testing locker combinations, and hearing from guests and staff about how to set yourself up for high school success.  


You Must Be Present To Win!

According to the US Census Bureau, high school graduates earn $10,000.00 more per year than non-graduates.  The gap continues to widen for those who pursue a degree after achieving their high school diploma.  What does this mean for you and your student?  Academic achievement and graduation are tied directly to instruction.  And a student cannot participate in that instruction if he/she is not present. 

            Under Wisconsin State Statute students are not allowed to miss more that 10 days per year or 5 days per semester without the absence being exempted.  Exempted absences are those that result in some type of medical, legal, religious, or other circumstance approved by an administrator.  All must have written note from appropriate official.  In our Student Handbook on pages 16 and 17 the three types of absences are explained in more detail.  Students absent without an acceptable excuse for part of or all of 5 days on which school is held during a semester will be considered a habitual truant and the full weight of the law will be used to ensure that the student return to school. 

What can you do to help?  Stress with your student the importance of attendance to success in school and beyond, whenever possible schedule appointments outside the school day, and schedule vacations with limited time out of school.   We thank you for your continued support.

The photo above shows off an example of the AWESOME work our students accomplish on a daily basis.  This cannot happen if a student does not attend.  Video link is to  "why attendance matters" information.


Badger Athletics
Please visit our athletic department website for the latest updates on sporting events.  Turn out to support your Badgers!                                                

  Badger Board Goals   
1.  Develop a Plan to Implement the Strategic Plan
developing the whole learner
promotion community engagement
developing and retaining exceptional staff
enhancing quality facilities and resources
2. Develop Transition Programs
3.  Exceed State Averages in ALL Tested Areas on Standardized Tests
4.  Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility While Improving on ur Educational Programs and Facilities