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October Badger 
The purpose of this site is to provide monthly information on important events at Badger and insightful information to benefit our community of learners at Badger and beyond.  
Upcoming Events in October
October 3- 7 is Homecoming Week - watch for your student to participate in daily dress- up days and attend the game Friday night.  Dance is scheduled for Saturday October 8.  

October 12,  3:30 - 7 pm Parent Teacher Conferences.  
October 12, 6:30 pm Financial Aid Presentation
National Bully Prevention Month

Coming on the heals of last month's Cyberbullying presentation, October is the month to shed a light on the power of being an active positive participant in the quest to rid our world of the bully.  

Harassment can take different shapes from physical and verbal attacks to the use of the Internet to spread cruel rumors.  National news has spotlighted the negative impact of harassment on students.  National studies suggest as many as 4 in 10 kids are targeted by bullies online.  This month we wish to help raise awareness and to give our students tools to combat harassment.  The Badger community is committed to ensuring a safe, civil, and vibrant learning environment for all students.  
Tips for students from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center online bullying:
  • The Internet counts.   If it is illegal in person, it’s illegal online. 
  • Yes, others can see what you are doing.  If you don’t want your parents, boss, teacher to see it, then don’t put it on line.  Employers do use the Internet to check out perspective employees.  You don’t want something you post at 16 to be the information that prevents a job interview at 20.  “Private” profiles are absolutely not private. 
  • Don’t let emotions rule you’re typing.  If you’re upset or mad, log off for a while.  Never respond to a message or a posting if you are upset or mad.  Even if you were originally the victim, if you take revenge, you could be the one who gets into trouble.
  • If someone bullies you online never respond.  Save the message.  Tell an adult.  If physical threats or violence are part of the message, tell the police.  This is not being a “nark” it is helping to ensure that you are safe and that the bully ends the behavior before he/she is in a situation with consequences that impact the rest of his/her life. 
  • Harassing behavior can end in legal actions. 
The following gives suggestions for what students can do when bullying occurs – written for students being bullied, students who witness bullying and the bullies themselves.

If you are being bullied reach out to an adult, be cool in the moment, and work to change the school community.  Realize that this does not have to continue.

If you witness bullying interrupt It, get help.

If you are the bully make a commitment to change, focus on empathy and responsibility, and change your behavior.

Drawn from Stop Bullying Now , an initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Organization skills
A reminder that one of the keys to high school success is being organized.  Students have homework and project deadlines to juggle with after school activities, work,and hanging out with friends.

Technology can lend a hand.  Google calendar is an easy way for students to keep track.  They can also share the calendar with you parents so you can see what the demands of a week in the life of your teen holds for you.   

After school labs also run Monday-Thursday for assistance from teachers.                           

What to know about Pokemon Go...
How to Play
Down load an app to your phone.  Go outside and using the app you will see digital creatures on the screen with the real world around you. The structure is similar to a video game interacting with your reality.  

There have been cases of this helping those with social anxiety and unfortunately has raised safety concerns.  Check out this website to learn more about social apps and the implications for positive and negative impacts on your student.  

Teen Driving
October 16-22 is National Teen Driver Safety Week.  Badger will have activities for students during the week thanks to Badger FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).  This will include seat belt checks in the morning to see how many of our students buckle up when they get behind the wheel or are a passenger.  

Badger Athletics
Please visit our athletic department website for the latest updates on sporting events.  Turn out to support your Badgers!