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Badger Update 
To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect.  You just have to care.
David Wolfe

Positive Peer Relationships

Summer is a time to recharge, relax, and hang out with friends.  Parents/Guardians can help their student develop POSITIVE peer relationships by incorporating the following Jostens suggestions into summer family time.

It All Starts With You:  Students do what we do not necessarily what we say.  Demonstrating through our own positive relationships lays the ground work for them to emulate.

Reinforce Positive Friendships:  Encourage your student to be involved in activities that promote positive peer relationships.  Whether through the YMCA, camp, youth groups, or simply inviting their friends to family outings.  

Talk With Your Kids About Their Friends:  Know, ask questions, and appreciate your student's friends.  Are they positive influences?  Keep communication lines open with your student.  

Set Boundaries:  Make sure there is time for your student to be home and part of the family.  Not spending all time with friends.  

Don't Judge:  Friends might dress or act differently, but over-reacting or negative comments can make it harder to connect and get to know the friends.  

Pay Attention to Warning Signs:  If your student is secretive about friend group or is hanging with people who are much older, monitor the situation more closely.  If you suspect harmful behavior be assertive and clear about concerns and expectations.  

Be Aware of Social Media: Friend your student on social media.  Learn the lingo and know the social media formats your student is using.  

Check In:    Communication.  If your student seems not to have friends or communicates only online, check in with them to see if something is wrong.  
Community Garden still going strong!

Green Thumb or not, the Lake Geneva Schools Community Garden is a wonderful opportunity for families to have their own piece of the farm to table movement.  Located across from the LG Middle School, the garden has room for over 50 individual gardens.  Please see the Community Connect for more details (at bottom of this Update).


Bob K Day Update:

Thanks to all community members who came out to celebrate the life of former principal Bob Kopydlowski and enjoy a day of entertainment, auction, and great fun.   

Thanks to your support we raised money for the  Bob K Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

Badger Athletics
Please visit our athletic department website for the latest updates on sporting events.  Turn out to support your Badgers!                                                

  Badger Board Goals   
1.  Develop a Plan to Implement the Strategic Plan
developing the whole learner
promotion community engagement
developing and retaining exceptional staff
enhancing quality facilities and resources
2. Develop Transition Programs
3.  Exceed State Averages in ALL Tested Areas on Standardized Tests
4.  Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility While Improving on ur Educational Programs and Facilities