AP Straus
January Badger 
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.  Aloud
Coco Chanel

Upcoming Events in January
Final Exams 

January 18 Exams for periods 1,3,5
January 19 Exams for periods 2,4,6
January 20 Exams for periods 7,8

Remember on the 18th and 19th the school day ends at 1:24 pm.  On the 20th school ends at 11:06 am.  

Study Tips for Exams
  • Designate: a space at home as a study corner.
  • Organize:  most classes give some kind of study guide.  Organize notes, past tests, assignments prior to sitting down to study.
  •  Procrastinate:...NOT...start this early.  You have two weeks once we're back from the Winter Break.  Start the process then.  Not the night before.
  • Keep Calm:  Focus on the parts of the semester where you struggled.  The parts you know well - look at and then move on.  Spend the time things you've been unsure of.
  • Get Help:  attend the after school labs, ask to talk with your teacher during a study hall, make arrangements to come in before school.
  • Chunk:  ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)...use mnemonic devices do help.  Your brain then stores the information as ONE instead of 7 individual pieces.  Great for any subject.  

Badger Athletics
Please visit our athletic department website for the latest updates on sporting events.  Turn out to support your Badgers!                                                

  Badger Board Goals   
1.  Develop a Plan to Implement the Strategic Plan
developing the whole learner
promotion community engagement
developing and retaining exceptional staff
enhancing quality facilities and resources
2. Develop Transition Programs
3.  Exceed State Averages in ALL Tested Areas on Standardized Tests
4.  Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility While Improving on ur Educational Programs and Facilities