Ethan at the AFA, on TV, in Haiti and Wisconsin
April 2012
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This newsletter is being developed in an effort to keep you updated about the writing and public speaking of Ethan Casey, journalist and author of Alive and Well in Pakistan and other books of personal and topical nonfiction. You can expect to receive it approximately twice a month.


Ethan's latest book, Bearing the Bruise: A Life Graced by Haiti has at last been published. It was, in a sense, in the works for 17 years, and Ethan has been writing it in earnest since the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. You can read an excerpt from Bearing the Bruise and the wonderful endorsement of it by Dr. Paul Farmer, and purchase your copy, on this page of Ethan's website. 


People often ask whether they can buy Ethan's books on Amazon. Ethan intends to make his books available on Amazon as well as in electronic formats, but he also wants to emphasize that you can support his work as an independent journalist and author much more effectively by purchasing them directly through his own website.

BTB-COVER "A heartfelt account" - Paul Farmer

"In Bearing the Bruise, Ethan Casey offers up a heartfelt account of his travels in Haiti. As an eyewitness, Casey gives readers an informed perspective on many of the political and social complexities that vex those who seek to make common cause with Haiti, our oldest neighbor, as it seeks to emerge from decades of strife and one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history."


     - Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health and author of Haiti After the Earthquake 

Air Force Academy speech



Ethan was an invited speaker at the 19th Annual National Character and Leadership Symposium at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Feb. 23-24. He delivered a candid speech about the responsibilities of American military personnel in Afghanistan and spent two days interacting with USAFA cadets and instructors. "We all know darn well, as my late grandmother would put it, that some things are just plain wrong," he said. Read the full text of his speech here.

Home Free: An American Road Trip



Ethan's next book will be Home Free: An American Road Trip:


"Having written and published well-received books of personal narrative reporting about contemporary Pakistan and Haiti, I'm turning my attention to another society struggling through a time of confusion, economic and political distress and uncertainty, and transition: my own country, the United States of America."


Read more, and support the Home Free project by pre-purchasing your copy now, here.





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Bearing the Bruise: a Life Graced by Haiti
Air Force Academy speech
Home Free: An American Road Trip
Ethan on TV: Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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Ethan on TV


On his show Countdown, Keith Olbermann interviewed Ethan Casey on Afghanistan rampage:


"People in the Muslim world, in this case, but people all over the world need to believe genuinely that Americans know them to be human beings," Ethan told Olbermann and his viewers nationwide, "and I really don't think a lot of people in the world are confident of that at this point."


Watch the interview 


Book Sponsorship Program:


Consider sponsoring individual or multiple copies of Ethan's books to be given away to students, public official and opinion leaders around the United States. For example, on February 24 Ethan gave 57 sponsored copies of Overtaken By Events: A Pakistan Road Trip to cadets at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. To learn more, visit this page or be in touch.


The first review of Bearing the Bruise!


"What I appreciate most about Ethan's books is the fashion in which he helps us average Americans hear the voices of everyday people in other misunderstood places and helps us experience them as humans, just like us. ... I am looking forward to his next book on his travels in America because I am still trying to understand the 'us' in USA." - Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM, Nicasio, California. Read the full review here. 

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