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Laurie Franklin, Rabbinic Intern and Spiritual Leader
October 26, 2017       6 Cheshvan  5778
Sunday: Dances of Universal Peace at Har Shalom!

For more info, click here!
Monday means Beit Midrash!

For some of us, it's becoming a habit of living; 
Monday night is our time to engage in Jewish learning in chevruta, with a learning partner or partners. We begin with soup and salad (for a small donation, please), followed by a shiur (teaching) at 6:45 pm . Then we break up into small groups for chevruta to pursue a variety of interests. Would you like to join us? Please contact Laurie at if you are wondering whether beit midrash is for you.

Help Puerto Ricans Get Safe Drinking Water

My rabbinic association, OHALAH, shared this link  for an indegogo campaign to raise funds for portable, innovative water-purification systems to bring potable water to Puerto Rico.  I donated. Please consider it.
"You donate $11.50 and a person without access to clean water in Puerto Rico will receive a LifeStraw Filtration system that will purify up to 1000 liters of water. It's that simple. "  

Atidaynu This SUNDAY the 29th!
At our last Atidaynu, we welcomed  new students and saw top performances in our Torah quiz show.  Laurie artfully shared the beauty and even mystery just examining the torah scrolls can hold. Atidaynu will meet this Sunday,  October 29, 10-12 for Hebrew, dance and maybe even some Jewish ghost stories. All are welcome. 

Atidaynu families, if you haven't already, please look at your calendars to find dates you would like to  bring snack or study  (the hour is yours to share traditions, song, history, food, learning with our students!) and remember to consider becoming Har Shalom members if you haven't already. Contact Jessica at  with any questions.

It's a Mitzvah!

Serving meals at the Poverello Center is an annual treat and thoroughly enjoyed by all who participate. Our upcoming dates are  Sunday, December 3rd at 4:30 pm and  Sunday, February 4th at 4:30 pm. Please come help serve meals, interact with the residents, prepare lunches for the following day, and enjoy the camaraderie of your Har Shalom friends (spontaneous group singing and dancing have been known to happen!). Limited spots available so please email Lida to sign up or with any questions: (Must be 18 to join).  

Flier templates for handing out in your neighborhoods soon to come. Please consider bringing something each time you attend services as a mitzvah for our local community. Attention Atidaynu Families:  Please bring your donations by  Sunday, December 3rd  at Atidaynu for a contest, prizes and a celebration pizza party! 

We are ramping up for our annual Fall Food Drive in support of the Missoula Food Bank. Please join us in beginning to collect for our  December 8th deadline. A food drop is labeled in the Har Shalom lobby. Click this link for a list of the most needed items:  
Most Needed Items - Missoula Food Bank

Roommate Wanted!

Har Shalom member seeking roommate to share duplex near Southgate Mall. Master bedroom, 1.5 baths, garage, washer/dryer, professional cleaning. $500/month includes all utilities.

This Week's Activities
Fri Oct 27
     5:30 pm            No Hebrew Club this week
     7 pm                   Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Sat Oct 28
0 am                Torah Study

Sun Oct 29
     10 am                Atidaynu
Mon Oct 30
     6 pm                  Beit Midrash                     
Tues Oct 31
      8:30 am            Jewish Meditation 
      4 pm                    Laurie's office hours, by appointment
Wed Nov 1
     1:30 to 6 pm     Laurie's office hours , by appointment 
More at Har Shalom 
Supporting Esther Chessin's Family:
Meal Train and Isabella Johnson Fund

As we continue to mourn the loss of Esther Chessin, zichrona livracha (may her memory be for a blessing), we can take concrete steps to support her family. To participate in a meal train, please go  here. Many thanks to the generous Har Shalomians who have signed up. 
To contribute to a fund for the education and care of her daughter, Isabella Johnson, please send funds to Missoula Federal Credit Union account #296833, Isabella Johnson Benefit Account. To wire or send funds electronically, please use the following routing number: 292977899

Please Us Your Har Shalom 2017 Building Community Questionnaire

If you didn't receive your Questionnaire, please click here to access it online. You may print and mail it to Har Shalom with confidence that your anonymity will be maintained. 

Jewish Meditation Group Invitation: Tuesdays 8:30 to 9:15
Please join with us to share a time of mindfulness, a time to let go of the "to do" list of our busy lives. We begin each meditation by focusing and centering on the breath to ground us and become present. We are currently using simple chants from Rabbi Shefa Gold to join together and come more deeply into sacred presence. As we chant we listen with the ears of our heart to these words and see how they both bless and challenge us. As we take these words as our intention (kavannah), we settle into the silence, to simply be in the presence of Source. Everyone is welcome!

Do you shop on-line at

If you do, you can join their program and direct 0.5% of your order to Har Shalom at no cost to you.  Select "Congregation Har Shalom", location: Missoula, MT, as your supported charity.  Then, when you go to A  to make a purchase, you will be directed to a different site,  for 0.5% of your purchase to be added to the Har Shalom contribution.

Office Hours 

Laurie's office hours are by appointment on Tuesdays at 4 and Wednesdays, 1:30 to 6 pm and other times by special arrangement. To make an appointment or to meet at another time, please let Laurie know at  or  406-546-9368 .

Office Hours with our Administrator Lisa Stewart are currently by appointment. You can reach her at to set up a time to meet. 

Har Shalom is supported by its members and donors.  Thank you.

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