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Does your ADHD child get bullied... by text? What can you do to stop it? Today, almost all kids have mobile devices that allow them to stay in immediate touch with their friends. Unfortunately, this popular communications tool has become a means for a different kind of cruelty... bullying by text! If your ADHD child is impacted by this type of aggressive behavior, check out our feature article by popular blogger Shane Hawk, titled " Texting + ADHD = DISASTER." Would her idea work for you?

Here's what's been happening on Attention Talk Radio recently:

Do schools get specific funding to support Section 504 plans? If they are not, could that explain why 504 Plans are not performing satisfactorily according to a recent CHADD survey?  Learn more from Ingrid Alpern, tax attorney and co-chair of CHADD's Public Policy Committee, in our interview with her, titled " Reforming Section 504 Plans for ADHD."

How does worrying serve you as an ADHD parent? Could purposeful mindfulness be a better alternative for you? Learn more from Dr. Mark Bertin as interviewed by guest host Caroline Maguire in the episode titled " Self-Management: Launching Your ADHD Teen."

When kids have a meltdown, do they have a "back story"? ADHD coach Caroline Maguire says yes! For examples, listen to our interview with Caroline, titled " ADHD Meltdowns Are Not Always About the Obvious."
People talk about ADHD meds in terms of stimulants. Brett Thornhill suggests there is another conversation to be had on MEDS... mindfulness, exercise, diet, and sleep! Isn't it obvious? Learn more in our show titled " ADHD Non-MEDS: Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep."

Have you had an opportunity to catch up on our latest videos? Here's a glimpse of what's new on Attention Talk Video:

To-do lists are boring. Maybe you should try a dynamic-based index card list to help hold your attention. Check out Jeff Copper's video, titled "ADHD Tip: Index Card-Based Task List."

Peanut butter and jelly are pure harmony. The same goes for using a brain dump to prepare a task list. Learn more about this in Jeff Copper's video, titled "ADHD: Brain Dump Versus Task List."

If "hard" isn't working for you, consider focusing on making things easy to get throutgh the planning process. Learn more in our video, titled "ADHD Planning: Focus on Easy." 

Are play dates a challenge for your ADHD child? Here is a tip from ADHD coach Caroline Maguire in our video interview with her, titled "ADHD, Play Dates, and Social Issues Tips."

Are you attending to the right thing? If you haven't done it yet, download our a-Book (the "a" is for attention), "Identify YOUR Top Five Hurdles to Managing ADD/ADHD." It has tips Jeff has learned from doing over 300 interviews with ADHD experts. Let your friends know about it, too! They can download it here:
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Brought to you by Time Timer 
by Shane Hawk

My ADHD/LD son is 13. I recently decided, against my better judgment, to get him a cell phone and allow him to text. I set limits of usage, allowing only 200 texts per month with our data plan.

I soon realized that his life started to revolve around his new found freedom. He felt powerless without his phone. It was an ever-present accessory that I soon began to despise.

I randomly checked his texts to make sure he was sending and receiving age appropriate messages. I was shocked at what I found. His "friends" had began bullying him via text.

We successfully addressed and eliminated the bullying issue at school and on the bus during the first month of school. Now, it has crept back into his life.

My husband and I discussed the bullying texts with him. He confided in us that he felt so much pressure to "fit in" and text like everyone else does. Having ADHD and LD, he has always had a problem "fitting in" and relating to his peers. This seemed magnified now that he was attempting to text. He frequently misspelled words and didn't understand when the kids texting him were joking or being serious. This is a common symptom of ADHD... inadequate social skills.

We mutually decided to allow him to keep the phone but that there would be no more texting. To my surprise, my son was relieved. He said he instantly felt better knowing the "pressure" was now gone. I told him to use me as the scapegoat. I have no problem with him telling his buddies that his "mean mom" took his texting privileges away.

I explained that kids generally text things that they would never have the nerve to say face-to-face. He agreed. I'm encouraging him to actually use his phone for it's intended purpose.... to CALL his friends and actually SPEAK with them. He's so much happier now and his hands, especially his thumbs, are beginning to straighten out

Do you allow your ADHD/LD child to text? Has he/she encountered text bullying? What have you done to stop it? 


Published with permission.
Copyright 2010 Shane Hawk.  
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Reforming Section 504 Plans for ADHD
Section 504 is a well-intended law, but is it working for those diagnosed with ADHD? According to a CHADD survey with nearly 700 responses, it isn't. In such situations, how does it get fixed? Who speaks on your behalf? Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) ( does! In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, we interview Ingrid Alpern, co-chair of CHADD's Public Policy Committee. She gets the hard facts about what has taken place in schools throughout the country and what is being done to resolve challenges related to ADHD. If you have ADHD or are impacted by it but not a member of CHADD, this show will inspire you to join and support CHADD so that the ADHD community can speak with one voice.

Self-Management: Launching Your ADHD Teen
You've spent 18 years training your ADHD teen to be an adult. Then they are off to college and you've got to let go. Not so easy when your child has a harder time with self-regulation than their peers. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, guest host Caroline Maguire interviews Dr. Mark Bertin ( around managing yourself, letting go and strategies to deal with the inevitably unexpected. If you are launching an ADHD teen into college for the first time, then don't miss this show.

ADHD Meltdowns Are Not Always About the Obvious
ADHD kids have meltdowns like other children, but they are often more frequent. As a parent, it is instinctive to address or react to what appears to be the obvious trigger... but what the parent is attending to isn't what the meltdown is always about. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, host Jeff copper interviews ADHD and parenting expert Caroline Maguire ( In the interview Caroline shares specific examples, some personal, some from others, illustrating what isn't so obvious about meltdowns and how to recognize what is going on to better manage yourself, your ADHD child, and the situation. If you're a parent with ADHD kids, this is a show you don't want to miss.

ADHD Non-MEDS: Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep
Many with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are looking for solutions that don't involve medications. In this episode we identify the four best non-medicine solutions out there. We talk about their benefits and have a frank discussion around why so many are not able to benefit from them as much as they could. We also talk about how you could more successfully utilize them to help you move forward. Catch host Jeff Copper and ADHD coach Brett Thornhill ( on this very insightful show.

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ADHD Tip: Index Card-Based Task List
Struggle with the executive functioning and traditional tasks or to-do lists? In this video, ADHD and attention coach Jeff Copper ( highlights the advantages of an index card-based task system.
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ADHD: Brain Dump Versus Task List
Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have working memory challenges ( As an ADHD and attention coach, Jeff Copper ( has found many benefits from doing a brain dump versus a to-do or task list. This video makes the distinction and describes its implementation.
(Click the image below to view the video)

ADHD, Play Dates, and Social Issues Tips 
Attention deficit disorder play dates... you can't live with them; you can't live without them. In this episode, host Jeff Copper interviews ADHD coach Caroline Maguire (  ) to get tips on how parents can make the play date experience more enjoyable.
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